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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) For a long time I'd wish a Mantellian Savrip figure for the 3 3/4'' line (the one from Episode IV). That figure doesn't need to be thus large as "Wookieepedia" characterizes (just 4 meters), the size of Hermi Odle would fit. Perhaps the figure could be released in two versions, a solid one and at some time later as a transparent holo-figure. And maybe some times later it could be possible to release the other Dejarik Hologame figures as well. How do you think about that?

2) I have a question about these "yellow boots". A thing that bothers me again and again is: Why do all these Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers and Biker Scouts that get a painting-upgrade only have those ugly yellow or brown discoloration at their boots and only at their boots? It doesn't matter if they have a mission on Tatooine, Hoth, Endor or at a starship like the Tantive IV: all over there it only seems to be brown or yellow dirt. How could this be? If Hasbro do have too much color left over why don't you use another color as green or like a restrained grey or do apply some black scratches over the figure and not only at the figures boots?

3) By realizing some of the former Saga 2002-2004 figures Hasbro didn'd do a great job for some figure sizing, especially for Taun We and Bail Organa. Compared with Lama Su the Taun We figure is much too small and Bail Organa (AOTC) is alike too small compared with its counterpart figure from ROTS. Does Hasbro see a chance to revise these figures one given time? After all the Episodes I and II are quite under-represented over the last few years. It would be time for a few more figures from these Episodes, don't you think so?

4) When do the Sandtroopers get some other type of weapons, that are seen in the film? There are in fact quite a lot more weapons that could accompany further Sandtrooper Versions, Repaints or Repacks not only the big thick blaster rifle or the E-11 BlasTech imperial standard weapon. Equipped with some shoulder pauldron variants, belts or backpacks one could recreate some more nice variants of that cool trooper (i.e. like the "new head" Imperial Officer figures).

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From Action Figs:
1) Although Hasbro has stated that plants aren't high on the potential accessory list, Hasbro's also shown interest in completing the cantina scene. With that in mind and the increased focus on producing figures of concept art, has there been any consideration of doing a figure of the plantlike Revwien alien developed for the cantina scene, maybe as an accessory or pack-in figure due to its unique design? Would he/she/it be given a proper name?

2) Since Hasbro has just stated that it is unlikely that RA-7, Oola, BoShek and Takeel will ever be updated, is it likely that they will be re-released in the forseeable future with new/better paint jobs? And how about doing an Original trilogy version of Sy Snootles with the puppet's smaller eyes, perhaps even with the tusks and the feather hat and microphone - how likely is that?

3) The idea of having 2 Battle Droids on a single basic card is a good one, as it lets fans build up armies quickly and cheaply. However, the Saga Legends Battle Droid 2packs feature very distinct-looking droids - the first set has a Commander, and the others all have battle damage - resulting in droids not suited for army-building due to identical markings. Will future versions of this 2pack be released in "clean" versions for more army-building potential? In the same vein, will this set ever be retooled to allow the droids to hold the blaster with both hands as the movies consistently showed them, and a few previous figures emulated?

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Boba's Bounty:
1) Is the LucasArts delay in releasing The Force Unleashed going to effect your plans to release figures/toys based on the game? (Mainly Release Timeline...)

2) I've heard rumors about more vehicles for the Galactic Heroes line this year. Any comments?

3) Overall, you guys do a great job with the sculpts on the figures. But occasionally, Luke doesn't look like Luke, or Leia like Leia. Who is the hardest of the characters to get the sculpt correct on?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) We had the rather unexpected Father's Day figure set last year, so are there any holiday-themed figures in the pipeline for 2008?

2) Now that has really gained its footing, is there any chance we'll see the e-tailer tear a page from other licensees to solicit and create limited-run, made-to-order, collector-oriented pieces?

