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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

From Action Figs:
1) Would Hasbro ever consider doing a figure of a "classic style" Sy Snootles from before the Special Editions? That's the one including the feather hat, tusks, more realistic eyes, a microphone, and can still be seen in the current version on the sail barge.

2) Nippet the Wokling come out of his basket? If so, might you be able to share a picture of this?

3) Although Hasbro's been releasing more and more Battle Droid designs lately, one that's been overlooked so far has been the Geonosis Battle Droid Commander, the one that has the OOM-9-style yellow markings on a maroon body. Moreover, the last Battle Droid Commander you released had a regular Battle Droid's backpack, which is inaccurate, the commander droids have no backpack, only a small antenna array as seen on your Ep 1 OOM-9 figure. Might this design be considered for the next time we see Battle Droid figures, perhaps even in a Geonosis Arena battle pack with the unreleased Geonosian Cannon accessory that was originally shown with the Arena playset?

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NEW: From Creature Cantina:
1) Back in the days of the Episode I toys, there were two waves of Accessory Set produced, the second and much cooler wave of which (Mos Espa Disguise, Podracer Refuelling Station, Hyperdrive Repair, and Rappel Line Attack) seems to be as rare as crocodiles in the middle of the Sahara. Having seen the kind of obscene prices these things have traded for online (the Accessory Sets, not the crocodiles), is there any chance these sets might make a return, perhaps as part of a Battle Pack, with a couple of appropriately-themed action figures and/or beasts thrown in? For example, the Hyperdrive Repair set could come with some Naboo soldiery and a Jedi, or the Podracer Refuel set might get some re-issued pod racers, pit droids, and/or alien mechanics. Mos Espa Disguise could see the return of the also-insanely-rare Eopie with a couple of extra figures thrown in, and Rappel Line Attack could include some more Naboo army-builders and a Queen Amidala (Battle Dress) from the same wave of rarities that also spawned Sio Bibble, TC-14, and the original R2-B1 and Pit Droids 2-Pack. Or something like that. Just a thought. };D

2) Is there any chance of a resculpt/repack/repaint/whatever of Kyle Katarn? Even if it’s in a comic pack type of set with Jaden Korr, Rosh Penin, Desann or Tavion and a couple Cultists or even Reborn? (Hmm . . . Jedi Academy Battle Pack? Disciples of Ragnos vs. the Jedi . . . in a box with a Valley of the Dark Lords background. . . ?)

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) What prompted the unusual creation of figures based on the Return of the Jedi sandstorm scene, which fans have never even seen aside from a few fuzzy still photos, and why wasn't Slave Leia in sandstorm garb (or the less significant Skiff Guard Lando) included among the group?

2) We (Brian Wilk and I) discussed this a bit at Toy Fair, and the "big tuna" Rebel Troop Transport is seen in all three "Classic" Star Wars films. It's not the most exciting vehicle, granted, but it's a nice sized freighter. Why not resurrect it with more "playset" styled features in its belly and lid? (We modern collectors would just be happy with the piece as-is, but extra features never hurt.) What do our friends at Hasbro think? (It's cooler than the Cloud Car, at least.)

3) For each of the prequel trilogy Hasbro developed one large playset. First we saw the Attack of the Clones Geonosis Arena Playset recycled as the G.I. Joe: Attack on Cobra Mountain Playset. Now we're seeing the Revenge of the Sith Mustafar Duel Playset being recycled to create an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull playset. Is there a contractual obligation with LFL to make at least one big playset per film? We've been told time and again that they don't sell, but we see "our" sets used for other lines, and it leaves Star Wars fans a little bitter. So what gives here?

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From Imperial Shipyards:
1) Hasbro, are there any plans to do an Obi-wan evolutions pack. We are now only lacking a super articulated Episode I Obi-wan to go with our evolutions Qui-gon and Darth Maul. Most importantly though, is the lack of a definitive Episode II Obi-wan. Every version released since 2002-2004 saga collection was rendered sub par by mediocre action features and awkward presculpted poses. While we have had similar comic pack versions released, they have been wearing wrong color clothing or Episode III boots because most have been retools of the Pilot Obi-wan figure, or a solid cloak which restricts articulation. To complete the set, we could use a redo on Episode IV Ben Kenobi. The vintage OTC version was not so satisfactory either, due to straight cut swivel arms that are sculpted oddly, a ridiculously puffy cloak and no knee articulation. Any chance of wish fullfilment this year? Even word of a single carded version of these would be fantastic.

