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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.


1) As we know Hasbro had planned to release a Stass Allie figure within the first 2008 basic figure wave. It seems that this figure has been withdrawn at short time. What can you tell us about that figure? Is it a new sculpt figure? When will she be released, if ever? As a figure mold should already exist is it possible to get a picture of it?

2) There are several existing color variations for the Battle Droid yet. Why then is it so difficult for Hasbro to release a Pilot Battle Droid figure? There couldn't be a missing slot for releasing such a figure when there are several Battle Droid figures on the short run. Wouldn't it make sense to release at last a Pilot Battle Droid figure preferably on a basic card? What is the actual state of the Stap Attack Battle Pack that Hasbro has promoted during recent conventions? Will it come out later on or has it been definitely cancelled?

3) During the POTF2-era Hasbro released several creature with figure sets. Later on creature sets became rare although especially with the New Trilogy there are even more creatures that could be released (e.g. Orray w/ Geonosian Warrior, Aiwha w/ Kaminoan Rider, Shaak w/ Anakin & Padmé, Felucia Gelagrub Beetle w/ Clone Troopers, Naboo Gualaar w/ Funeral Padmé, Utapau Nos Monster), and most creatures that has been released from the Classic Trilogy would profit from an update (e.g. Jabba the Hutt or Dewback). And some creatures could be released in a different way again (e.g. Falumpaset w/ Boss Nass, Eopie w/ Obi-Wan). We know that Hasbro don't want to release other assortments as the existing ones but as the speederbikes has come with the latest battle pack assortment: Could Hasbro imagine to release more creatures within the battle pack assortment and how are the odds for those creatures, mentioned above?

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From Action Figs:

1) With photos confirming Tsui Choi from the Order 66 2packs now out there, are we likely to see Ratts Tyrell - another member of the same species - in 2008? Could we see 1-2 Podracer figures per year the way we're now seeing Ewoks?

2) Do you have any plans to release the V-Wing Fighter in Imperial colors as seen at the end of ROTS?

3) Now that we're getting an ROTS-specific 2-1B droid, is there any chance we'll be seeing an updated ESB-specific version in the near future? There are many differences between the two designs, both large and small, including head, torso, arms and legs - which is pretty much everything - so the ROTS one wouldn't really fit in an ESB scene. 2-1B is one of the rare OT non-hero droids to actually have lines, and is quite memorable, so an update would be much appreciated.

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From Galactic Hunter:

1) Among the Hasbro Star Wars team is there anyone who sort of speaks for or represents the fanboy/fangrrl collectors when ideas are being pitched? We know our input is considered, and we appreciate it.

2) We know that figures are decided on through some weird economic values. How does costing break down? Are the main heroes/villains "worth" more than, say, Gargan? I suspect Hasbro might sell more Princess Leia figures than Gargan figures, but I still want ball joints and "real feel" underarm flab on Gargan. (It can be made from the surplus plastic that weapons are sometimes composed of!)

3) A handful of figures show bare skin (Slave Leia, Oola, Aayla Secura, and the upcoming Force Unleashed Shaak-Ti). Does this cause problems for adding extra articulation? Does exposed skin automatically mean limited articulation?

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From Imperial Shipyards:

1) With fan interest in playsets for Death Star Scenes, has any thought been given to making modular sets and releasing them in Battle Pack format ? For example, looking at the Classic Death Star Playset, releasing one platform at a time with separating struts, that way we can buy as many as we want and set them up how we want? Perhaps with 1 or 2 figures only packed in?

2) Are we ever gonna see hasbro make protective cases for the comic two packs? I would also like to know if the anniversary of the Empire Srikes back is going to see a line that will include mostly figures and vehicles for that movie? Are we ever gonna see a rerelease of the imperial troop transport vehicle?

3) There have been some rumors that the Clone Wars line for the new 3D Cartoon will be in an animated style as opposed to a realistic style (Like the Yoda with Kybuck and Tattooed Anakin Skywalker). Is there any truth to this? I think many fans would be disappointed if all the Clone Wars figures will be in an animated style.

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From Jedi Defender:

1) A lot of our forum members are currently engaged in speculation and debate about the upcoming The Clone Wars figures. Some think we'll get "realistic" style sculpts, while others think we're going to get a new "animated" style sculpt. Assuming that the debate will be settled with a preview of the figures at Toy Fair, can you share some thoughts on why you chose the style that you did?

2) Which one item shown at Toy Fair were you the most excited to reveal? Which one item garnered more excitement from Toy Fair attendees then you thought it would?