3) Wesa wunderin if any Gungans (especialitly Jar Jar Binks) issa gettin' out on da shelf for da Clone Wars? Wesa figure dissa de only chance wesa be seein' Gungans in 2008. What say yousa?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) OK, we've seen the new pics of the "shadow" EU coins coming with a few of the Legends figures in 2008. What we haven't seen yet is a picture of a figure with a silver EU Coin. Previously you had mentioned plans for one. Will there still be a silver EU coin or were those plans changed in favor of the shadow coin idea?

2) Let's pretend that you were planning to re-issue the B-Wing Starfighter as say, oh I don't know, a TRU exclusive this year. Would you include a new human pilot figure with the hypothetical ship or would you just re-pack the Sullustan B-Wing Pilot from the previous releases?

3) And our monthly Indy question - Toht. We've seen the new figures for Indy, Sallah, Belloq, Marion, and the rest of the Raiders gang, but no sign of Toht yet. Can we expect to see the creepy man in black in 2008?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) We got a glimpse of the new Clone Wars AT-TE toy on a CNN news video clip highlighting products coming from Hasbro in 2008 the other day. Are there any details about this toy you can tell us now, like what kind of features will it have, will it come with any figures, what is the price point for it, and when is it scheduled to be released?

2) I am a rogue squadron fan, I have bought the Rogue comic two pack with Hobbie and Baron Fel, I have Wedge Antilles, and I bought the Tycho Celchu figure, there is only one rogue from the movies still missing and that is Wes Janson....he is definitely a fan favorite...any chances?

3) We know there are toys coming that are based on the new Animated Clone Wars series, but can you tell us if anything is planned for the live-action television series that takes place between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" that is also in the works?

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1) The Ultimate Battle Packs seem to have proved a big success in the US and from the pictures we've seen they look amazing and such good value too. The discussion in the last couple of Q&A's has suggested we 'might' get to see some additional Ultimate Battle Packs this autumn. We asked a while back if we in the UK could get these and you told us that we'd have to see how they sold in the US. Based on their success and possible new sets coming can we ask that these first two sets be re-issued here in the UK along with any new sets too?

2) The Shadow Troopers two pack (in Order 66 packaging which looks awesome) has been announced as being available at JediCon in March. It doesn't mention anywhere though that this is an exclusive to that event only. Is that a mistake or will this be available in any others places and if so where\when?

3) Can we ask about the availability in the UK of the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes, Cantina (2 sets) and Jabba's Throne Room, that were discussed at Celebration Europe? Also, will the Galactic Hero's poster being offered at be available here at some point?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) In the answers to the 12/21 Q&A, the question was asked about ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi with the Death Star tractor beam control station accessory in the basic line, to which you replied "There is no chance that that would happen in a basic figure line because of the sheer size of the piece." However, you already have the makings of a great ultimate battle pack if you put 2 of the 25th anniversary bridge extensions (that had Luke & Leia in the chasm swing), create the complete tractor beam console, and then add the best Luke w/stormtrooper belt, Leia, Obi-Wan, and a few stormtroopers. Coupled with a good background photo of the chasm walls, it could look awesome in the package. If you could complete the doorways that would fit over the bridge extension, that would be even more amazing. Would something like this be a possiblity for the Ultimate Battle Pack or some other assortment type package and would it be something Hasbro would be interested in creating?

2) 2005's Red Royal Guard was a major step forward from previous offerings in sculpt, articulation and softgoods. But it seemed pre-posed in order to hold the rifle accessory. Fast forward to now, and the upcoming Emporer's Shadow Guard looks impressive as well. Has that figure been modded at all to better enable it to hold the lightsaber-lance accessory? And if so, could we see a similar modification made in order to offer up a force pike wielding Emporer's Royal Guard?

3) Historically Target has been one of the top sources of Basic Figures for a good number of collectors. However we have seen numerous reports in collector forums as well as personal sightings of Target stores that are very short on 30AC Basic Figures, but are almost too well stocked with Saga Legends. And by way of contrast, WalMart and Toys R Us stores seems to have managed their 30AC Basic Figure inventory more efficiently with waves coming out with a greater degree of regularity. Can you comment on what might be at work here, and is Hasbro working with the retailers to get the Basic Figure line shipments back on track?

