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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Action Figs:
1) Fans are always curious about the decision process that goes into picking which characters do (and don't) get put in a specific wave, especially when it comes to background characters. Could you shed some light on how you decided what figures were included in the upcoming ROTS and ANH waves, 2 waves with especially interesting and background entries, and by doing so give some example of the complicated decision-making processes which you've mentioned before that go into each figure and each wave?

2) Recently, Hasbro stated it was "less likely" that Aurra Sing would be updated with better articulation. Might Hasbro reconsider that position given the fact that she was a major villain in several comic series, and is an action-oriented character which thus merits a better-articulated figure? Aurra could go great in a comic pack with perhaps Sharad Hett, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Reess Kairn, Torgo Tahn, Senator Tikkes, Aayla Secura or even an updated Adi Gallia.

3) With the Dwarf Spider Droid being in the Clone Wars CG animated series, and aside from a few tiny issues looking pretty much identical to the one in AOTC and ROTS, might we possibly see a new Dwarf Spider released with more screen accuracy, actual leg articulation, and no wind-up walking feature? It'd cover both CG and realistic collectors' needs.

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NEW: Action Figure Collectors:
1) Will all or a select few of the Animated characters make it into the Legacy (or future) line? For instance, will we see Ahsoka in the non-animated lines?

2) Since the release of the new Falcon and the AT-TE, will we see other Larger vehicles in the future, perhaps a new "death star" playset? hint hint!

3) With the recent success of the Hasbro GI Joe line and it's use of the "classic style" packaging, is it possible to see this direction taken for Star Wars (similar to the vintage line) where new figures would be packaged on a more classic-designed card?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Reports from Comic Con indicate you're not going to include the tables that come with Brainiac and "Old Ben Kenobi" in the next A New Hope wave. Can you explain the reasons for this, and will those tables be included elsewhere?

2) Many months ago you mentioned in a Q&A that a new Wedge Antilles figure was coming in 2008. Is this still the case, or have plans changed?

3) The Magnaguard Fighter Ship looks a lot like General Grievous' escape ship from Revenge of the Sith. Might there be a retool in the works to make a great new fighter ship?

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From Imperial Shipyards:
1) Hasbro, given the newly established and corrected scale of ewok figures, how long are we going to have to wait for a corrected Wicket or Logray for that matter? Given that Wicket is the most prominent of all the ewoks, he would seem to demand an upgrade.

2) Hasbro, is there a chance that we will be seeing that single pilot imperial shuttle looking troop transport from the new clone wars movie? I would love to add that ship to my collection and it would not be too hard to reproduce to actual 3 3/4 figure scale.

3) The rumor mill is running full-tilt about the 10th Anniversary of The Phantom Menace. You have "hinted" that if the AT-TE and the BMF were a success that you may have plans for another "super-sizing". It was mentioned on that you are waiting until after the Holiday rush to determine the full impact of these large-scale vehicles. That being said, would it now be possible to get some more information as to the identity of any new supersized ships you have on the drawing board?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Many collectors have their own ideas on which vintage Kenner figures have yet to be updated. Some consider the Bespin Guard to be done because we got the PotJ version, but others donít consider him done until we get the black variant. Same goes for the Imperial Dignitary - some think the ones we got are close enough, others want the exact dignitary from the Kenner run. What does your ďKenner figures we still need to modernizeĒ list look like? Do you guys count some modern figures as "close enough" or do you still have a pretty long list running?

2) A lot of collectors seem to have missed the last wave of Galactic Heroes prior to the packaging change. Will we see the Aayla/Bly, Mundi/Bacara, Gree/Tarfful, and Tiin/Kolar 2-packs repackaged in the new line any time soon so folks can get caught up again?

3) It seems like every so often, someone will bug you in the Q&A about the lack of SA Rebels, so we figure itís our turn this month. Where do we stand on the SA Rebel Trooper redos? Have you had a chance to slot us in that new SA Rebel Fleet Trooper or SA Hoth Trooper yet?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) I am working on getting all 6 sets to the High Jedi Council, and I only have two more packs to go! I know coming soon to the Legacy Collection is a pack with Jedi Council members Yaddle and Even Piell. Also, we will have a new Stass Allie who is on the Council in Episode 3. I was wondering if we could get new figures for the council, especially a Depa Billaba that can sit so I can sit her down proper in her seat! I'd also like a new Eeth Koth! What are the chances of seeing these figures in the Legacy Collection for 2009?