2) I think we can all agree that the KOTOR figures released last year were very popular. Any chance we may see a few more characters from the game? Bastilla Shan, Carth Onassi perhaps? I also wondered if you had considered a player character figure. While technically you already did the character, I won't say how for fear of ruining a plot element for anyone who has yet to play the game, but how about a "battle pack" or 2 pack like the "order 66". I was thinking maybe a somewhat generic figure, male and female versions in a couple of different costumes from the game with swappable heads for different hair styles/ colors and different ethnicities. I think the McQuarrie rebel trooper body would be an excellent mold with minor retooling and different paint. I really love that head sculpt. The McQuarrie figures in general look like they are right out of the game except for color. For 2-packs maybe pair one player character body with one of the main characters?

3) Often with these Q&A sessions, we get answers (especially about playsets) about the cost or retooling, new sculpts, etc. Is there any way you can break down this process for us so that we can have a greater understanding on why we get these answers? I think a lot of collectors who ask questions and get these answers get frustrated because we just don't understand all of it. I think if you were able to explain it all to us, we'd be much happier!

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From Jedi Defender:
1) During the Toy Fair collector event, you briefly mentioned the possibility of a third basic figure line hitting the shelves at the end of the year. The line was going to be like the Saga Legends repack line, but focused more on bringing back figures of characters that would compliment the Clone Wars line. Is this still going to happen, and if so, are we talking mainly Jedi, Clones, and Droids in the line?

2) Our "OT only" collecting friends are starting to worry about a lack of original trilogy goodness in the basic figure line this year. We’ve had a RotS wave and an EU wave (TFU) in 2008. Confirmed for the Legacy Collection are a RotJ wave and another EU wave ("old" Clone Wars). That’s only 25% OT goodness so far.

In the Q&As, you've confirmed that there are four waves of the Legacy Collection yet to be revealed, one of those being a repaints wave and one being RotS-based (again). Please give our "OT only" friends a reason to believe that the two remaining "yet-to-be-revealed" waves will be chocked full o’ OT goodness!

3) OK, so now that we know there are plans in the works for "Midnight Madness" events for The Clone Wars toy launch in July, we’ve got to wonder about the man in the hat. Do you know if there are any "Midnight Madness" events in the works for your big Indy toy launch in May?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Will we see more Evolution sets centered around original triology characters, for example Luke (Tatooine, Bespin, Jedi) or Han (ANH, Bespin, Endor)?

2) Can we expect to see any more holiday-themed exclusives this year - like last year's Father's Day set?

3) Can you tell us what new Transformers/Star Wars sculpts we might see for this year?

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1) We collectors are a funny bunch and sometimes we’re very hard to please. This is related to some of the exclusives that came out last year.

We don’t know if you’re aware but in the UK the McQuarrie Luke from Celebration Europe is currently being given away at TRU stores with a Star Wars spend over £25 and the Celebration Europe McQuarrie R2 and 3P0 are available now from for just £1.99.

Finally, the Comic Con Shadow Trooper Bike/Scout is available from for just $10. With all this is mind, we’ve had several readers e-mailing us and being rather upset at this turn of events based on the fact that these McQuarrie figures were originally £15 at Celebration Europe and whilst the Comic Con exclusive was never available in the UK the costs of buying it on the secondary market was very expensive – especially shipping.

They’ve asked why you think this has happened, was it due to the fact that these items were over-produced and therefore there’s a glut of them left in the market or is there another reason?

2) Captain Rex – this figure looks amazing and we’re really pleased you’ve gone back to revisit the ideas of dioramas that were first seen with the Expanded Universe line. Unfortunately, the promotion that’s running in the US to get this figure is not coming over to Europe. Will you or can you find another way of getting this released over here (could it be released as an exclusive or directly via Hasbro UK)? Otherwise we’re going to have to resort to eBay and it’s not going to be cheap!