3) As you know, JediDefender is proud to support the "Please Give us a Willrow Hood Figure" campaign. During the conventions last Summer, it was sounding like he might finally make his way into our collections in 2009. How about an update for our ICMG fans? Have you guys decided on "single card" or "multi-pack" yet?

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From Jedi Insider:

1) Could the people who are answering these questions take a moment to introduce themselves and tell us a little bit about their roles on the Star Wars brand team?

2) What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

3) Out of all the Star Wars toys ever made going all the way back to the Kenner days, what is your favorite Star Wars toy that has been released?

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1) You've confirmed that the new, second wave of Order 66 packs will be coming out later this year. You've also stated that you're trying to get as many of the US exclusives into the UK. Will Tesco or another UK outlet be stocking these?

2) Will all the new figures coming out in the autumn (Fall) ship in the new packaging revealed earlier this week or will the core line ship on different cards?

3) Congratulations on getting the FX lightsaber license. We read the recent interview with Derryl and Philip from Rebelscum with great interest. Can you please advise when we're likely to see the first Hasbro FX lightsabers on shelf and idea what the first products will be?

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1) Regarding the Titanium series wave 1 of 2008, Saesee Tinn's starfighter seems to carry the Imperial six-spoken logo instead of the correct Republic eight-spoked logo as carried correctly by the other Titanium Series Jedi Starfighters. Will this be corrected before this wave begins shipping?

2) With a line like Star Wars, I feel that vehicles are the backbone of the line. The movies themselves have always put a lot of emphasis on the vehicles. Very few other boy toy lines focus so heavily of vehicles from both the good guys and the bad guys. Batman is a line that springs to mind that only focus on Batman's vehicles. Having said that, what can you tell us about the 2008 vehicle line-up prior to Toy Fair? i.e. How may we are likely to see. Will your focus for the vehicles change to The Clone Wars later this year or will you try and keep it an even mix of Movie and TV?

3) Young Anakin Skywalker and Jar-Jar are well overdue for brand new sculpts, as is Padme Amidala, Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Trade Federation's Battle Droid unit. We've already seen the upcoming Evolutions Qui-Gon Jinn, which would make a fantastic repack in the basic line. Now, with 2009 being the tenth anniversary year of The Phantom Menace does Hasbro have any special plans to commemorate this event, such as a special TPM wave?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:

1) Many or most Power of the Force figures had extra accessories (two guns were common). Why do current Star Wars figures include so few accessories now?

2) Why, despite being pictured with them on the card's front artwork, do nearly all Clone Troopers not come with rifles, but small blasters instead? The back of their cards even say, "Weapon of Choice: Blaster rifles."

3) Are there any playsets in the works? We really, really need a Mos Eisley bar (with light-up tables!) and a Jabba throneroom.

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1) As I'm sure you are aware, there are many talented customizers - sculptors, painters, builders, etc. - that spend hours and hours sitting in their workshops (or at their kitchen tables) creating toys (and not just Star Wars toys, either). What does it take for someone to get a job working for Hasbro, sculpting or painting toys, designing packaging, and the like?

2) Have you (or would you) ever consider running a promotion allowing a few lucky Hasbro fans access to see the behind the scenes world of Hasbro? Seeing the process that goes into the planning, designing, testing and production of an action figure first hand would be very interesting to a lot of fans.

3) How far in advance do you usually begin work on a figure before it's actual release? Is it already decided which figures will be in 2009's line? The reason I'm asking is because from what I've heard, the live-action TV series will probably be starting in the fall of next year. With the TV series not even having any actors cast at this point (at least to my knowledge), will you have enough time to get those figures made and have them ready to sell by the time the show airs?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:

1) Would Hasbro ever consider releasing figures based off artist Feng Zhu's Imperial Recruitment posters which appeared in the Star Wars: Visionaires comic series, perhaps as Comic 2-Packs? There's 2 designs in the official series, and 4 more posters drawn but not released. Besides the sexy female recruits in the posters, the SW: Visionaries comic has other great characters like cyborg Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and the Sithisis Worm, Corporal Jobin just to name a few that would make great action figures, especially coming off the heels of the TAC concept figures since the comic was done by ROTS concept artists.

