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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) Recent experiences with the Fans' Choice Poll of the Saga Legends 2008 (Wave 5) have shown that some older figures could deserve a repaint or an update in some minor ways. Thus K-3PO could be managed without the blaster shot, the Bespin Guard could get some ethnical revisions with different head sculpts, the Scanning Crew Member could be realized as a repaint of the Imperial Officer with or without gloves and/or another head sculpt and Taun We needs an update with a comparable figure size like her counterpart Lama Su. Do you agree that those figures would profit from some kind of upgrade and with a fitting slot could make their run over the next years?

2) The sculpt of Ewok Graak seems to look like Ewok Lumat, just with another paintjob. Is this an answer to the call of some certain fans (like Adam Pawlus) for more Ewoks? Will we then see Lumat (as a repaint of Graak) next year? And do we then get another Ewok as a repaint of the Romba figure?

3) How do you explain that certain background characters like Bossk, Greedo or IG-88 got their second update since 1995, while other characters like the Gamorrean Guard, Dr. Evazan or Nien Nunb are still waiting for their long lasting first figure update? Those characters just got some repaint in the long run since 1995/1996 but no update. An update of these figures seems to be overdue and they are equally sought-after like the other guys who have been updated.

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From Action Figs:
1) With all the Padme costumes left unmade as 3 3/4" figures, would Hasbro consider making an exclusive multipack - such as the Lucas Family set or the Republic Commando or Death Star Briefing - or even a series of multipacks to get those outfits out of the way? With anywhere from 3 to 7 apiece, they could be organized by movie: Ep I - purple Return to Naboo/Qui-Gon's Funeral; gray Coruscant kimono; black Coruscant/Naboo reception; and perhaps a new, complete version of the senate outfit. Ep 2 - any of the 10 remaining outfits but especially the Chancellor's office outfit; the packing gown; the picnic dress. Ep 3 - there's 9 more outfits, not counting the hospital gown or the funeral gown. Even if you only do a few 3-packs of figures, those are figures that would normally not be seen for years, possibly ever, which fans want. Would you at least consider a Padme evolutions set to get 3 of those unproduced outfits figures out of the way?

2) Will Hasbro be re-releasing the straight sections of the cantina bar in the near future to coincide with the release of the curved end pieces that were just released? If so, please consider re-releasing the blue Snaggletooth from the K-Mart exclusive as well. Also, on the straight sections, would they be the same or have their inaccurate barstools removed?

3) How many Evolutions packs will we be seeing in 2008?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) At the past few conventions, you’ve confirmed that the Distillery portion of the Cantina Bar will be coming in 2008 or 2009. A lot of folks are left wondering how it’s all going to fit together since there isn’t a lot of room left in the middle if you use the two corner sections from the recent Cantina figures alone. Any plans to tweak the bar or will the answer be simply "use a straight piece between the curves to make more room"?

2) Lately, a lot of folks have been finding figures which are noticeably lop-sided with 1 leg longer than the other. Both the Death Star Trooper and Stormtrooper come to mind as examples. Is this a problem with the molding process or is it an artifact of the way figures were posed when sculpted? Are these type of problems noted for correction with future releases of the figures?

3) Now that your 2007 30th Anniversary plans are almost all set, can we get a final count on how many unique coins there will be (counting all the exclusive and convention coins)? Will we have enough slots in our albums to hold them all?

4) At SDCC, you showed off the new 30AC Droideka with the half-shield. Any chance you've got a pic of the Droiedka surrounded by two shield halves so we can see how they fit together?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) With the Star Wars role-play stuff like the lightsabers and blasters, have you ever considered making things like holsters and stuff so that kids can carry around their gear like the characters in the movies did?

2) You recently have released 8" figures with articulation in the Marvel line under the Unleashed banner. Any chance we will see Star Wars figures like this in the near future?

3) You have some cool interactive Galactic Heroes boxsets coming, but is there any chance of seeing actual playsets released for these guys, like a Death Star? We are seeing playsets done for the Marvel versions, so why not Star Wars

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1) It’s been over 23 years (yes, really it’s been that long!) since we saw Jabba the Hut released with his throne from Return of the Jedi. I appreciate that there are no relevant SKU’s for such a release but this could easily be incorporated into Battle Pack range. You could include Jabba, his throne and a new version of Leia in Bikini outfit that’s able to lie on the throne (you would only have to redo the legs) and Jedi Luke and call it ‘Jabba’s Jedi Confrontation’ OR include Jabba, his throne, Leia as Boushh with Chewbacca and call it ‘Jabba’s Bounty Hunter Confrontation’. If money allows you could also include Salacious Crumb and Bib Fortuna and C-3PO in either of the two packs! Ed: Please go for the first idea with a new Leia that can lie down too!!!

2) Our friends over at run Richard LeParmentiers
official website. Admiral Motti was immortalised as a 3¾” figure in 1999 and was re-released as part of the Death Star set earlier this year, however the mold is looking quite poor considering what you’re now able to do. Is there any chance that you’ll revisit this figure anytime soon?

3) We love the Galactic Heroes line. I know packaging is a big part of
the product, but in the spirit of trying to help ‘save the environment’ there seems to be a lot of wasted space (considering the size of the figures in relation to the packaging) in the basic range. Are there any plans to change the packaging? Also, any chance we’ll see Admiral Akbar in the Galactic Heroes line any time soon?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Toys R Us is currrently listing a Star Wars Force Unleashed Hero Figure Pack at this page. Can you describe this figure pack? Is this in fact a set where you can build your own Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed?

