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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from the latest Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

Note: This mega-edition compiles questions from the past three sessions. Yesterday, 2 weeks ago, and 4 weeks ago. We should be all caught up now...

From Action Figs:
1) Why has it seemed that so many of the items high on fans' wish lists ("Snowbunny" Ilum Padme, the Senate Pod, and now Galactic Heroes Qui-Gon and Jar Jar) only see release in large, pricey multipack sets that contain many items that we either already have (such as the rest of the Galactic Heroes/Playskool Naboo set) or that are inferior quality (e.g., the incorrect C-3PO from the Illum battlepack)? Given that the cost of developing molds would be the same whether they are released in this manner or on normal cards, why not release them as regular basic figures instead and most likely sell more of them at the original retail price (as opposed to clearance prices of as much as 75% off the original price, which so many of these sets wind up selling for) - and keep longtime collectors happy as well?

2) Are more properties aside from Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel, and Transformers planned for the Titanium Series brand? What about maybe some nifty Star Trek and Stargate Titaniums to go up against our Star Wars ones?

3) In 2002, heavy pegwarming led several figures to be recalled, sent back to Hasbro. Will this happen again anytime soon, perhaps to remedy the problems of Moff Jerjerrod, Lushros Dofine, and the abundant TSC-era Greatest Hits leftovers which are still pegwarming hard nearly a year after their releases?

4) In several Q&As, you've been quoted as saying that the environment pieces included with many figures in this year's basic figure line have been stretching your budgets and probably won't be carried forward in 2008. Since the only deluxe-pricepoint line your SW brand enjoys right now is the Vintage-style and Comic 2-Packs, how about doing a new deluxe line that focuses on more environment pieces and similar large, movie-derived accessories?

5) Since you're reissuing older figures anyway in the "Saga Legends" greatest hits line, how about revisiting the robot who saved the man who saved the galaxy, 2-1B? 2-1B has dialogue and has become a fan-favorite over the years, yet hasn't been available for a decade even though there's a creepy lookalike in the birth of Vader's armor" scene in Episode III, so this seems like a good fit for the Saga Legends line. Or better yet, how about an all-new, better-articulated 2-1B?

6) From your display at Celebration IV, we noticed that the Dutch Vander Gold Leader rebel pilot sculpt is being used twice MORE for 2 new rebel pilots, Lt. Lepira from the Gold Squadron Y-wing, and from the Rogue Squadron #24 Comic 2pack Hobbie figure. While the Dutch Vander sculpt is pretty nice, many collectors believe it should not be used as the standard rebel pilot body due to its height and oddly-posed arms, not to mention a specific uniform that differs in some ways from other orange-clad rebel pilots. With these 2 new entries, that's 5 rebel pilots - Vader, Wedge, Biggs, Lt. Lepira, and Hobbie - all with the same height (Wedge being especially too tall) and with identical bodies and unusual poses. Might Hasbro start using a different pilot body that isn't as tall or preposed or so identical in costume layout?

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From Action Figure Insider:

1) Can we expect to see more Expanded Universe 2 packs based on Marvel Star Wars characters like Jaxxon, Valance the Hunter or Shira Brie/Lady Lumiya?

2) Hasbro made some great advances in "hidden" action features with the ROTS line. Using those skills, would it be possible to finally get a real to-scale rocket-firing Boba Fett?

3) With expanded universe becoming a big part of the Star Wars line, would we ever see re-issues/updates of Kenner's EU vehicles like the Imperial Troop Transporter or Mini-Rigs?

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From Boba's Bounty:

1) Great job at C4! Any surprises left for San Diego Comic Con? (or the other Cons?) And if so, can we have some hints?

2) Can you tell us what goes into determining a case assortment? ie: Why is there only 1 McQuarrie Stormtrooper per case?

3) Recently some photos popped up on the internet of some new versions of Mr. Potato Head in Star Wars Outfits (Han Solo, Boba Fett, Leia, etc). These would make a great add-on pack for those of us who have already purchased 3 Star Wars Potato Heads so far. Any comments on these?

4) What are the odds of seeing a Jabba with Throne, maybe a box set, hopefully with a new Slave Leia with articulated knees?

2) Will the C4 Exclusives be available online for non-attendees?