2) Will we see a Ziro the Hutt figure made for the Clone Wars line?

3) When the 'spirit of Yoda' figure is updated, would it be like the OTC 'Spirit of Obi-Wan' (iridescent plastic cloak) [my personal favortite] or 30th ANniversary 'Spirit of Anakin' (transluent cloth cloak). Have matching versions of Anakin/Obi-Wan been considered?

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1) Will there be any more figures from The Clone Wars movie after Wave 3? We'd love to see a Ziro and Jabba in the animated style and think that they would make a great battle pack (hint hint)! Also, whilst talking about Jabba, will there be a non-animated version with throne anytime soon - it's been 24 years - and in need of a re-sculpt and re-issue?

2) With The Force Unleashed just around the corner, we remember seeing carded images of a Stormtrooper Commander (with blue markings) and wondered if this was ever going to be released?

3) What factors decide which figures/battle packs/vehicles etc. are repacked when a new line comes out? For instance; why was the Imperial EVO Trooper from TFU repacked as part of the Legacy Collection Greatest Hits over say the Imperial Jumptrooper? Sometimes the decision seems obvious, and other times not.

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Just when we thought we had seen every variety of Clone Trooper under the sun, something new comes along. Witness the theatrical release of THE CLONE WARS this past weekend, and we saw a couple of new incarnations for the clones of Jango Fett. The most notable new versions being the Clone Scouts from Teth, and the Clone Bridge Officers from the Republic Star Destroyer. Are these clones on the radar screen? And are they more likely in the animated style or a movie realistic rendition?

2) After having searched through the archives a bit, it's become apparent that there has not been an EPISODE I Anakin Skywalker figure in the Basic Figure line since 2001. There seem to be indications of an EPISODE I wave on the horizon, but would a TPM Anakin Skywalker be in the mix? And could we expect him as the slave, the pod racer, or the Jedi padawan should he be in a TPM wave?

3) The new Snowspeeder pilot figures are quite cool. When might we be able to expect a new Snowspeeder vehicles for these guys? The rebel Snowspeeder seems long overdue for an update like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter have been treated to. Can our new Rogue Squadron rebel pilots expect some new rides before long? And if so, can we expect such a Snowspeeder to be offered at the $20 vehicle price point?

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1) In the most recent release of the Titanium Series, the otherwise-wonderful TIE Defender has a massive flaw - a permanently attached stand. I'm wondering why this was done, considering both that all other Titaniums have not had this, plus it severely limits the fun and playability of the vehicle, especially for kids?

2) I have a couple of questions about everyone's favourite Nautolan Jedi, Kit Fisto:
A) After seeing the upcoming figures for Clone Wars line, I can't wait for an Animated style Kit Fisto. What information, if any, can you provide us on his release?
B) After getting a couple of the recently released Clone Scuba Troopers and posing them with the shirtless Kit Fisto, I realised that this is a figure that needs a serious overhaul. Basically he only has 2 poses standing and diving. To improve the figures possibility and give him more 'underwater action poses' he needs ball-jointed shoulders, elbows, waist and knees. His ankles are fine as they are and if you wanted to perhaps give him ball-jointed hips. What, if any, are the chances of this figure being updated in the future with any or all of these suggestions?

3) Has the absence of Jar-Jar Binks from the toy line since 2002's Attack of the Clones been a conscious decision on behalf of Hasbro? It seems a little suspicious that you maintain that kids are the core buyers of the Star Wars action figure line and yet poor ol' Jar-Jar gets neglected year after year - even though he's essentially a character that's aimed towards kids. Is there any chance that we may see a brand new lanky Gungan either in the 'realistic' line, or the Clone Wars animated line?

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NEW: From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Is a super-articulated Republic Commando figure in the works yet?

2) Does Hasbro still use the RealScan technology? If so, there is a life-mask made from the late Peter Cushing which Gentle Giant used for a mini-bust a few years back. Would it be possible to use a scan of this life-mask to one day make an updated ANH Tarkin figure?

