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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

From Action Figs:
1) Will all the straight-repacked figures solely be in the Greatest Hits collection next year, or will they also be mixed in with the regular line as they were this year?

2) Any chance of getting a TIE Defender, Moldy Crow, or other Expanded Universe vehicles? EU figures need EU ships to fly around in.

3) Hasbro has said that for future releases of Battle Droids they would be released as 2-packs, how about releasing a blue Pilot Battle Droid 2-pack since that Battle Droid has been requested since the Episode I line came out?

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1) Along the diorama theme we've been on with our questions over the last two weeks, diorama builders often have to customize their own minor characters and background figures to fill in their scenes...that is, until recently. Hasbro's Naboo soldier in the latest wave, as well as the rumored Rebel Honor Guardsman, show that there's a desire from Hasbro to see a few of these background characters made. Although a few Q&As from other sites have already asked about the X-Wing ladder accessory from the cancelled Yavin Accessory set, how about making a Rebel Ground-Crew Technician with the ladder accessory? We know it's not in the short term plan, but maybe someday?

2) With the vastly superior (and impressive) sculpt of Chief Chirpa coming out this past year, will there be an effort eventually on the part of Hasbro to re-scale or resculpt Teebo, Wicket, Logray, and the other Ewoks to make them all the proper scale to Chief Chirpa? There's something a little disturbing about the POTF2 Wicket towering over Chief Chirpa.

3) One of the recent Q&As from another site regarding Jabba's dais got me thinking that there haven't been many new releases of Jabba's guards in recent years. Sure, there's been a good repaint of Barada and the resculpt of Boushh & Lando Skiff Guard (excellent job on both, I might add), but there's a bunch of good characters left to do. Hasbro's already produced some of the parts needed, including Bora Solq's head which could be used for a new Weequay. Could we expect some Hasbro love to Jabba's band of merry men with new Nikto or Weequay figures, Kithaba, or possibly Geezum?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Now that Tomy (Japan) has made the remote-controlled R2-D2, is there any chance that Hasbro will make the "light show" R2-D2 from Revenge of the Sith where he distracts General Grievous with all of his gadgets? (Spinning action and lights!) Are we likely to see 3¾" scale R2-D2 figures with electronics in the future?

2) The rumors on the Internets are predicting that the Bantha will be re-released next year-ish. So while Hasbro is feeling beastly, what are the odds of getting a Dewback with some real-feel hide, or at least a removable saddle? (The Saga Collection's Sandtrooper would look awfully good on one, wouldn't he?)

3) With the Max Rebo Band being potentially revisited in the near future, is there a movement toward "finishing" the band? (Meaning Umpass Stay, Ak-Rev and maybe Gargan?) Also, are we ever likely to get Tech Mo'r from the Cantina Band updated with an instrument that he can sit at whilst playing?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) OK, so, we’re creeping closer to Spring 2007. Any chance we can get some hints about the upcoming 2007 Vintage-style line? Pleeeeeeeeease? Also, on the topic of vintage-style figures, now that you’ve confirmed the inclusion of coin pack-ins for 2007, have you given any more thought to offering up a few vintage-style figures based on the original Power of the Force Kenner cardbacks? It seems like the perfect time to revisit that idea now that you’ve got those new coin toolings going (and the perfect way to get a new Stormtrooper Luke and Endor Leia we all want).

2) Amidst the plans of recycling ships for 2007, is there any chance of seeing the Toys R Us exclusive Jedi Starfighters re-released (sans pilot figures)? The Blue Utapau and Green Mustafar Jedi Starfighters were items that came and went pretty quickly and are still missing from a lot of collections.

3) The concept for Battle Packs like Mace Windu's Attack Battalion are cool but they are not really from the Clone Wars Expanded Universe material exactly... Is this something Lucasfilm gives to you to run with or do you design things like this yourselves and thus add to the ever-growing EU on your own?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Will there be another outlet to aquire the coins next year other than having to buy figures we already have? Perhaps mail-order, POP redemtion, or some other service? Alot of fans are excited about the re-release of the coins, but aquiring a whole set would mean purchasing figures we might already have. I think using 30th anniversary figure POP's for redemption would be a good solution since we would still have to buy figures to redeem for the coins we are missing. Any thoughts on this?

2) The sculps of many of the arrmy-building figures have gotten quite better over the past few years (biker scout, snowtrooper, rebel troops, etc). Are there any plans for more army builder packs like we saw with the stormtroopers, sandtroopers, and rebel troopers?

3) Will Hasbro have a presence at Celebration Europe, or only at CIV?

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1) In 2007 or 2008, are we going to see any Star Wars Legacy figures? We'd love to see a Darth Talon, Darth Kryat, Cade Skywalker, Delialah Blue and mostly the new Stormies and Imperial Knights.