2) How challenging is it to keep core characters in the mix while keeping thing interesting for collectors who have say, the last 10 versions of Luke Skywalker? And additionally, how difficult is it to keep things interesting when the character is a fan favorite (like Boba Fett) who only has one or two different costume looks?

3) Every year or two, you guys seem to come up with a new line of toys to showcase Star Wars products, such as unleashed, titaniums, transformers, attacktix, to name a few. Are there any new lines on the horizon, or are you guys pretty much set with the product lines you have now? Do you guys have any unique ideas that you would love to do, but just can't fit it into offering right now?

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1) Is there anything on the horizen for a re-release of the Anakin with Swoop Bike and Darth Tyranus with Geonosian Speeder? Both of these items never sat upon a shelf when they came out and a lot of people missed out on them. They are also small and should fit a store's plan-o-gram easily.

2) Will any future releases of the Sandtrooper be released with a rifle similar to the evolutions version? It's nice to get different weathered paint apps but you should add the rifle in there too along with the standard blaster.

3) Any chance we'll see more figures made using the hip joints of the ROTS AT-TE Gunner and 501st Trooper style? The poseablility of them is great. Or, any chance that we will see some Star Wars figures using the new 25th Anniversary G I Joe style bodies/articulation? Again, the articulation of those bodies is great.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) With Mandalore being produced for the Mandalorian Evolutions set, will other Tales of the Jedi figures - specifically Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun - be in queue for a future wave of Comic 2-packs?

2) Originally, it seemed that Saga Legends was supposed to compliment the main TAC line, so as to have multiple "new" figures out at once. However, wave 3 of the main line started showing up at the end of May, and here in mid-August wave 4 is barely starting to show up - yet the first 2 waves of Saga Legends are steadily coming in. Did you stop shipping figures from the main TAC line for a while in order to focus on Saga Legends? If so, wouldn't that be the opposite of the intended goal of simultaneous shipping? Will more waves of the main line be pushed back this year to allow for Saga Legends figures to gain momentum? Right now fans are getting frustrated at the current lack of authentically new product on shelves and are worrying that the final few months of 2007 will be an avalanche.

3) With the fans choice polls over the years, you've shown a great openness to suggestions for figures from the collector community. Would you consider extending the concept of fans choice polls into $20 vehicles and/or Titanium Series vehicles?

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1) Since we now have a few George Lucas figures out there and the upcoming General McQuarrie. Any chance there will be figures made of other behind the scenes Legends? Such as John Williams? Irvin Kershner?

2) Will the likeness of Boba Fett in the upcoming Evolution series be based on conjectures before the release of the prequel trilogy or will the likeness be based on an actor such as Jeremy Bulloch or Temuera Morrison?

3) Will ball jointed hips now be a standard on all trooper characters? We saw in the first wave of 2008, a 41st trooper and Commander Gree that looked to have ball-jointed hips, will all or most trooper figures have this sort of articulation where applicable, also what are the chances of seeing double joints on the knees and elbows in a similar style to the 25th Anniversary GI Joes?

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From Star Wars Action News:
1) There are two things people still absolutely love from Episode I: Darth Maul and Podracing. While I know we can't hold out hopes fora Ben Quadranaros Podracer in 3.75" scale (heck, we still don't even have the figure) the podracers seem woefully underrepresented in the Titanium Vehicle series, which would seem an ideal fit for these fan-loved and varied figures. Might we see Anakin's and Sebulba's podracers sometime soon and, if so, can we also hope/expect some of the more esoteric podracers to join the line as well?

2) Now that the Star Tours line at Disney is complete, with no new figures being added, is there a chance for wider distribution through a multi-pack or some other method either through HasbroToyShop or some other retailer?

3) In previous Q&As it had been said that this year's Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures would be easier to get than last year's. However, it appears the UGH figures are only shipping with Wave 4, and then each UGH figure is only shipping in one case assortment. While there are three UGH figures per case, because they are all different figures it is still making them virtually impossible to find on store shelves, and a haven for scalpers (I've personally seen them going for $75 each at Wizard World in Chicago). Can you let us know if they are going to also be included with Wave 5 or any other revision waves, or how they will be easier for collectors to obtain than last year's nightmarish Hunt?

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From SW Collector:
1) Hey Hasbro, everything from SDCC looks awesome! Will you please make a super articulated Yakface? Please, please, please?

2) I'd really like to see a film-accurate version of Darth Sidious from his Senate duel with Yoda. This is the one figure so conspicuous by its absence in the REVENGE OF THE SITH toy line. Any idea on when we might see one, or at least a better version of the Mace Windu-duel Chancellor Palpatine figure (without any action features and with the correct lightsaber hilt)?

3) Which would we be more likely to see anytime in the future, a re-release of the POTF2 version of Oola, Jabba the Hutt's Dancing Girl, or an all-new sculpt?

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From Yakface:
1) While the A-Wing Pilot figure will be a welcome addition (although there are issues with the helmet accuracy) to our collections, will there not be any A-WING STARFIGHTERS re-released to coincide with them?

The 3.75" version of this craft has not been at retail for some time, and it would be great to see them again. Perhaps some different squadron insignias, battle damage, and other decals could be included, to make every A-Wing have the opportunity of being unique? Whattaya think? I just hate to have figures without vehicles, and vice-versa.

2) Will the upcoming (and very welcome) Episode II Obi-Wan Jedi Starfighter with Hyperspace Ring include a stand for display?

If so, would this display work with the other non-hyperspace ring Jedi Starfighters?

3) When can we expect to first see the Raiders wave of Indy figures and packaging? When is their expected release date?

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