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1) It has been stated a number of times that various Cantina/Jabba's Palace aliens from the POTF2 area will not be considered for resculpts in the immediate future, as many of them are still quite good aesthetically (such as the Rebo figures). However, the figure of Ponda Baba (Walrus Man) is still a POTF2-era figure, and is not among the best sculpts of that range.
As this toothy fellow is a featured participant of the Cantina sequence, (moreso than Hammerhead, for example, though near-equal to Greedo) is there a likelihood of him getting an update in the near future?

2) In regards to vehicles for 2008/09; Do you have any plans to re-release the Naboo Starfighter? Would you ever consider developing a 100% new version with the ability to allow us to insert our own Astro Droid instead of the "fixed" Astro Droid in the current one as it is a bit small and lacks detail? and secondly, Which Grevious figure fits best into the upcoming General Grevious' Starfighter?
Do you have any plans to release a Grevious with a soft goods cape anytime soon (perhaps as part of the Clone Wars line)?

3) In 1996 you released a series of electronic ships - Collector Fleet, which included the Rebel Blockade Runner, Imperial Star Destroyer and the very scarce SUPER STAR DESTROYER (which goes for a king's ransom on eBay if you can find it) Would it be possible to re-release this item as well as the MON CALAMARI STARSHIP (that never saw release) at some stage in the future?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Are we going to see DROIDS (yes the 80's cartoon) versions of R2 and C-3P0?

2) Any chance of releasing Jaxxon, the big green bunny?

3) Any possibility of a new Jabba the Hutt playset (complete with throne)?

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1) Recently when pictures of the Incinerator Stormtrooper and Felucia Stormtrooper were leaked to the net, the reaction on the forums seemed to be very negative. Repainting clones is fine and appropriate, but repainting the classic Stormtrooper armor feels more like a cash grab by Hasbro (or Lucasfilm) and I'm sure many fans would not like these new types of rainbow-colored Stormtroopers to become a part of the canon, even the EU canon. Rather than pursue this direction, which risks further alienation of fans/customers, but recognizing that Hasbro wants to maximize its existing tooling as much as possible, why doesn't the company focus on reusing the mold for say,
a Blackhole Stormtrooper or a new Shadow Stormtrooper with removable helmet, or the red Magma trooper? These would probably be far more desired by fans. You can even re-release the white Stormtrooper again but with different accessories like an updated mouse droid or Death Star detention block computer station or Tantive IV wall piece (that would connect together to form the entire hallway, encouraging customers to army build it for the trooper and to build the entire hall). Hasbro could also appease fans by just releasing the TAC Stormtrooper but rather than the Jango head, offer a generic conscripted human head underneath.

Even fixing some of the issues with the existing molds (e.g. the very loose torso on the TSC Sandtrooper, or using a better helmet sculpt for the TAC Stormtrooper, the drugged-out upward stare of the TAC Stormtrooper's Jango face) are things that a lot of fans would like to see addressed before the tooling is reused any further.

2) Any chance of releasing any more of the OTC/ROTS "environment" style display stands? I personally prefer those Dagobah, Kashyyyk and Mustafar terrain stands over the ones released in the Saga Collection. If you do ever re-release some of these with figures or in exclusive display stand packs, is there any chance some new ones could be added? It would be nice to have stands resembling the scenery of places like Tatooine, the Cantina, Hoth Echo Base, Endor, the Naboo palace, plus a few EU worlds like Korriban.

3) Will the convention exclusive Shadow Troopers 2-pack be made available at HTS or

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) We understand the need for exclusives, but isn't it too much when 1 store has multiple exclusives all at once? Target having the 2 Ultra Battle Packs, 2 vehicles (TIE Bomber and ARC-170), a regular Battle Pack, the AT-RT 2-pack, and 2 Galactic Heroes battle packs all coming out in roughly a 30 day period - and that's just 1 of the 3 major retailers with exclusives! What happened here? Plus, with all these exclusives coming out at once on top of regular new product, it makes getting them even more difficult, is there any chance we'll be seeing production continue on the harder-to-come-by stuff such as the Target- and TRU-exclusive Galactic Heroes battle packs? Could next time, you get them to space out their exclusives' releases a little better please?