3) Any plans for the following in the Galactic Heroes line:
- Dagobah Yoda from ESB
- Queen Amidala from TPM
- Jedi Starfighters from ROTS
- Emperor Palpatine from ROTJ
- Rebel Fleet Trooper from ANH
- Obi-Wan w/ Jedi robe & Jango Fett w/ removable helmet from AOTC

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1) Why does it cost more money to manufacture a ball joint for a Star Wars figure than for a GI Joe figure?

2) Hasbro often (understandably) cites the costs of production as a crucial aspect of their decision-making process. This being the case, how much does it cost to take an entirely new (not re-paints or older heads on new figures or vice versa, etc.) basic action figure from proposed idea ("How about a Fixer figure?") to prototypes ("Do you like this one with a bigger hat or this one with goggles?") to finished product ready for mass production ("That's the one. Go."), including the card and packaging? As a follow-up, what is the average number of a basic figure that is produced (like the Legacy Yarna, for example) and what are the average costs of mass production, shipping, etc.? Finally, how much does a cloth robe, poncho, dress, jacket, etc. add to this cost? I realize these costs are not fixed and vary widely but as a corporate entity, you must have the information somewhere. Again, averages/estimates are fine.

3) We've seen the Clone Trooper Power Quad for the kiddies, what's the chance of converting a similar Hasbro product into a Dewback or maybe Speeder Bike? PLEASE?

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NEW: From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Since you just gave us 3 of the 5 characters with their unique sandstorm costumes, can we expect Sandstorm Lando and Leia to finish out the sandstorm scene? There was some confusion about the Leia figure, going back and forth on whether it'd be done in the future, and we're not really sure where it stands now; and Lando simply didn't get an answer on at all. So, can we complete this nifty deleted scene some day, and when? Basics or battle pack, whatever it takes to complete the scene, right?

2) With Titanium Series, could you fill us in on how decisions are made as to which new designs are taken to production, and how large a run that item may get? Are there Titaniums that Hasbro had to pass on due to budgetary issues (we know the Battlestar Galactic classic Basestar is one that you guys said wasn't feasible)? Should we expect to see more and more plastic used in place of metal on future releases? Any "favorites" and "most disappointing" Titaniums for the designers you guys might be willing to share?

3) While the AT-TE is an amazing toy, an issue has arisen that with the leg joints popping back out rather than supporting the weight of this massive vehicle. Inflicting battle damage can be fun for play, but only when it's intentional. Many fans report even slight pressure applied to the top of the vehicle - say, perhaps, like pressing a button to reveal the rear deck or set off sound effects - causes either hip or knee joints to pop out of their sockets. Are you aware of this issue? Is this intentional to avoid breakage, and if so, isn't it a little more aggressive at this task than need be? Will this be addressed in later releases or perhaps mail-away adapters or something?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) Having seen the Clone Wars movie I think it is completely clear that the new character people feel strongest about is Ziro the Hutt. Can we expect the newest Hutt gangster to be immortalized in plastic sometime soon? (And if the answer is "no", how can such a travesty occur?)

2) It seems first day of issue figures are much more plentiful than the previous foil Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures were, which seems counter-intuitive as FDOIs have a smaller window for creation/distribution while UGH figures were whatever you wanted them to be. Were the production numbers of FDOI figures higher than UGH figures, lower, or about the same? And does each figure have the same number of FDOIs out there, or are there more FDOI Clones than FDOI Yarnas?

3) In your previous Q&As you reference figures being slated for 09, and sometimes reference tentative schedules for '10 and even '11. Given that you have things planned so far in advance, do you have such long-range plans for waves of the animated-style figures, and how many waves of animated style figures are currently slated for 09?

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From SW Collector:
1) I, like most collectors, have been very pleased and impressed by the quality of the new Build-A-Droid pack-ins, as well as all the other cool astrodroids which have recently been released or announced. Can you tell me if my favorite unmade astromech, R2-A5, is on the famous "list" for eventual release, or, if not, how I can get him on there?

2) I know it's the Joe Team's thing, but I am totally enamored by their DVD Battle Packs. I've heard that Hasbro owns the rights to the included 80's cartoons, so I'm sure that cuts down on costs and complications. I'd love to see Battle Packs or comic style 2 packs like this with the old Droids and Ewoks cartoons on DVD. Are the rights to distribute that media like that just too complicated and/or expensive to ever make this feasible? Or have you ever even really looked into this?