3) Will there be any more ships made in the Galactic Heroes Line? My son loves the X-Wing, but would like to have a TIE fighter to go along with it....

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) What has Hasbro's Star Wars team learned about its devout collecting audience through these Q&A sessions (besides the fact that we really want playsets/display items and we like our armies)?

2) Hasbro, have you considered offering "Clone Squad" packs. These packs could have the new packaging format and contain: 1 regular SA Clone Trooper, 1 AT-RT Driver, 1 Airborne Trooper, and 1 Galactic Marine all with the similar battalion colors/markings (Shocktroopers, 501st, Felucia, etc.)? This would be very feasible as the figures have all been made already... no new molds. These packs would not have the specific commanders and would give everyone an easy way of building up their collection (or army). These would not stay on the shelves for long at all. This would also ensure that collectors would not have to collect 10+ of the same character (Vader, Palpatine - NON army builders) just to acquire the Clone Troopers they want.

3) Are there any characters that you won't revisit, figures that you feel are as good as they're going to get and will only reissue as warranted? If so which ones?

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4) The team at Hasbro knows that their FX-7 was a triumph of the action figure art, and we all love droids. (We know you do. There's no shame in it!) Are we likely to see an FX-6 Droid and a Revenge of the Sith style 2-1B any time soon to complement our cool Chopper Droid and Rebuild Darth Vader figures?

5) If Hasbro were planning on doing the Sultry Fireside Padmé Amidala from Attack of the Clones (and this is hypothetical, of course, since we never believe rumors lists) would she be entirely plastic, or a mix with soft goods?

6) The bases do link together, although they are all the same and do not form any kind of completed larger base. We don't have any plans to use it, either with or without sound, in a future offering. Disney does allow over-the-phone ordering of their Park merchandise. If you are interested in getting all five instrument versions, we recommend that you order a full, unopened case (each case contains 2 sets of instruments variations)and split the case with a friend. If you try and get just the five, there's no certainty you will get them plucked from the case just the way you want them.

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7) You have stated that Lucasfilm did not approve the alternate hooded head for your new Hoth Han Solo in the retro vintage line and there was not enough time to resculpt it to release with the figure this year. However, does that mean that you're giving up on the idea, or are you still intending to resculpt it and try for another approval so that this figure can be eventually re-released with the alternate hooded head, perhaps next year on a basic card or in a Battle Pack? A lot of us loved seeing that alternate head briefly on display at Toy Fair and would really like to have Hoth Han Solo with his hood up in addition to the great version you've already released. Please don't give up on this idea just because LFL nixed the first attempt. Such a simple change could make this the complete definitive figure.

8) Is it possible that a 3 3/4" size Imperial Cannon station could be produced? It could include: the cannon, two gunner consoles, and a cylindrical base... maybe with some wires and tubing and a gunner or two as well. I think this would be a popular product as the battle scenes are very powerful to watch. If done properly, the cannons could have a missle (mechanism) feature to make it more appealing to kids (so they can re-enact the battle scenes)...

Along the same lines, there could be the Clone Trooper and Battle Droid cannon stations from Revenge of the Sith... not to mention any Rebel Alliance versions as well. These would all fall into the $20.00 range easily.

9) Regarding the new Vintage series IG-88. I love all the detail he contains. You guys truly went the extra mile with this figure. My question concerns his weapons. First, the holster on his bandolier. Try as I might, it is just too small to contain the Imperial-style blaster he comes with. Why is this? Did something happen in the manufacturing process, or type of plastic used, to make the blaster not fit? Or, possibly, was he also slated to include another extra, smaller blaster that would fit in the holster, but it was removed later in the process because of cost issues? Second, the axe-type accessory he comes with has a peg on one end. Is this just the way the prop was designed, or was there any thought that it would attach to something else, perhaps like a bayonet on his rifle?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Looking over photos from Celebration IV, it seems like "Smuggler" Lando Calrissian is made up of some old figure parts. It appears that he is using the head, arms, and legs of Vintage OTC Bespin Lando Calrissian. Is this the case? Is it simply a new torso? Either way, the figure looks great!