2) Is Hasbro considering continuing the Galactic Heroes line with more figures from Jabba's Palace (like Tessek, J'quille, Oola, the band etc.) and the Mos Eisley Cantina (like Elis Helrot, Kitik Keed'kak, Muftak etc.)? Also, bounty hunters Aurra Sing and Zam Wesell would be round out the bounty hunter set nicely.

3) The Snowspeeder has only been an exclusive item in the past two releases for it where prior releases were regular mass-retail. Why the exclusivity and accompanying higher pricepoint on this vehicle? If it's due to its somewhat large size compared to other vehicles, could it be scaled down to accurate proportions (since it is actually a little over scale as-is) and released in the $20 line?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) I noticed that the Kybuck's clone-belt (around its neck) includes some Aurebesh characters on it. When I tried to translate, all I could get figured out was UAEB and two other characters I couldn't decipher. Is there any significance to these letters, or is it just a cool mysterious design element?

2) Ewoks. Sansweet said 2007 was the Year of the Ewok, but looking at the Hasbro Ewok figures released from 1995 - present all standing on a shelf together, the thing that leaps out is the fact that there seem to be three distinct size ranges in our ewok ranks. The old POTF2 figures like Wicket and Logray (and their various repaints and slight retools) fall into a mid-sized range, while the latest tool-ups, like Chief Chirpa, Romba and Graak, are all positively tiny by comparison. Conversely Teebo, while a great figure, is HUGE, towering over tiny little Chirpa like a Wookiee, with hands feet and face twice the size of his boss.

Is the smaller "Chirpa" scale the new standard going forward? And if so, can we expect to see prominent ewok characters, like Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Teebo, revisited in the new scale within the next two years or is it more realistic to expect a longer wait please?

3) A lot of questions surround the announcement of Hasbro taking over the Force F/X series of lightsabers. In your last Q&A you said the price point would be about the same, but my question is: are you getting the license for F/X sabers and then applying your own R&D and technology to release sabers that look similar and have a similar function but are your own design, or are the releases coming up (all of which seem to have been done by MR before) going to be the same design (electronically as well as aesthetically) that Master Replicas had created?

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From SW Collector:
1) With the delay of the release of THE FORCE UNLEASHED video game from Spring to Summer 2008, will this mean the basic figures will be delayed again, even though several FORCE UNLEASHED-related toys (electronic lightsaber, Unleashed Battle Packs) are already in stores?

2) The large-scale Spider-Man 3 and Marvel Legends Unleashed 360 action figures are great concepts! Any chance of seeing this applied to STAR WARS or INDIANA JONES?

3) The only 3 3/4" movie-accurate version of Darth Vader's shoulder armor from REVENGE OF THE SITH ended up on the Deluxe "Rebuild Darth Vader!" figure. Now that we've seen greatly improved versions of Vader from A NEW HOPE and RETURN OF THE JEDI, can we expect to see the ROTS version revisited any time soon?

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1) It sounds like a lot of fans have never seen certain 'waves' of figures at retail. We constantly see people in our forums saying "Did wave 6 ever hit in New Jersey?" or "Has anybody seen wave 8 in Ohio?" and comments to that liking. Can you tell us if there was some kind of mix up with distribution during the TAC line in 2007, and if those fans who haven't seen some of the later waves with the coins will still have a chance to get them? Or should they be scrambling to ebay to pay $10+ per figure for everything that they've missed?