3) The San Diego "Disturbance in the Force" set is really nice, and it got me to thinking. We've got a whole slew of Holographic figures, and I bet a light-up base would really make them pop! Could we see a "generic" holographic projector base, perhaps as part of a Battle Pack or something, that could conceivably be used with any of the holographic figures?

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1) It is painfully obvious now that the problems people are having with the AT-TE legs falling off are not isolated incidents. Do you plan on doing anything about this? Perhaps issue a recall, or issue parts that can keep these things from collapsing? I'd like (and many readers would like) to know if you are working on a definitive response to this issue.

2) For the upcoming Sarlacc Pit battlepack, will the Skiff get a new deco given how far paint apps have come from PotF2 days? Could Hasbro also look at making the legs used to prop up the vehicle out of a transparent plastic rather than opaque, this way it would heighten the illusion of the skiff "floating" above the pit. And finally, can you confirm for us that the beak is removable so that we purists who prefer to display the pit without the special edition alterations can also do so?

3) Will we ever see any more George Lucas figures? It occurred to me that we really haven't been offered a modern super-articulated George Lucas figure yet! Perhaps George as a Jedi, a clonetrooper, or removable helmet Biker Scout or Kashyyyk Trooper?

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From Yakface:
1) With the release of the Clone Wars Homing Spider Droid and their prominence in the Clone Wars movie, might we be seeing another release of the Dwarf Spider Droid in CW deco? If so will it be a repack/repaint release of the old sculpt or a new sculpt altogether? It would be great in an upcoming battlepack.

2) I know a lot of collectors are becoming a more selective these days in their purchases considering the price hikes in most of the SW line coupled with the big ticket items like the Falcon and AT-TE. As a result, the repacks (Legends) were the first to go. Granted business is about making money, but would it be a cost savings from a packaging development/printing and figure production standpoint for Hasbro overall if this repack subline was dropped in favor of having the Legacy and Clone Wars line only? It might make the higher prices an easier pill to swallow for collectors.

3) All on-screen Jedi Council members have been made into action figure at least once - except for Jedi Master Coleman Kcaj. He is of the Ongree species and was a Jedi Council Member prior to The Great Jedi Purge (Order 66) and has similiar likeness to that of Jedi Pablo Jill you released in a 2005 line. Will we be seeing a Coleman Kcaj figure being released anytime soon, whether it be a repaint of Pablo Jill with Soft Goods or a whole new sculpt? Then all the Jedi Council members would have been made.

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From Yoda's News:
1) Can you give us a peak at what to expect for New Jedi Starfighter? Possibility of re-releasing the blue-green delta Clone Wars starfighter?

2) Any plans to re-release the Jedi Council scene sets? I know they were popular. I really don't want to resort to ebay.

3) Now that Hasbro sells protective cases for the basic STAR WARS 3ĺ" figures, how about getting some cases for the comic book two-packs? Many collectors leave all of our figures carded, and we would be more inclined to purchase comic packs if we had a secure option for hanging them on the walls with the rest of our collections. Any chance of this happening?

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From Cool Toy Review:
1) Hasbro, with this question, please, we need (desperately need!) a straightforward answer. Fears have come up that the line may be dead after the second Raiders wave. The overflow of pegwarmers, extremely hard to find Last Crusade figures (some made rarer by not appearing in Revision cases,) the lack of upcoming big pushes to buy Indy figures and what seems to be dying interest from kids are making fears even worse. How much longer do you see the line going? Obviously its not Star Wars, which has little to no dull looking characters, while some main characters like Brody are just men in suits, and Indy doesn't have as many characters to pull from as Star Wars, so none of us expect the line to go for more than two or three years.

2) Hasbro, will you please admit that the 2008 Mutt Williams action figure(s) situation = 1999's Jar Jar Binks Episode 1 situation?

I'm not a Mutt hater, but there is NO WAY that your estimates of how popular Mutt is with kids is correct. No way. He is everywhere, and last time I checked, the movie was about Indiana Jones, not Mutt Williams. A ton of Indys on the pegs, sure. Makes perfect sense. Mutt? Not so much. So, drop any and all Mutts from ALL FUTURE CASE ASSORTMENTS, and replace them with The Last Crusade and, when the time comes, Temple of Doom figures.