2) Concerning pegwarmers and Saga Legends taking up TAC shelfspace, back on Sept 28th you told us "stores will be resupplied based on what has sold down, not based on what is sitting on what pegs, which is invisible to the automated ordering systems. So if Saga Legends is selling in those stores, it will be reordered. If 30th Anniv. is selling, it will be reordered. To finish that discussion - the stock of one has no impact on the other." Understanding that you have the 2 separate SKUs and assortment numbers in place to avoid these problems, what your argument seems to miss is the rampant amount of human error in the process, pegging Saga Legends on TAC pegs (whether done by store employees, or customers who simply don't notice the difference between the red accents vs orange accents of the basic cards), so in your argument, if Saga Legends takes up all the pegspace, TAC can never sell down and be reordered because it never leaves the back rooms to hit the pegs in the first place. Keep in mind, the TAC & SL cards are pretty much visually identical, and the assortment numbers which are supposed to separate them don't stand out on packaging and at a quick glance appear the same (87500 vs 85770) especially for an overworked, underpaid retail employee who is trying to get too many things done at once. So how can sales be generated for a specific product if it doesn't reach the floor in the first place?

3) What are the chances of seeing an Evolutions set of the Seperatists' droids, consisting of updated, all-new versions of the Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, and IG-100 MagnaGuard (aka Grievous' Bodyguard)?

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NEW: From
1) We have heard through other sites' Q&A sessions with Hasbro that you plan on releasing the rest of the 30th Anniversary Collection figures from 2007 in Canada this year. Will these be in the basic figure packaging including the coins, or will they be in the 2008 Legends packaging including the figure stands (many of us were excited about collecting the coins in 2007 and would really like to know if we're going to get a chance to acquire the rest of them at retail, or if we are going to have to get them some other way)?

2) Could Hasbro consider making available to Canadians for ordering (with REASONABLE shipping rates)? It's very frustrating to not have access to the exclusives offered through this website without a US mailing address.

3) Since 1998 Canadians have not been able to get all of any year's basic figures at regular Canadian retail. It is hard to understand when our figures are commonly shipped on generic packaging cards and the US versions are usually on character-specific packaging. Is Hasbro aware that not all of the figures make it to Canada each year? What are the reasons for the latter figures not coming to Canada each year? Is there any chance this could change?

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NEW: From SW Collector:

1) With the Build-A-Figure concept being applied to the STAR WARS line, how likely are we to see something like a ROTJ-accurate Jabba the Hutt or 8D8 Torture Droid with Full Torture Rack as pack-ins?

2) The lightsabers packed with the McQuarrie Signature Series action figures such as Concept Darth Vader and Concept Starkiller Hero were really unique and interesting designs. Any chance for electronic roleplaying versions of them at some point?

3) With both Obi-Wan in General's Armor and IG Lancer Droids being released this year, will we be seeing Speeder Bikes for them to ride being released, too?

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1) The 2006 Christmas release of the Imperial Shuttle was great. We've seen the Imperial Landing Craft in lego form, how about in 3 3/4" form. Any plans to do so?

2) We are starting to get reports of the 2008 TAC figures showing up at Wal-Marts already. I thought these were slated to start shipping in March - what gives?

3) Is the latest delay of The Force Unleashed video game going to delay the action figures yet again?

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From The Private Universe:

1) We've seen a number of UK Toy Fair reports which detail the 3 3/4" Indiana Jones line. Raiders, Last Crusade and Crystal Skull all seem to be represented - but Temple of Doom appears strangely lacking. Are you, like Lego, avoiding merchandise from this film due to it's darker tone? Will we ever see Willie, Short-Round and Mola Ram in plastic form?

2) The new Clone Wars packaging previewed on the Official Star Wars site looks incredibly dynamic - great job! However, many have noted that the graphics feature animated renderings of the leads. Is this merely an attempt to tie the cartoon portrayal of characters to 'movie-style' figures in the mind of kids/collectors, or will we be seeing toys that reflect the designs seen on-screen?

3) Will press be given more access to Star Wars product on your stand at the NYC Toy Fair than they were at the UK event? We were frustrated not to be able to get details out to the fans considering that the two shows are relatively close together, and that other licencees were showing Clone Wars items. You've been very gracious in participating in these Q&A's, but how do you really view the fan-site community - as a useful tool for reaching out to your customers, or as a hinderance to your marketing plans?

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From Yakface:

1) Now that hip joint articulation has made its way to the basic figure line in the new Darth Vader/Anakin, Obi-Wan and Commander Gree figures, will the Scout Trooper be realizing the added benefit of this upgraded area of articulation in the future? It would surely improve the aesthetics of the figure when mounted on a speeder bike, plus it would address the “bow-leggedness” often occurs with figures of this type (ex: SDCC Shadow Scout).

2) Bravo on the new Clone Wars (wave 3) figures. A few questions on these: Will Saesee Tinn and the Comic Pack Durge have removable helmets? Does the Calamari Warrior have articulated knees?

3) How many and which of the 2007 figures (w/coin) will be re-released with the display stand pack-ins?

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