3) In the last round of Q&A answers you said that the Comic Con Exclusive Vader and Emperor may debut a week earlier at Celebration Japan. Will the folk in Europe and especially us here in the UK get a chance to buy this figure set? Also, is there any chance of a photo... please?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) When can collectors expect to see Hasbro packaged Force FX lightsabers arrive in stores? And on the same note, can they expect any new products in this line within the calender year?

2) At Toy Fair we saw that some of the other Hasbro licensed properties (Marvel & Transformers specificially) have taken up the Unleashed concept and put a large Unleashed figure offering in their own lines. In the past the Hasbro Star Wars group has said that the Unleashed figures proved too costly to continue, and yet other boys toys groups within Hasbro are continuing on with this concept. Did the Unleashed line just prove to not be as solid of a sales performer in the Star Wars line as the 3.75" figure system?

3) One of the highlights of Toy Fair had to be the AT-TE. But of equal note was the V-19 Torrent and the Homing Spider Droid which are part of the $19.99 vehicle assortment. Can collectors expect more than just these two vehicles in the Clone Wars assault vehicle assortment when that line launches in July? Also, is it possible to get an image of the V-19 toy with all of it's wings in flight mode, as seen in this image?

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1) When comparing the designs from the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, I don't think that anyone would argue that the designs of the prequel Characters, droids, creatures and vehicles are much more complex. Characters specifically are much different. The characters, specifically aliens, of the Original Trilogy are very "Human" shapes, where with the prequel trilogy we get a lot more aliens who are not so human is shape. We get serpent like characters such as Oppo Rancisis, bug like characters like the Geonosians and characters who have a much smaller stature (Tsui Choi, some of the podracers) or have a smaller skeletal structure (kaminoans, some of the podracers).

Having said that, do the design that Lucasfilm have created make it harder (from a design, engineering and cost perspective) for you to turn them into 3 3/4inch figures? Does or has this level of detail/complexity effect your line-up choices? Is there anything that you have been trying to do, but just cannot get it "right" and have put it in the "too hard basket" least for now?

2) This question is in to a background Tatooine vehicle - The 9000 Z001 Landspeeder, (the UFO like craft that's parked outside the Cantina to the right of the front entrance when Luke & Obi-Wan arrive & walk in). To date, apart from the one included in the Mos Eisley Lego set, I believe there has been no toy made of this unique vehicle to speak of.
Will we ever see this make it's debut in the 3&3/4" line some day? As a huge OT fan - & particularly of EPIV, this would simply be a dream come true for me!

3) The Titanium Series collectibles was effectively ignored at Toy Fair this year. Does this represent a lack of interest in the brand, or nothing more than a lack of product to show?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Why do the Walmart exclusives seem to be so scarce? The Jabba's Palace entertainers showed up in Michigan for the first time the first week of March, 2008. In other parts of the country they've already been clearanced out. The exclusive comic packs still can't be found around here. This doesn't seem to happen with the Toys R Us and Target exclusives, although last year's Target exclusive battle packs did go very fast.

2) Why do the build-a-droid R7 droids have jet boosters on them and will they be removable?

3) Regarding the SW Legacy Line's Bane Malor, is the bandolier covering his chest removable? Also, is the helmet removable? And is the head ball-jointed?

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1) With the new release of the clone wars AT-TE vehicle coming up, are there going to be any more plans for producing more large scaled vehicles? Is it going to depend on the sales of the AT-TE?

Im stoked to see Hasbro making larger Star Wars vehicles. The one vehicle I would love to see the most is the Clone Turbo Tank. Im sure a lot of other collectors especially ones who collect mostly clone trooper figures would go into a frenzy if Hasbro planned on doing this!

2) Do you have any plans to make more interactive 3 3/4 inch Star Wars action figures? The R2-D2 that beeps and flashes when you press a button on his chest, or the Chewbacca that carried C-3PO with eyes that lit up are recent examples. I understand that costs could be a factor early on, but why not an entire line of staple Star Wars figure with similar interactivity? A Vader with a light saber that would glow red and makes the famous breathing sound when pressed, or a Stormtrooper th at yelled "stop right there" and the tip of his gun would glow red when pressed, would make exciting figures!