2) Are you focusing more on "reusable" sculpts now that you have managed to nail a number of characters in near-perfect figure form? What we mean is, your RotS Obi-Wan Pilot figure was re-used a few times, namely the Obi-Wan from the Comic Pack and the 30AC Wave 1 figure with the wet hair and accessories. Is potential future re-use or kitbashing something that you are factoring in when you sculpt main characters now?

3) 30AC Han Solo in Wave 2 (with the headset and gloves) is a surprisingly cool figure. Will we ever get an equal quality Luke Skywalker with the headset to accompany him? It would make a great counterpart. What about Chewbacca with the headset since he does sport one briefly as well?

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4) Based on some of your Celebration IV comments, it seems like the future of the Vintage premium figure line is up in the air. You seem to be willing to do more (and we'd love them), but haven't nailed down the who, what, or how just yet. At this point, how likely are the following?

- Expanding the line to include Original Trilogy characters not released in the original Kenner line (Tarkin, Fleet Trooper, Han Stormtrooper, etc.)
- Expanding the line to include Prequel Trilogy characters with new "old" Kenner style cardbacks
- Leaving things at Status Quo with only updates of the original Kenner figures.

Any one of those ideas jump out as the leading candidate for the possible future of our beloved Vintage line? (p.s. - yours truly prefers option #3 )

5) At Celebration IV you mentioned a possible redemption/exchange program for badly scratched coins from 30th Anniversary waves 1 and 2. Do you have any more info on the how and when of this program?

6) This year we've seen new, super articulated figure upgrades of Bossk, IG-88, and 4-LOM. That leaves Dengar and Zuckuss in need of toys up to par with their bounty hunter counterparts. It's been 3 years since the latest version of Dengar came out and almost 10 years since Zuckuss was released. Is there any chance we'll get a new Dengar and Zuckuss in 2008 to go along with the other super articulated bounty hunters?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Can you list the gold-coin figures that will be available in this yearsUGH? Will there be any other UGH toys this year, besides the gold coin figures and vintages style figures?

2) Now that the vintage style figures are on the shelves, when can we expect shipments to begin for the redemption coin set? The coin sets are available at Disney Star Wars weekends, so I assume they are ready to go.

3) Your Vader & Optimus Prime voice-changing helmets are cool. Will the anticipated Clone Wars Animated see a Clone Trooper voice-changer helmet? One can just imagine the possibilities, repaints. Like another Target exclusive of the Night-Ops deco. Or maybe an exclusive repaint helmet of the red shock troopers to match Target's trademark red color (Ha)! Maybe Walmart can sell a blue 501 legion (Ha, again)!!! Seriously, there are lots of possibilities. Given egions of clone fans, and Clone Wars Animated coming, a whole new collecting frenzy to get various versions could do us good. I'd like my wall to be filled with such helmets. Maybe even make an Ewok drum-set. Future add-on's (like a visor) can make a Commander Cody, Cmdr. Bacara, etc. Their different voices can also echo across different versions / repainted helmets (all the while milking the same mold).

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1) Why was the Clone Wars costume chosen for the Quinlan Vos figure in the newly released Comic Pack, rather than the Jedi outfit he wears in the Twilight comic included with the figure? He never meets Villie in his Clone Wars costume. Was it due to the results of fan's choice poll, since I understand there was a lot of campaigning there for his Clone Wars costume? If so, will we get a Jedi outfit version of Vos anytime soon?

2) In previous answers you have given in regards to new items such as ships, you answer that the reason some new items are not being looked at is that the cost of tooling up is to high, however isn't that a cost associated with doing business and isn't the main goal to satisfy consumer demand. By replying that you can't or won't do any new items of older releases such as the cloud car, and using the reply of cost of R&D are to high are you not saying that it is not important to keep your core consumers happy but rather to offer releases to maximize your profit margins.

3) Is there any chance we will ever see a boxed set of the McQuarrie Concept figures, in a nice displayable package, like the Republic Commando set? These are magnificent figures and it would be nice to get them all together like that.

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4) Do you ever plan to release Boba Fett with a removeable helmet, I mean now that we know he is basically a Jango clone seems like a no brainer? Do you think the VOTC Fett would be the best mold to use? Will this be part of the new EE pack?

