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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) Many of us have customized X-Wings over the years to create Wedge's Red-2 or Biggs' Red-3. However, not everyone has the time or patience to customize a vehicle. Would Hasbro consider a nod to the fans and finally release a Red-2 Wedge Antilles X-Wing?

2) In reference to the Battlepacks, what factors determine whether a battlepack is all re-packs like the upcoming ""Battle Above the Sarlacc"" and a battlepack with some customized or all new figures like ""Jedi vs. Sith""?"

3) In the WOTC line of minatures, we've seen Rebel troops and officers from species other than Humanoid, which goes along with George Lucas' vision of a diverse number of species coming together to form the Rebel Alliance. However, we haven't seen this in 3-3/4" line beyond Orrimaarko, Ishi Tib, and Admiral Ackbar from the earlier POTF2 line. Some customizers have made other species of Rebel troops and officers, like Gran, Bith, and Gotal. Could we eventually see Rebel troops in other species to help diversify the Rebel ranks?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) How is a big company like Hasbro adapting to the smaller, niche companies' personal relationships (through things like blogs and podcasts) with the collecting audience?

2) Are there any figures that are just too morbid to touch (e.g. Dying/Dead Padme)?

3) Now that Hasbro is officially out of the "EU Closet", how will you deal with fan requests like Luke Skywalker & Mara Jade wedding figures? That's got to be a tough sell. What's the approach?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Any chance we could see the ROTS #55 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Pilot) and the Evolutions Anakin Skywalker (Episode 3) figures from 2005 both repainted to reflect the burn damage to their costumes from their duel on Mustafar? These would make great repaints for the basic figure line (those Target Mustafar Duel figures were way too orange for most folks).

2) Can you hint at the EU Source Material that the future waves of the Comic Book 2-Packs will be based on (beyond the already announced Marvel Comics and Crimson Empire)? Not specific figures per se, just a hint at the source material please.

3) We love hints and teases... how about dropping a nice tease about a yet-to-be-announced figure from the first official wave for 2007? At SDCC, we saw the 2007 Utapau Airborne Clone, the Mustafar Lava Miner, and the Galactic Marine - what else do you have lined up for us in 2007!

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From Jedi Insider:
1) What plans do you have for moisture vaporators?

2) Any chance of ever seeing the Trash Compactor from the Death Star
released in some form like a playset?

3) Can you tell us what the exclusive figure will be offered at Celebration IV?

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From Sandtroopers:
1) A report in the NY Post recently reported a loss by Hasbro last quarter. Many feel this is due to the amount of times Hasbro issues repacks. With many collectors turning to high-end collectibles (Gentle Giant, Sideshow), what are Hasbro's plans to rebound? Is this a concern?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) On the Titanium Bossks we've noticed a lot of them seem to have paint problems on the legs where the metal shows through the yellow of the outfit. Is this intentional or, if not, will a corrected version be released?

2) Starting in 2002 Hasbro produced outstanding special Holiday Edition figures based on the beautiful art of Ralph McQuarrie which will deck my halls for years to come during the holiday season. I would like to know (1) if this line will continue as I'd love to add a new figure each year and (2) where did the seemingly odd choice of a bright red Vader offered last year come from? Unlike previous holiday releases, this was not based on a holiday card, did not come in the snow globe packaging, and it was not a new sculpt like past years holiday figures. Artoo and See Threepio, Yoda, and the Jawas all incorporated holiday elements in their design--presents, red hats, presents, and a bag full of toys yet without the packaging and the stand Vader is just an odd, red Vader. Especially when there is the more fan loved Santa Vader right on the back of the card.

3) In the process of creating a newly sculpted figure, at what point is articulation added? Are sculpts initially statues and gain articulation or is it created in the initial design?

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From SW Collector:
1) Will the coins included with the basic figures in 2007's The 30th Anniversary Collection be character-specific, or just medium-specific (i.e.: film name or EU source name)?

2) 2006 is the tenth anniversary of the STAR WARS multimedia project SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE. Was there ever any thought given to commemorating this with a special figure, such as the designed-but-never-produced Guri?

3) Although he's been seen in Dark Horse Comics for some time, now that Darth Bane is also being featured in a novel (October 2006's DARTH BANE: PATH OF DESTRUCTION), could this at all influence the decision to make an action figure of the character?

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From The Jawa:
1) Series 2/3 Attacktix seemed rushed and it shows with the quality of several pieces, particularly Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker. (My son has 3 Mauls that never worked right out of the package). Has this been fixed for the upcoming series and is there any action planned for exchange of these items, considering the difficulty in finding the Super Rare items?

2) Why have the last two Tatooine Luke figures had the same color pants and tunic? As far as this Jawa knew, Luke had tan pants and a white tunic?

3) Can we expect the 30th Anniversary line to focus on the original movie or the entire Saga?

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From Yakface:
1) I was just wondering if it was possible that the Dagobah Obi-Wan Kenobi (Original Trilogy Collection #3) might be re-released as a non-spirit version. This is one of the better sculpts of this character and I'd be excited to see this happen.

2) Now that he didn't win the Fan Choice,what are the chance of a figure of Nom Anor now?Obviously from the Fan Choice,fans seem to be craving him.How about some other Yuuzhan Vong figures as well?

3) I would love to see an Anakin Skywalker in a medical capsule from ROTS made. Basically you would just need to make the medical capsule accessory and use the torso from ROTS Anakin #50 (Battle Damage). Any chances of that as well as the rest of the medical droids from the 'building Vader" scene?

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From Yoda's News:
1) The new Galactic Heroes Luke & Han Stormtroopers have different paint apps than the previous stormtrooper & different from what is shown on the packaging. Specifically, the black stripe above the eyes is missing. Was this intentional or a paint application that will be ""fixed""?"

2) Will the Stormtrooper Lucas Figure ever end up on Once the promotion ends if you still have stock left?

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