3) In a recent Q&A about the Vintage Line, you made this comment:

"The stable of real strong versions of core OTC characters to anchor future vintage waves is getting thin, we just don't feel the future is there for Vintage as we have been bringing it out."

I'm not sure how you're getting to that conclusion. There were 92 figures in the original Kenner line, not to mention how many characters were never realized in plastic. So far, there have been a total of 23 figures in your "vintage" line, so you've still got close to 70 figures to make, just to catch up with Kenner . I understand that you're looking at "core" characters, and not all of the original Kenner figures were of "core" characters, but if you're aiming this Vintage line at older collectors who remember the original vintage line and are looking to spark some nostalgia, ANY of the original Kenner figu res would do that.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Should Hasbro ever decide to revisit the Ishi Tib species with a new figure, would you be more inclined to do one from Jabba's palace first, the prequels, or would you want to update the figure from 1998 of the unnamed rebel?

2) With the upcoming Comic Pack figure of Cade Skywalker, you seem to have nailed his look, but he doesn't seem to be coming with his green lightsaber. Might that be rectified in time for the figure's release since it's unlikely we'll be seeing another Cade Skywalker figure for a while? Cade's even holding the hilt on the cover of Legacy #2, and after all, your figure of Quinlan Vos wasn't entirely accurate to the issue he came with, instead opting for his more popular look, so why not give Cade his saber?

3) While it's our site policy to avoid rumors, our readers have been wound up a bit on this one so they demanded we ask.... It seems like there was a lot of hype and rumor about a new Millennium Falcon vehicle for the main line, including the leak of a Target DCPI number that came with the AT-TE - which Hasbro is indeed materializing. There was a lot of expectation that Hasbro would unveil both the AT-TE and this new Millennium Falcon at Toy Fair, and while the former appeared, the latter did not, so might you comment on these Falcon rumors at all? If nothing else, a simple confirmation or denial would ease a lot of collector tension.

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) Hasbro has always said the kid market is very important to keeping Star Wars toys alive and profitable. George Lucas has said Jar Jar is the favorite character of children. So why are Jar Jar figures so irregular to the line? It seems like more Jar Jar figures would appeal to the kids more than Yarna.

2) Have any decisions been made about the return of the VOTC line in '09? The evolutions packs have great figures but the VOTC retro packaging made that a very popular line for 6x9 collectors.

3) In looking at Star Wars Action News' video from Toy Fair I noticed a F/X lightsaber was in the display room next to the Gentle Giant Yoda monument. Was that a Hasnro F/X saber being shown, or was it a Maater Replicas item for illustrative purposes?

4) Our listeners were excited by the news that the mail-away Captain Rex figure would have a fold-out cardboard diorama similar to what the EU figures in the 90's had. Given that playsets are a "no-go" for now, is there a chance we might see more of these in the future, or more cardboard dioramas similar to the Cantina and Jabba's Palace sets released in the 90's? (Hint: Jedi council, Galactic Senate, and Star Destroyer/Death Star would be good ones)

5) How many new (not re-released) Evolutions sets are on tap for '08, and are there plans to continue the line in '09?

6) As a kid I loved to look at the back of the Kenner cards to see which figures I wanted to get. The Luke, Obi wan/Yoda, and 3P0/R2 McQuarrie figures came with a an extra cardback. Had you considered, going forward, releasing (as a pack-in/mail away/etc) a card at the end of each year or line to show off the entire line or year of figures?

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From SW Collector:
1) I'm pretty excited about the Droid Factory concept and think it's like the coolest idea ever. Will we see R2, R3, and R5 astromechs join the line along side the announced R4 and R7 models?

2) THE FORCE UNLEASHED Evolutions set is awesome, and the Secret Apprentice character's three separate identities look really cool. But, in the character art used on the box, the Sith Lord is using two red-bladed sabers that look like the one packed in the hands of the Apprentice figure, while the art for the Apprentice shows him wielding the pronged saber packed with the Sith Lord figure. Which depictions would be more game-accurate?

