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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

The Action Figs:
1) Why is the upcoming Saga Collection #64 figure being called Commander Appo? He is clearly modeled after Commander Bow (as he appears in comics, with the pauldron), not Commander Appo (who in the film wears the same armor and markings as the other 501st clones). If it is to differentiate between him as a commander and the regular grunts, why not just call him Commander Bow for the sake of accuracy?

2) What level of priority does Hasbro give to redoing original POTF2 figures in either the 30th Anniversary line or the Vintage line? There are some great figures out there we're still hurting for, such as a Luke and Han Stormtrooper that don't resemble Hans and Franz, a regular Princess Leia that's not preposed or weird-looking, Luke Snowspeeder pilot, etc.

3) Is Hasbro completely satisfied that the VOTC Stormtrooper mold is the definitive 3" Stormtrooper figure for the foreseeable future of the line, or might there be changes down the road? For example, the figure has trouble holding the barrel of the blaster due to stiff plastic in the hands; has a stiff, narrow-legged stance that does not lend well to dynamic posing; and of course not all Stormtrooper armor elements were identical in the films, some of the "brows" and "mouths" varied. Also, the current use of the mold uses a different material for the helmet & limbs than from the shinier, harder torso pieces, leading to a noticeable coloring variance as well as trouble with the limbs and helmet staining.

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Since we saw at least one playset for each of the prequel films, are we likely to see one (or more) for the upcoming animated series? Was there a contractual obligation to produce a playset for each film, or were they created to fit a play pattern?

2) Who has the greater say in the Hasbro Star Wars toy production, the bean counters (marketing, budgeting, etc.) or the creative team (designers, toymakers)?

3) It was rumored a few years back that a Jedi Starfighter (E2 Version) was developed with a hyperspace ring. Is there any chance that we will see this cool accessory developed for our fighters (both versions, please) in the future?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Can we get a picture of the 2007 Super Battle Droid, sans removable flames?

2) You said previously (via Q&A answers) that the upcoming Target exclusive "Battle of Felucia" Battle Pack would get us more of the Evolution-Sculpt Felucia/Yellow Clone Troopers we desire. Will it also give us a Gelagrub (that blue slug thingy) for the troops to ride on?

3) Is the Snowbunny Padme figure from the Target exclusive "Ambush on Ilum" Battle Pack an all-new sculpt? Is she heavily articulated or pre-posed?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) The Titanium die cast figures were very prominent at this year's San Diego Comic Con yet only 4 from the entire line have really shown up en masse at retail while a few others seem to have made it in limited quantities. Is this an indication for how this line is performing? Can we expect to see the figures shown at SDCC to make their way to retail or will the line be scaled back?

2) How many waves/figures will we see in the Saga Legends line?

3) With non-movie stories becoming the future of Star Wars it seems like you are (will be) really jumping into tying in the comics and the future TV series into the toy line. The Legacy of the Force novel series is right in the thick of things now. Do you have plans in offering characters from this series or other novels into the line?

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1) Since you release random Clones and Battle Packs of Clones that are based on your imagination and not featured in the movie, case in point Mace Windu's Battalion, are you considering doing a repaint of Cody to match the 442nd Siege Battalion clones as their commander? if so I would welcome it as well as any more Clones you come out with that has that awesome SA sculpt!

2) I realy like the different flavors of Jedi Starfighters you've been creating especially Vader's, my favorite is the ROTS body style so unfortunately I'll be passing on Kit Fisto's and Seasee Tiin's JSF. I would however like for these repaints to continue and wonder if you plan to release one for Aalya Secura(it was in the comic Obssesion), Yoda, or any other Jedi?

3) Can we see pictures of the 2007 Basic asst 2nd wave now please? Think of it as an early holiday gift for the fans!

4) Will we ever see rebel tanks from Force Commander and Empire at War?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Why is it that with some of Hasbro's Star Wars non-main lines (most recently the Potato Head line), the initial item ships in large quantities while further releases are released in smaller numbers that diminish as the waves continue, resulting in a glut of the first items, later items very difficult to find, and diminished sales overall for that line? And why use secondary waves to replenish initial waves when often there's no way to tell how the early waves sell, such as stores having plenty of Darth Tater while the Spudtrooper's case has more Darth Taters in it so stores have less room for Spudtroopers and even less room for them when the R2-Potatoo comes out? The POTJ-era Mega Action line was the same issue, and these examples are hardly alone.

2) Since two recent Neimoidian figures (Neimoidian Warrior and Lushros Dofine) were extremely heavy pegwarmers, and the Episode I Neimoidians sold slowly as well, how does that affect the chances of more Neimoidian figures being made in the future?