5) With the new Shadow Royal Guard coming out, will we get a new Royal Guard with the soft robes and a pike? Also will we ever see Xandel Carivus's Elite Guard?

6) Are you planning after you release your JSF with the hyperspace ring, to sell the hyperspace ring alone so we can outfit some of your former JSF that didnt come with rings? Perhaps do a set with the different paint jobs to match the ships that were released without this?

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7) What do you have in store for the Titanium Series carded vechicles? There are countless vechicles that have yet to be made, and yet we're seeing duplicates that are just repainted. Please tell us that you have plans for new never before seen carded titanium series vechicles and what should we expect to see in the future. If you think you've done them all, you would be wrong. If you need conceptual design help, just ask.

8) You commented in one of your previous rounds of questions that making "certain items" is a poor choice for Hasbro since it won't produce enough sales due to a low relative strength of demand.

What I want to know is what resources does Hasbro use to determine a figures/ships "relative strength of demand?" I am curious as to if you use internal discussion data, information from outside research firms or do you have an internal polling system to determine a products popularity? Would you please enlighten the masses as to your system?

9) Hasbro, why do you make the stances so wide on figures? It really seems like you are limited the type of poses that can be achived by doing this that looks somewhat natural. I just opened up my C4 concept luke and he looks real ackward trying to pose him, unless I would use the pose that was in the package. So what is your criteria for the stances on a figure.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Some collectors are growing a little tired of seeing Darth Vader over and over lately, often it's just a reuse of a previously-existing figure. Might you ease up on the Vader releases, especially in Battle Packs and pack-ins? As well, might you consider giving Anakin ROTS #02 a rest since the figure has been reissued half a dozen times in just 2 years?

2) This year has more convention-exclusive figures than any other: CIV McQuarrie Droid 2pack, CIV McQuarrie Luke, SDCC Shadow Scout on Bike, SDCC McQuarrie Obi-Wan & Yoda 2pack, and the 5 variations on the Disney SW Weekend exclusive Cantina Band Member. What's the thinking behind all these convention exclusives? And why only offer any scant leftovers online, why not just make enough for a larger online presence and make them available to everybody a little later. A lot of collectors cannot make it to these conventions and don't want to shell out scalper prices just to get a complete McQuarrie concept line, can't more accomodations be made?

3) In the rumored upcoming TRU exclusive Geonosis beasts pack which supposedly includes the Acklay, Reek and Nexu, would the Nexu and Reek retain their electronic sounds or would those features be absent? Also, would the Acklay's weak legs problem be fixed so that it can stand on its own, along with the irregular jointing of the hips where some move vertically and others move horizontally (adding ratcheting swivels to the legs just below the universal-joints would probably solve this)? And would there figures included in this set as well as creatures, and if so which ones?

4) While fun on paper, in realistic settings chase gimmicks such as UGH and 1-per-case McQuarrie Concept figures seem to cater not to people that aren't in this hobby for the enjoyment of it, but rather to those here looking to turn a quick profit. With the already hard-to-find McQuarrie Stormtrooper and upcoming sure-to-be-popular Animated Debut Boba Fett both coming in UGH variations, this will further promote that type of scalping. Have you looked at ways to promote chase figures while still making sure they end up in the hands of folks who will truly appreciate them, such as mail-in promos (send in 5 POPs plus S&H for a chase figure) or online sales or other methods?

5) Since Hasbro ran out of time making it unable to plan and bring a full presentation for Titanium Series at Celebration IV, might we get some info on what's coming in the line, especially beyond the small handful of new pieces that were there?

6) After a decade, you've given us badly-needed updates of minor but essential characters like R5-D4 and Biggs Darklighter X-wing pilot, and while they are very welcome, these new versions falter where their earlier, poorer POTF2 predecessors did not: the new versions are missing some of their movie decos. How does it happen that 1998 Biggs' helmet has the full design with the stripe and pattern elements on the back while the 2007 version is just plain white? How is it that 1996 R5-D4 has the blue slot on the front painted blue while 2006 is missing this, as well as the 3 red panels on his back that only the Kenner vintage version correctly employs? We do enjoy these new figures, but why do things like this get missed thus leaving the updated figures less than all they could be?