3) 2008's Legacy Collection looks like it will be off to a great start with the Clone Wars and RETURN OF THE JEDI waves. Will this line's packaging be incorporated into the Comic Packs and Evolutions sets, or will those continue to sport 30th Anniversary Collection-style packages?

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1) Why is it that the GI Joe line figures come with stands and more articulation that SW, yet are still $2 on average cheaper than SW figures? $6.99 average for SW versus $4.99 for GI Joe? When SW basic figures were first given stands, we were told the price increase from $5.99 to $6.99 was necessary to cover the cost of the stand?

2) Any chance of releasing any of the exclusive set Galactic Heroes figures in the regular line of 2-packs? I know a lot of collectors that didn't buy the Cinema Scenes because they had every figure save one or two (Leia from Hoth, Jar Jar and Qui-Gon from Naboo, etc.). Any chance we can get those without spending the $30 for the entire set, even if they were repainted in some form?

3) We're getting Force Unleashed 3.75" figures, and Unleashed Battlepacks... any chance of some Force Unleashed characters showing up in your other lines, like Galactic Heroes? Please?? And what are the chances that we could get some other Expanded Universe characters in the Galactic Heroes line, like Quinlan Vos and Darth Revan?

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From The Private Universe:
1) Q1. You've pretty much nailed all of the core characters from the original trilogy in terms of sculpts, articulation and variants now (with the prequels catching up). So, what's next in terms of innovation for the brand at this scale? Can articulation be improved any further, or do the materials prohibit it? Will we see any more attempts to introduce electronics in 3 3/4" figures? Perhaps another attempt at the Force FX technology for sabre-weilding characters?

2) With the success of the Battle Pack format in the Star Wars line, can we expect to see something similar for Indy? "Rope Bridge Showdown" containing Indy, the aforementioned rope bridge, Thuggee's and crocodiles would be neat ! You've already introduced the concept of multi-packs of army builders with the German Soldier 2-pack (and fans are loving you for it), so the recreation of specific scenes with some environment elements thrown in would certainly be well-received.

3) The figures in the Indy line all appear to have ball-jointed heads. The customising-orientated among us would like to know if the neck posts / ball and sockets are of similar dimensions so that quick swaps can be achieved (eg, Indy head on a German Soldier body = instant Indy in German Soldier Disguise / Cario Indy head on KotCS jacketless Indy body = super-articulated Cairo Indy)?

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From Yakface:
1) What were the determining factors that went into producing the Jedi Legacy Evolutions Set. Granted Qui-Gon needed the revision, but why another Bultar Swan since we just received a version of her in the Purge Comic Pack?

Also regarding this set: There are several pre-existing Jedi accessories available that wouldn't require investments in "new" tooling (communicators, lightsaber hilts, aquabreathers, cloaks, robes etc.) why were they not included with this set?

2) Another Evolutions question: There are currently 3 packaging variants of the Fett Legacy set that have been produced dealing with corrections to the film designation above Boba Fett (1 ROTJ printed, ESB sticker, ESB printed), but the Boba Fett figure itself is still missing the proper symbol on his chest. Will this be addressed in subsequent production runs of this set and/or figure?

3) I have a question regarding the Legacy "Deleted Scene" wave. I can't help but notice that the Leia from this scene is missing from this themed-wave. Is this figure in the works or will a new Slave Leia be done instead?

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From Yoda's News:
1) We know that Hasbro is in contact with Lucasfilm and they give you the material for figure designs. Is it possible that you could request that some of your unique figures designs example (mace windus purple clones, Kashyyyk deco battle droids etc) could be inserted into expanded universe material like the clone wars tv series, as to give these figures some recognition?

2) Now that you have put the super articulated touch to the 501st clone, can you please move the Clone Commando to the top of the list of the clones who need super articulation? Great figure when scorch came out and the exclusive ones are cool as well, but after just getting the new comic 2 pack all white one, I really noticed how limited his posability is. Really what he needs is knees and ankles and that would be a big improvement over the current figure. Oh, and as a nit pick, shouldn't the visor on the white commando have a blue tint just like scorch's visor?

3) This one is a Indiana Jones question, With the Adventure Heroes Line will we also see play sets and environments like with Star Wars? Something along the lines of the Cantina Sets and Falcon sets?

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