3) Removable lightsaber blades so Jedi figures could have saber accessories that were "on" or "off" and could be worn on their belts was a good concept, but this made the saber blades more fragile. Are there any plans to release Jedi figures - both main characters and secondary - with both solid one piece ignited lightsaber and "off" lightsaber hilt accessories?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) You've said repeatedly that you cannot comment on the existence, or lack thereof, of the Target Imperial Shuttle. Several sites and forums are rumoring this to be a "Black Friday" surprise where you're not making it known until we find it on the shelves. Can you say whether you would spring an item on collectors, claiming "no comment" all the way to it's actual appearance on store shelves, or if something like the Imperial Shuttle exclusive (not the shuttle itself, but any other store exclusive vehicle that may happen now or in the future) would be announced and promoted as you have done in the past?

2) I love the Titanium line. Anything that allows more Star Wars vehicles to be sculpted is a good thing, in my opinion. But with recent shipments I've understood that the Battlestar Galactica Titanium vehicles are shipping in mixed cases with the Star Wars Titanium vehicles. Now, BSG is my favorite television show, and I collect all the BSG Titaniums as well, but I don't think there's any question that it does not hold the across the board popularity and brand recognition as Star Wars. As some of the Star Wars Titanium vehicles are hard to find as it is (the "Space Whale" Republic Gunship comes to mind), isn't it a risk that the lesser known BSG ships could sit on pegs longer than the Star Wars vehicles, creating an imbalance in the market making Star Wars Titaniums more rare? If this is a danger, what is Hasbro doing to mitigate this?

3) We at SW Action News really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions each week, but we've started to feel sorry for some of the Hasbro employees. It seems that people cry "more vehicles, more vehicles" and you ask which, and they say "Sith Infiltrator" and you oblige, but then people are upset that it will be play-scale and Darth Maul's speeder won't fit inside with room to spare. Likewise, I fear if you ever made a Trade Federation landing ship it would have to be large enough to hold several of the droid tanks. A Super Star Destroyer in 3.75" scale would end up being over half a mile long, and I dare say that would verge on "playset" territory. What do you at Hasbro do to keep spirits up when it seems you can't win for losing?

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1) Any chance Hasbro would revisit the shirtless Darth Maul from your earlier "Darth Maul with Sith Attack Droid" toy and redo him properly? The original figure suffered from many problems, not the least of which was lack of poseability. If the comic book packs prove successful, a fully tattooed SA Darth Maul would easily be a good seller for this line. And it could even be packed again with the Sith droid. (Whatever you do, please don't re-release the original shirtless Darth Maul mold).

2) Most of the Clone Troopers that have painted 'battle damage' or wear and tear only have it on the front. Is there any particular reason for this, or is it just overlooked during the development? (PS It drives this Jawa nuts!)

3) You've stated that fans have been "unenthusiastic" about playsets and that info suggests that playsets don't and wouldn't do well if released. Have you considered that perhaps it's the specific playset idea that is unexciting or mediocre to fans, and not the toys themselves? In other words, the last few playsets that I remember (Theed Palace, Geonosis Arena, Mustafar mountain) are really good toys but lack iconic appeal (for me anyway). Perhaps if better, more fan-friendly scenes or movie locations were the idea at hand (like a Death Star or Cantina), then the set would sell "enthusiastically?"

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From Yoda's News:
1) The wookiees were a big part of Revenge of the Sith, plus they make awesome figures. Will there be any new wookiee figures in the 30th anniversary collection or any ewoks, maybe a female ewok with child?

2) Regarding the 7" unleashed line, Little kids don't really like this line IMO because they cant play with it. Collectors like myself can't find all of them because of your vendors (Walmart & Target) do not have the products in stock for us to buy! We need some re-releases ( Padme, Slave Leia, Stormtrooper, Unmasked Vader) But we want new sculpts. Also you would have better luck with this line if you sold it through specialty shops like the local Comic Stores or through Diamond. Then you would be able to gage the real following this line has, as the collectors could by only the ones they wanted & not have the peg warmers through off the sales bottom line. Maybe not that great of a question but I would like an answer and I hope Yodasnews can get it for me. I have almost everyone of the Unleashed 7" figs ever put out (that I could find anyway) & would like to add plenty more to my collection.

3) Why are the most sought after figures one to a case. I remember Cody and Scorch being hard to find at first but you have Commander Appo being one to a case as well. Do you realize the demand for the figure? Why not put more per case of have solid case packs?

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