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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) With the pending release of the awesome Imperial Conference multipack, could we expect a companion ANH Rebel Briefing multipack including General Dodonna, Willard Varden, Leia, & C3PO with the Holotable?

2) Along the same line as above, what about a ROJ Rebel Briefing with SAGA General Madine, Mon Mothma (new using the ROTS sculpt), (retooled) Admiral Ackbar, and SAGA General Calrissian with a hologram Death Star II?

3) In the TSC line, why was Barada (#004) a simple re-issue with "added" paint apps and not a complete repaint so collectors could have a Kithaba figure with red pants and a tan shirt?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) Will the Han Solo (Stormtrooper) and Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper) figures from the Comic Book Asst. be released in non-comic coloring down the road?

2) Is the #65 Elite Corps Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk), as shown at Comic-Con, the final product, or a mock-up? Collectors have noted that the image shown is a repaint of the Vintage Saga Biker Scout, and the helmet and armor scheme isn't movie accurate. Is this figure likely to be revisited down the road?

3) EU us the big topic of the moment. Is there anything that is off-limits, like The Star Wars Holiday Special?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) When exactly will we be seeing the release of a new, super-articulated, high-quality Qui-Gon Jinn figure? It's been a while since Qui-Gon was offered as a basic figure and fans would love a new super-posable version!

2) Of all the offerings that you have planned for 2007 so far, who is the one figure that you are really, really excited to see offered up? Yeah, I know it's like asking who your favorite child is, but there must be at least one 2007 product that stands out as super-cool?

3) OK, ToyFare #109 is now available at comic and book stores everywhere. In that issue, we finally get the news that Quinlan Vos and Darth Revan were selected as the winner(s) of the latest Fan Choice poll.

Willow Hood (the Ice Cream Maker Guy) seems to have a huge fan following among collectors. He even has enough of a fan following at Hasbro to be included in the joke wave presented during the Comic-Con panel.

Even though Willow didn't win the Toy Fare Fan's Choice poll, when can we expect to see him on the pegs? He'd make a nice two-pack if you paired him with a new super-articulated Bespin Han or Bespin Luke (hint, hint). You've got 12 more years ('til 2018), so you have to get to him eventually, right?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Any plans to release the Death Star conference room table from Episode IV to go along with the "Imperial Briefing" set of figures?

2) Any plans for some type of Cantina playset for all of the Cantina alien figures that have been released, or get curved pieces to go along with the already existing bar pieces? Something to allow them to make a complete bar?

3) Any plans of re-releasing Jabba The Hutt with his throne?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Hi I am curious about certain star wars figures that I get in Canada. Why is there no pictures or artwork on the card backs here but all of the other figures from the U.S. and Europe have a shot from the film or the picture on the back? Is Canada a sort of clearance warehouse for a lot of Star Wars merchandise? We need more Canadian "Exclusives" because we have no Target of Best Buy or KB toys. Thanks for hearing me out.

2) Do you look at fans' customs of figures to get ideas for desirable characters that haven't been made or for improvements over previously made figures?

3) How does Hasbro generally feel about Star Wars customizing (figures, ships etc.) in general?

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From Sandtroopers:
1) Why would Hasbro not give Quinlan Vos the Fans Choice figure on card like he deserves? Shouldn't the #1 vote get the figure on that particular card? Fans voted him in and giving it to Darth Revan seems like Master Vos is getting short-changed, since Hasbro has such a history with repacks, why did Quin get jobbed?

2) I have reason to believe many collectors DID hang on to their Jedi Points, would Hasbro be willing to explore a poll or gauge an interest on their Star Wars Hasbro page?

3) Why were people allowed to buy the 501st figure at the SD Comic-Con by the case, and why was service so bad at your web site that you were unable to handle the web traffic and people spent upwards of an hour with the product in their shopping cart but were unable to checkout. Will there be another, more organized opportunity, for people to buy this exclusive figure in the near future?

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NEW: From Star Wars Action News:
1) When you release special number figures such as the $00th Boba Fett figure and the 500th figure Vader how are you counting those? Do figures packed with vehicles count? If so, was the Cruisemissile trooper considered a figure? Do repaints of figure molds count? Promotional giveaways like the 1996 Spirit of Obi-Wan?

2) Last year Hasbro did some original troopers, the Target exclusive Shadow Trooper and the Covert Ops Trooper. What was the decision process behind doing these figures rather than figures from existing EU sources or styles from Episode III which up until that point had never been made?