2) How about a Shark-deco ARC-170?

3) What about 3 3/4" Fem Trooper (Female Stormtrooper) or female Imperial officers?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) In the photos that recently showed up of the 2007 battle pack "Capture of Tantive IV", why are the Stormtroopers in the box using the Evolutions Sandtrooper mold - the one without any mid-torso articulation - and why are they sporting that Sandtrooper's dirty paint job instead of a clean Stormtrooper deco?

2) In the Episode I line, the "Naboo Pilot" Anakin figure came with a "flight simulator" accessory that was really the panel with control sticks and actually fit in the Naboo Fighter vehicle. Would you consider reissuing this accessory in more accurate colors, and making similar "flight simulator" control stick accessories for the X-wing, Snowspeeder, Y-wing, TIE Fighter, Jedi Starfighters, etc.? These control stick accessories add a welcome layer of realism to the toys and could be released with future pilot figures or with the vehicles themsleves.

3) What is the status/future of Action Fleet under its original concept - minifigure interaction and true play features? And what is the status/future of actual Micro Machines (the smallest vehicles Galoob regularly made in plastic)? If there are no immediate plans or foreseeable future for either line, why is that?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) Can we look forward to any Star Wars "girls toys lines" in the future? Things such as fashion dolls, make-up kits, etc.

2) In the Star Wars 3 3/4 inch scale, what scale are the figures originally sculpted in - are they 2-ups, some other scale, or does it vary by figure?

3) I am very interested in what happened to the Kit Fisto "starfigher" misspelling. When was this picked up and will there be a correction? What is the process by which a toy is checked for these errors?

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From SW Collector:
1) Will there ever be a single-carded version of Obi-Wan Kenobi as a general of the Republic figure (dressed in Clone Trooper armor)? One that utilzes a Clone Trooper body, perhaps, instead of snap-on armor?

2) Now that we're getting a Saesee Tiin Jedi Starfighter, any chance of seeing a figure of him in his battle armor from CLONE WARS, Vol. 2?

3) You recently mentioned you've considered doing rebel pilot/droid 2-packs, and you also mentioned that you've looked at including Micro Machines as pack-ins, but that neither concept really worked. How about combining them? You could release a rebel pilot, his astromech, and a uniquely painted version of his MM ship, along with a stand for them to go on, with perhaps a cardback photo that you could cut out for a backdrop. This would be great for the anniversary of the Death Star trench run scene, and it would be all repaints except for a couple new head sculpts for removable helmets. This concept would also work for Jedi pilots and their droids.

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1) Was there something - whether it be one specific item or an entire line that surpassed company expectations? And flip side- What did you expect to do better than it actually did?

2) The minis from Wizards of the Coast have covered a lot of territory and some cool designs (Basilisk War Droid!), any chance we'll see some of them offered as toys (or made in a larger scale)?

3) In regards to the Cantina, is there any chance of seeing screen-accurate tables and chairs? The tables that came recently with Hammerhead and Arcona were too small. And once the molds are made, this can be an annual rerelease and/or exclusive with different characters included to keep it fresh and expand on the Cantina.

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From Yakface:
1) There are cool looking astromechs coming out from Mace Windu's and Sith Anakin Skywalker's Jedi starfighters. Will we ever see the droids from Plo Koon's, Kit Fisto's, and Saesee Tinn's starfighters? They have really awesome looking colors.

2) In prior Q&A's, Hasbro stated that there is an even mix of Greatest Battle figures and new figures being released and that stores will make room for the new stuff. I spoke with a Hasbro rep at a local Walmart in San Diego last week and she contradicted this information and stated exactly what some of us think is an ever increasing problem. Stores appear to be so over-saturated with Greatest Battles figures (both on the shelf and in the storerooms) that they have no room to put out any of the EP1/Endor waves. It appears only TRU is receiving these waves, yet they were initially released nearly 2 months ago. How does Hasbro ensure their latest products get put on the shelves or even get ordered by stores when the stores have no shelf space for their current stock? Does Hasbro ever recall their merchandise so stores have room for the new products? When will Targets start receiving the new waves?

3) How about a EU dark Jedi Sora Bulq, all it would take would be a repaint of the existing figure to dark colours, cloak and red sabre.

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From Yoda's News:
1) The vintage Imperial Dignitary is one of the few figures that hasn't seen the light of day in the modern line. Any hints on when it might surface?

2) I love the Galactic Heroes line and would love to see them in a larger scale. Any chance we would see them in a 4" or 6" scale?

3) Are there any plans to make a larger interlocking Star Wars Transformer, where you would need 6 vehicles to make one large giant vehicle, like the Constructicons who formed Devastator?

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