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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

NEW: From From
1) Will you be doing any new or rereleased Mini Rigs or nice cheap price point vehicles?

2) Will you be releasing the last of the unmade 1985 vintage figures (regular klaatu, ewoks etc)

3) Cloud Pod car please discuss... is it coming and is the vintage mould availible to use or will it be a new one?

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NEW: From Behind The Toys:
1) Has Hasbro ever considered presenting a "what if" panel at a show that talks about the lines that never cancelled (SOTE wave 2, oval gen2 CommTech, etc)?

2) How do you decide which sculpts get rehashed/repackaged?

3) Will the figure-numbering system reset in 2007?

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1) Figure Carry Cases. The reintroduction of Darth Vader and C-3PO was nostalgic and very cool. Plans for bringing these two back and/or new ones in the shape of other characters?

2) For years I have waited in hopes of seeing a true vintage line of figures representing characters from Episodes I, II, and III! I know most vintage star wars collectors would go nuts for true vintage scuplts of key characters from the three prequel movies. With the scuplting style of the 80's the vintage line would be the figures to collect. The three movies could be broken down into six figure assortments. (ED: List omitted- overly extensive.)

3) Exclusive 6+plus figure sets (NOT the 3-pk Evoultion sets), like the Bounty Hunter one offered by Diamond, allowed many late in the game to obtain all the great characters in one purchase. Any chances of more, like a 6-pack of Clone Troopers (with Commander Cody- I can't find him!!!!)

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From Jedi Defender:
1) If it's not feasable for you to make some new playsets (or even re-release old ones, like the vintage Dagobah playset) due to low demand, have you considered sub-contracting the playset portion of the license to another company (like Gentle Giant or Sideshow)? It's seems to have worked well for the 12" figure line, why not playsets?

2) Why did Hasbro move to the 2" Unleashed size figures? Why not experiment with a 3.75" scale Unleashed, using army builders as the basis (similar to the Army Builder 3-packs, but with more dynamic poses)?

3) It appears as if the highly requested Airborne Clone Trooper sculpt is finally being released (with Purple colors, in the upcoming "Mace Windu's Squadron" Battle Pack at Target). When can we expect this figure to appear in the basic figure assortment, with the highly requested Commander Cody/Orange Squadron colors?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) What kind of products can we expect to me made for the animated series in the future?

2) Any plans for a Sith Lords Darth Bane or Darth Pelagius figures?

3) Any chance Hasbro will be revisiting the Evolution 3-packs in the future?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Are there any possible plans for a Firespeeder ship to be released? (It would go well with the Firespeeder Pilot!!!)

2) Which store will have the new TIE Fighter with larger wings in the exclusive color? When can we expect to see it?

3) With the Attacktix line now beginning its latest series; can we expect to see some kind of 'accessories' pack available to replace lost projectiles? (Something that includes a nice assortment of the 'common' projectiles.) Being a kid’s game, its not hard to imaging these flying missiles turning up missing, rendering the play piece unusable.

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NEW: From
1) Is Hasbro going to go back to 100% heat-sealed packages next year?

There is a significant amount of fakes/fraud with the current packaging (figure swapping, etc). This hurts both kids and collectors, as well as Hasbro's brand identity.

2) As a follow up, just so everyone is clear... does Hasbro EVER package an older figure in a newer sculpts package (such as POTF2 Garindan in the Saga Collection Garindan package)?

3) For the manufacturing folks, what does the last digit on the datestamp stand for? Usually it is a 1, but somtimes it is a 2.

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From Sandtroopers:
1) Will Bai Ling be made into an action figure or any of the other figures from cut scenes in the prequels?

2) I know the part was small, but then again it is Jeremy Bulloch and he is a major Star Wars icon. Are we ever going to see a Captain Colton, Tantive IV Pilot figure with Bulloch likeness? Bulloch has been behind the Fett mask for so long, I'd like to see a figure with his face, such as Colton.

3) I have heard rumors and such for awhile on this, but is there ever going to be a Saga Cloud Car made for us? We have seen the Pilot, the Lego version, the Action Fleet version, but no 3 3/4" version for us.

4) Is there any chance of seeing a new Dagobah Playset to set up with our "Handstand" Dagobah Luke (OTC) and the Dagobah X-Wing w/R2D2? The new ship looks great, but collectors want more.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) When will we see BG-J38 (from Jabba's palace), CZ-3 (from ANH), Elis Helrot (from the Cantina), LIN-V8K (mining Droid from Tatooine), all kinds of different R5 units, a Vac-metal RA-7 (from tatooine on sand crawler), 2X-3KPR (from the Tatooine), Tonnika Sisters and Wioslea (from Mos Eisley)?

2) You mentioned "new" vehicles in your 2007 STARFIGHTER lineup, does this mean all those new vehicles are going to be starfighters, or is that just the name of the assortment, perhaps just denoting a size/pricepoint? I know you mentioned you cannot reveal the vehicles at this time, but can you shed some light on if this assortment will include ground vehicles such as Tanks, Sail barges or Walkers?

3) With so many high-demand characters with speaking roles in the movies that have not yet been made (such as Tey How, Tagge, Ask Aak, Jocasta Nu, Lando in Smuggler's Gear, Queen Jamilla), why do you produce new sculpts, not just re-releases of existing sculpts, for minor characters who were done adequately in the past and who have five seconds or less of screen time (eg, Hammerhead, Garindan, Bossk, Dengar)?

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From SW Collector:
1) Are there any plans to make any beasts available again like the Dewback, Tauntaun, Rancor, or Bantha; either newly-sculpted versions or re-releases of previous versions?

2) Ever since The Saga Collection's debut in 2005, finding a mint figure has been nearly impossible. As each wave has come and gone, I have noticed more dents than ever from figures coming from the factory itself. With the new 2007 packaging, will we see a package less vulnerable to dents (especially on the top of the bubble)?

3) Since it's been revealed that there will be an Oola figure in the 2007 toy line, isn't time for the three backup dancers from the RETURN OF THE JEDI Special Edition (Lyn Me, Rystaal, and Greeata) to get new sculpts, as the POTF2 versions of them are now rather dated?

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From The Jawa:
1) Is Imperial Dignitary Sim Aloo planned?

2) Are the 3 3/4" Expanded Universe Marvel 2-Packs going to be 'realistic' styled figures or will they be designed to look like the comics?

3) Yarrna Dar Gargan (Jabba's 6 breasted dancer) will she ever be made?

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From Yakface:
1) Will we see Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in their Stormtrooper disguises from A New Hope sometime in 2007? I know many collectors have been wanting these figures for a long time, and to have super articulated versions of both Han and Luke disguised as Stormtroopers with removable helmets would be fantastic.

2) Would Hasbro ever consider doing more of the cardboard dioramas (like Jabba¹s Palace / Cantina), perhaps as a pack-in with vehicles? i.e. Rebel Hanger with snowspeeder or Mos Espa with Sith Infiltrator?

3) Do you ever consider customizers when you produce a figure, and what are the chances of you producing an action figure for customizers? Maybe a Create your own Trooper or Jedi, figure kit, something similar to your build your own lightsaber kit.

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From Yoda's News:
1) Are there any plans for a Hoth repaint of the AT-ST?

2) Which ewoks will we be seeing in 2007? Are there plans for major ewok characters, and which? Will there be any ewok females with woklings? How about an ewok battle pack with interchangeable parts? Any new wookie figures in 2007? Any plans for ewok playsets or wookiee playsets/vehicles?

3) Will we be seeing the rest of the Republic Commando clone troopers in 2007?

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