2) While there are collectors still clamoring for R2-D2 to be released using the R4-G9 mold, I'm wondering if Hasbro will continue to simply reuse the existing R4-G9 and VotC R2-D2 molds for the next few years. Are you planning any innovations with a new R2 mold in the near future? And will Hasbro continue to alternate between the VotC reflective dome and the brushed metal dome or focus only one one style? I'm a huge fan of the V otC dome (for the nostalgia) but I've noticed that there is also an equally large camp who like the more canonical brushed metal look.

3) I've been a big fan of the RotS Obi-Wan Pilot figure - it has great sculpting and all the articulation any fan could want but I was a bit disappointed to learn that the retooled Obi-Wan for 2008 didn't fix one glaring flaw: the figure has pencil-thin legs! Surely with all his running and jumping around, Obi put on a bit more muscle than that. Is there any chance Hasbro could redo the legs and also perhaps not spread out the legs as much? You'd then have an excellent generic Jedi body to kitbash other Jedi figures from.

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From The Private Universe:
1) The Evolutions sub-line has a strong resurgence in 2008. Have you ever considered a release that showed the progression in Hasbro's sculpting talents? By this I mean (for example) a 3 figure set including a Kenner Luke from the 70s, a 'bulky' Luke from the re-launch of the line in the 90s, and an all new super-articulated Luke showcasing your current skills ?

2) With both GI Joe and Star Wars, Hasbro has proved that the comic 2-pack format is incredibly popular with fans. When the new Indiana Jones line hits, can we expect it to utilise this format for Marvel / Dark Horse Indy comics? It'd be a great way of introducing otherwise obscure characters into the mix (remember, Brody and Katanga featured in the comics as well as the movies).

3) There have been rumours circulating of a playset in the forthcoming Indy line. While we appreciate that it's difficult for you to comment this close to Toy Fair, can you confirm or deny the rumour - and give us an idea of what to expect (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull temple, Raiders temple / Well of the Souls etc)? Also, does this set a precedent for the future inclusion of playsets in the Star Wars line - something thatís been often discounted?

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From Yakface:
1) Hasbro-Your new Mighty Muggs line looks great, and I am already hooked! I noticed however that you are utilizing the same sculpt for every figure, which makes sense and has worked so far. But does this mean we will never see characters like R2-D2 that have huge differences in their size and shape?

2) Is there any rhyme or reason to which Galactic Heroes get peg holes? I got really bored the other day and went through my son's whole collection and was surprised at what I found. Some (exp. 3 leg R2, Jawa, Ben Spirit) which have no problems standing have holes. Some have one hole, most have two holes, while others... have none.

By the way... what are those "peg holes" for? Maybe, perhaps, possibly the future could hold playsets? Could there be a chance of display stand sets for the Galactic Heroes similar to the 3.75 and Mpire lines?

3) It seems that aside from the Sith Infiltrator vehicle in the 2007 TAC line, there has not been a single new sculpt for anything from episode I. We have had a handful of repaints and repacks, but no new figures. So, my question is: are you deliberately neglecting The Phantom Menace because it is the least popular episode in the saga? I for one feel that it is high time for a new Sebulba, Sebulba's blue wenches, more pod racers, some Gungans, and heck -- even Jar Jar.

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From Yoda's News:
1) As you also seem willing to answer questions about your Indiana Jones line, I have a question pertaining to the Indy figures. As there aren't as many characters (as compared to Star Wars) from the films to make in action figure form is there any chance that the "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" would be fodder for figures? I don't see many figures from the series being made myself but a few suggestions would be: 8 year old Indy in knickers, young Henry Sr., Anna Jones, Helen Seymour, 18 year old Indy in "Mexico adventure" clothing, 18 year old Indy in Belgian army uniform, and his friend Remy. Just curious if we are likely to see such figures.?

2) What do you think about making a tribute/maybe exclusive figure to Obi Wan Kenobi in his last stance against Vader? It can be made the same way the 2002 Toy Fare Vader was made with Obi Wanís saber sticking out of the plastic or something close to. Make the figure with his eyes closed.. Cloaked etc.?

3) Any chance we get a two pack of the aliens that fueled Obi wanís fighter at the end of Episode 3?

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