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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

From Action Figs:
1) What is the status of the Star Wars Transformers line, will there be more sets, and if so, when and what next? If no, why not?

2) Why did Hasbro suspend the 7" Unleashed line popular with fans and use the brand name for a line of Unleashed Battle Packs 2" micro-statues?

3) What are the chances of more popular or rare vehicles that have already been made such as the TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Tatooine Skiff, etc., being re-released?

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NEW: From
1) How come Hasbro keeps packing clones, Republic Commandos and clone commanders in such low numbers considering that they are the most popular of all the new assortments?

2) Can we see expanded universe toys in the near future again? Like the popular Knights of the Old Republic game getting some toys? Thanks

3) We've seen pics of the Springloaded LightSabers, will we be seeing these in the stores anytime soon? and what all lightsabers will be released in this variety?

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From Action Figure Insider:
1) Will the Darth Tater Backpack Dangler ever be offered in the regular Galactic Heroes packaging, say with a Spud Trooper or Artoo-Detater?

2) Are there plans for any more figures based on the other Pod Racers in Episode 1? It seems like that is still a fertile pool to pull characters from.

3) Is there any chance of seeing New Jedi Order figures in the near future? Either as a spin off line (like Clone Wars) or as a wave or two in The Saga Collection.

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From Behind The Toys:
1) Why was the latest Anakin Skywalker action figure given an enemy style hologram? Shouldn't it have been called "Darth Vader" or given a friendly holo?

2) Could we see new SOTE figs as part of the EU line next year?

3) Will we see a General Grievous that is in proper scale with the rest of the 3.75" line?

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1) When will we see a Luke Skywalker in Death Star 2 outfit figure? In the fan's choice poll, "super articulated final duel costume Luke" made the top 25, and fan's want this figure over any other Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi (no Jabba's Palace vest). What are the chances we'll see one next year?

2) What say so, if any, does Hasbro have in Sideshow Collectibles 12" figure line?

3) What more can we expect from the youth-inducing Star Wars Galactic Heroes line of super deformed figures? My kid loves 'em. (Ok, so do I:)

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) It's safe to assume that the 30th Anniversary will be celebrated with exclusives from all of Hasbro's retail partners. Without revealing details (but feel free if you're willing), is there anything over-the-top exceptional in the works for us collecting fiends?

2) Other companies are manufacturing attractive and compatible stands and display environments for Star Wars action figures. What, if anything, can we collectors do to encourage Hasbro to enter this market in lieu of play sets? (We're going to need somewhere to put that Cantina Bar when the U-shaped piece comes out.)

3) Many collectors still love the old cardboard backdrop, plastic base play sets from the vintage era. Are these (updated with modern art and materials, obviously) considered just too hokey for such a robust, detailed modern line?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Do you plan on getting to the remaining figures from the Kenner Vintage line that have not yet been given a modern sculpt update? (These include Jabba's Palace Klaatu, Lumat, Romba, Warok, Black Bespin Guard, Imperial Commander, Death Squad Commander, B-Wing Pilot, and more).

2) In the design process of action figures, when and why is the decision made to use "cut-joints" at the elbows of figures as opposed to "ball-joints" for the elbows? Each appear to require the same amount of tooling and materials, yet the superior "ball-joints" which provide a better playing and display experience for children and collectors are passed over for the choice of "cut-joints." Can we look forward to a better quality joint for all future action figures?

3) The upcoming Endor Rebel Soldiers (from Saga Wave 7) look like pretty cool improvements. Can we look forward to Hoth Rebel Soldiers and the Rebel Fleet Trooper getting "super articulated" Trooper status at some point in the line? The Rebels seemed to get the short end of the stick with poseability (until the new Endor ones anyway).

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From Jedi Insider (formerly Toy News International):
1) Will there be a release of the SITH INFILTRATOR and V-WING for the 3 3/4" vehicles?

2) Will we see any larger scale action figures with a decent amount of articulation?

3) Will we see more Star Wars/Transformers in made?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) For the "Vintage Style" you have any plans on making them with a POTF card? Perhaps even with a coin?