3) Given the fact that most sites participating in this Q&A have asked at least once about making playsets, has Hasbro considered that there may ACTUALLY be a demand for such items (Especially if made to look accurate and without cheesy secondary items and gizmos - read: brightly colored missiles and cannons that are only there for play value), especially at a decent price (small ones for $20-25, larger ones for $40-50)? (Though their market research says No Playsets, maybe their research subjects are a "local trend".)

4) It was said that one sculpt of the Endor Rebel Trooper was based on a Hasbro employee. Are there any other Hasbro "easter eggs" that have been incorporated into the line? If yes, can you let us in on them?

5) On average, how many of Hasbro's sculpters of new figures (for lack of actual job title) work on each figure? Is each figure designed by one main artist or do several artists work on each figure?

6) Is there any chance that Hasbro would ever consider doing a behind-the-scenes from concept to finish of an action figure (without giving away any trade secrets, of course).

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From SW Collector:
1) With the new comic book two-packs coming, is there any chance in the future of two-packs consisting of two figures and a paperback version of an appropriate novel? For instance: "Heir to the Empire" paperback with Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn; "Shadows of the Empire" paperback with Prince Xizor and Dash Rendar.

2) Earlier in the year there were rumors of a wave consisting of ANH Ceremonial Han, ANH Ceremonial Luke, and a Rebel Sentry. Were these figures only just rumors, or have they been delayed to fit into the 30th Anniversary Collection?

3) Darth Vader is a very popular character that will find support for just about any figure you choose to make of him. That said, I found the REVENGE OF THE SITH Deluxe Darth Vader on Operating Table to be rather in front of the figure's mouth, was devoid of any detail, yet past removable-helmet Vader figures had that great, cramped collection of wires and tubes. Is there any chance we'll see a new ROTS Vader with removable helmet in The 30th Anniversary Collection?

4) The Target computer system is showing an Imperial Shuttle (DCPI #087-06-0483) coming with a $59.99 price tag. Is this a repack of the old FAO Schwarz exclusive, or is it something from another line?

5) Is there any chance that the Max Rebo band or the entire Modal Nodes band could be released in 6 piece box sets as exclusives sometime?

6) Are the mini-holo figurines in The Saga Collection being replaced with minted coins for the 2007 line?

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From The Jawa:
1) There's been a lot of talk about the medium vehicle line lately, but what about the small vehicles? Will there be any small vehicles (speeder bikes and the like) or beasts offered in the near future?

2) Has Hasbro considered revisiting the large vehicle as carrying case? Kenner did this successfully with the vintage Rebel Transport. Could we see the Rebel Transport reissued in this fashion, or perhaps translate the concept to large prequel vehicles such as the Clone Turbo Tank?

3) We've heard that the Cantina scene is a priority with the Hasbro Star Wars team. By the same token, which Prequel Trilogy scene would the Hasbro Star Wars team like to complete?

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From Yakface:
1) Now that it has been confirmed there is an airbourne clone trooper coming out in the mace windu's squadron battle pack, what are the chances of him being re-painted with orange markings, and sold as a basic figure?

2) What types of continuity checks/quality control do figures go through to ensure correct paint jobs and the inclusion of proper accessories? (i.e. giving the current Vintage X-wing Luke the wrong lightsaber hilt accessory)

3) As I look at my collection of Target exclusive glasses, I notice that ROTS, ANH, ESB, and ROTJ all have three glasses representing them. However, to date, there has only been a single glass for both Episode I and Attack of the Clones.

4) With the way Hasbro is doing the comic book 2 packs from Marvel and Dark Horse. Wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to re-issue the vintage Droids and Ewoks series of figures in this form too? Demand is definitely there for them!

5) Is it Hasbro's intention to release all of the vintage Kenner figures in the high end vintage figure series? If so, will we be seeing an "ultimate" version of Leia(Bespin Gown) sometime in the future?

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From Yoda's News:
1) Will Hasbro ever consider making multi-packs of the background characters such as Imperial technicians, Rebel hanger staff or characters from the towns or cities featured in the films?

2) Will Hasbro ever consider making a base figure with interchanging heads? For example a Bespin guard as base figure with a black colored head, a white colored head guard. You could do the same with Imperial, Rebel and some cantina characters. Customizing figures is an expanding market, will Hasbro play a role in the Star Wars universe?

3) Will Hasbro ever go back and expand on the Shadows of the Empire line by adding some characters that are prevalent in the book but did not make the figure assortment?

4) Do you think it would be possible for you to bring out a huge half of a death star play set unlike the original vintage one? Sure we know play sets don't sell as well but if you produced it in a small quantity and made it exclusive to online retailers like the imperial shuttle I am sure the collectors would pay big money for this item. Heck even I would pay a couple of hundred dollars for a death star play set that actually seemed to be more accurate in size.

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