3) With all the speculation that the future of the Indiana Jones figure line is "uncertain" because of the glut of wave one and two figures currently on the shelf, and your response that it would take greater volume than an online retailer could provide to continue the line, I was wondering if this might be possible:

Much like Battlestar Galactica Titanium vehicles are mixed in with Star Wars assortments, would it be at all possible to include an Indiana Jones figure or two in with the Star Wars figure assortments?

This way, you could produce these Indy figures in the same volume you would any other Star Wars figure, it would generate excitement between the collectors of the two lines and it would give us Indy fans the figures we have been waiting for, for so long without killing off the line as a whole.

This line is simply too good just kill off completely because of a few unforeseen speed bumps out of the gate.

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From Indiana Jones Collectors:
1) The deluxe Indy figure that comes with the Ark is in desperate need of the Staff of Ra. Will we be getting that accessory anytime soon?

2) Is there a change that Hasbro will produce 'Raiders of the lost Ark' play sets or battle packs for the 'Well of Souls', 'Map room' and the 'Golden Idol cave' sequences?

3) Some months ago Hasbro produced for the Star Wars line, a special edition series with the latest/updated small Star Wars figures on vintage 'Star Wars' and 'The Empire Strikes Back' cards (exactly the same from the 70's and the 80's cards) with photos of the particular character on the card. Will Hasbro produce a special line for Indiana Jones with their latest 'Raiders of the lost Ark' figures on the Kenner cards that were made in 1982, with the large photo of the particular character on the card?

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From Toy News International:
1) I was wondering if there is any chance of a deluxe pack, vehicle, or even an exclusive of Indy and Dr. Henry Jones with the motorcycle and sidecar that was in The Last Crusade?

2) Are there any plans to do an 'Unleashed' line of Indiana Jones figures?

3) I am pleased with the Indy figures. Hell, I am probably as old as the sculpter are if not older. My question: Out of the Indy 3 3/4 inch line which figure would the team say is their peach "Best one". Please don't kill the line before the wave in 2009. Hasbro has put my favorites figures in that wave.

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From Well of the Souls:
1) There has been a lot of doom and gloom chatter recently about the future of the Indiana Jones line. The abundance of certain peg-warming figures, the rather short SDCC presentation and recent Q&A answers all seem to suggest the line could be coming to a close sometime in 2009.

One of the reasons posited for this is that the Indiana Jones line just isn't "kid friendly" enough. Most of the films are over 20 years old and, even with the relative commercial success of "KotCS", the toys are far more appealing to collectors rather than children.

Might it be possible to reposition the Indy toys as a smaller, collector-focused line, more akin to the 25th Anniversary GI Joe line? The Joe line features some really terrific toys, but the characters and media they are based upon are just as old and even more obscure than the classic Indy films, but that line (at least appears) to be doing rather well with more exciting items and conce pts on the way. Clearly, it would seem, GI Joe is not kept afloat by children, but by steady collector interest.

Rather than Indy trying to "compete" with a massive kid-friendly line like "Star Wars", which has been consistently ubiquitous in the pop culture for over ten years, might it be possible to transition the Indy line to a smaller, more select market? This would probably rule out large-scale vehicles, but, as a huge fan of the line I know I'm not alone when I say that we'd obviously rather be happy with even a small offering of say, 10 to 15 figures a year rather than nothing at all.

2) In your recent Q&A answers, you indicated that you aren't taking anything for granted about the future of the line until you see how things play out over the next few months and the only thing definite on the horizon is the 2009 "Raiders" wave previewed at Comic Con.

Recently, rumors have surfaced about a new vehicle assortment for early 2009, as well. Given that those vehicles were probably planned at one point to coincide with 2009's first new wave, do you still have plans to release those, as well, or are they also up in the air?

3) We realize that continued support for the IJ line is what will decide its future beyond the holidays. However, there is a serious gap in the Raiders figure collection, and that is Toht. Since this figure has been on the cards since the line's inception (back when you planned a "Vintage" style, which fell through) and was shown at SDCC - not to mention technically being "almost done" since the body was used for the SDCC Cobra Commander - can we rest assured that it will indeed see the light of day before the end of this line? Or will this be another case of a figure being shown that makes us drool, only to be told "sorry, you'll never own it now"?

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