2) Most collectors had a very hard time collecting the basic figure UGH with the silver foil card and figure stand. Will this be a program that will continue in the future? If so, will steps be taken to make it at least a bit easier for collectors to complete the set of figures?

3) What is the status of the lines directed at young kids? It seems to be that the Galactic Heroes line is having great success, but what about other lines directed at young children such as Force Battlers and Choppers. If the lines will be discontinued is there something else in the works to replace them?

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1) Will the mini-hologram promotion end with the Naboo wave at the end of this year?

2) Come on... admit it... Hasbro keeps a list of all figure and packaging variations that is even more comprehensive than POTF2.COM's Master Lists. :-)

3) Is Hasbro planning on releasing any vintage figures on the POTF cardback?

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NEW: From
1) What is Hasbro planning on doing to make purchasing their product more fan/collector friendly?

2) Why is Hasbro ending their 2006 waves of TSC in October? Could we expect another wave around the holiday season?

3) Will we ever see the Tonika Twins in a 3 3/4 inch figure?

4) Where are the following Clone figures...
A. Boss
B. Fixer
C. Sev
D. Commander Fox
E. Commander Neyo

5) Also what are the chances of seeing more EU figures such as the Solo kids and more Quinlan Vos?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) As the Fan's Choice Poll revealed, collectors are clamoring for a Super Articulated Luke Skywalker in his Death Star II outfit, the 2003 Saga figure (Throne Room Duel Luke) was a let down and fans badly want a version of this figure done right a la Ep 3 Pilot Obi-Wan or Count Dooku. When can we expect to see this figure, assuming he has not won the Fan's Choice Poll?

2) In the past, Hasbro has produced figures and vehicles based upon concept drawings and/or deleted scenes. Will there be any more in the near future, particularly figures based on the concept drawings from Ralph McQuarrie, the Sith Witch drawings by Doug Chiang, and of the 'battle-damaged' Jedi concepts from preliminary ROTS sketches?

3) What is the future of the 6" Ultra Titanium Series line?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) Hasbro has continually stated that they consider the entire Star Wars line to be made for, and targeted towards, children, despite the large numbers of adult collectors. As we get further and further from the movies, and the interest of children can be expected to wane, do you foresee focusing more on the adult collecting market?

2) Are there any characters that, due to technicalities of rights and permissions or other constraints, we should not expect to see as toys anytime in the foreseeable future? Rumors abound concerning the Tonnika sisters and Yarna, and the rights to using their likenesses. Are you able to give any rumor control on this subject?

3) Has Hasbro ever created a mold for a figure/character that did not make it to production because LucasFilm did not give the figure the thumbs up? If yes can you tell us which character(s)?

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From SW Collector:
1) Will there be any new vehicles or maybe even playsets to celebrate the 30th anniversary?

2) Any plans on working with the MBNA Star Wars Credit card on some exclusives? I can't speak for everyone, but I signed up for the card because I thought there were going to be some exclusive stuff. A figure or 2 would be nice.

3) Why is Hasbro ending The Saga Collection at just 51 figures (not including exclusives)? What was the point of that triple-digit numbering system, if they never even got up to 100?

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From The Jawa:
1) Will there be more products specifically geared towards army building in the near future? Either as part of something like the recent EE exclusive Clone Troopers, basic case assortments with 3 each of 4 different troops, or solid cases?

2) Will the Tonnika Sisters ever be made?

3) Will Deluxe figures be part of the line in the near future?

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From Yakface:
1) With all the time they spent on screen in Revenge of the Sith, why was the BARC Trooper only issued as a pack in to a vehicle and not a real articulated figure? Is a real Articulated one on the radar?

2) Why the hesitation to produce more Padme figures? All of the figures sell through at retail -- even figures with not-so-great paint jobs like wedding Padme -- and when you check ebay or various other collector sites, Padme figures continue to be in demand.

3) Will Hasbro ever make a vintage style line based on prequel characters? Like highly detailed, super articulated, soft goods Qui-Gon, Jango, Gen. Grievous etc. on a Kenner vintage style. That would be VERY COOL in my book.

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