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From Star Wars Action News:
1) I remember several years ago there were the Jedi Master Points auctions. There seemed to be a lot of problems with those. I buy a LOT of Star Wars figures but I had nowhere near the amount of Jedi Master points those auctions were going for (I seem to remember the numbers being in the millions). Can you tell us how that all worked out? Were those auctions won? Did the winners actually produce the required POPs to "pay" for the items?

2) Recently it was reported in the news that Hasbro initiated a $200 million stock buyback from Lucasfilm as relates to the Star Wars License. Can you give us an explanation of what this means in layman's terms?

3) Can you tell us a bit about the selection process of figures for a year/collection and the waves it contains... For example, does Hasbro conceptualize the entire years worth of figures, then present it to Lucasfilm for approval, or is Lucasfilm in the early planning stages from the get go? Are the waves designed around the selected figures to be made that year, or are the wave conceptions what ends up deciding what is in that years collection (chicken or the egg sort of thing)?

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4) At last count there were four figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. Why so many? Will these have other methods of being purchased on-line?

5) At last count there were four figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. Why so many? Will these have other methods of being purchased on-line?

6) With the highly stylized look of the upcoming Clone Wars cartoon,will Hasbro figures follow that style or continue to look like the movie-accurate figures we have today? If new vehicles are produced, will they be "cartoonish" or more realistic?

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From SW Collector:
1) With a pre-cyborg General Grievous from "Star Wars: Visionaries" coming, is there any chance we could eventually see a half-cyborg Darth Maul from the same anthology comic book?

2) With a pre-cyborg General Grievous from "Star Wars: Visionaries" coming, is there any chance we could eventually see a half-cyborg Darth Maul from the same anthology comic book?

3) With the 25th anniversary of RETURN OF THE JEDI coming in 2008, are there any special figures or vehicles being planned to commemorate the event?

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4) How many points of articulation will the Comic-Con exclusive McQuarrie Concept Obi-Wan and Yoda figures each have?

5) Since Dark Horse Comics' PURGE was a one-shot book, if other characters from the title were to be made as figures (such as Master Tsui Choi or Shadday Potkin), would they be part of the basic line or a second PURGE comic pack reprinting the same comic?

6) We're only two years away from the tenth anniversary of STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE. Knowing how far in advance you have to plot out figures, is it too early to start hoping for all-new, super-articulated sculpts of Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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1) You revealed the new Force spirit of Anakin Skywalker at Celebration IV. Will there be an alternate head included with Sebastian Shaw's likeness?

2) Now that we're getting Pre-Cyborg Grievous (THANK-YOU HASBRO!), what are the chances of getting the female Kaleesh Ronderu lij Kummar to go along with him?

3) When developing new sculpts in the basic figure line, does the possibility of future repaints and or battlepack releases factor into whether a figure is greenlit?

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From Yakface:
1) So far we have seen a lot of the old Kenner vehicles refreshed and updated over the years. There is one vehicle that I want to know if you still have the molds for, the Rebel Transport. It's a good solid toy that features play value as a vehicle, as a playset and as an action figure carrying case. This is one vehicle that could stand to have a new face lift with some fresh paint based on the movie model. I would go as far as suggest including some of the accessories you have made (like power generators, Hoth Tactical Screens, Conduit Spool, Large & Small Storage Crate, Cargo Compartment, Scanning Box, ect). Kids can then set up a rebel base and then simulate the evacuation from the imperials. Thank you for your time,

2) It seems as if all your toy properties have crossed over with Star Wars at some point or another, and now that you have aquired Marvel Legends, what do you think about doing...Star Wars Legends?

I'm talking hyper articulated 5" scale figures with accessories and perhaps even a piece of some type of build-a-figure or environment to display them in when you collect them all.

Cool idea or a pandora's box you just don't want to open?

3) General Greivous Starfighter...will it happen? If so, when do you think?

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4) Dear Hasbro, does it save you a significant amount of money to produce a new mold that has swivel articulation than to use a mold that already exists with ball articulation? You recently released an updated Han Solo that has swivel arms, but it surprises me you would do that since the mold for the arms already existed! I was under the impression that molds were expensive to produce and there's bubble variations all of the time. Please clear up any misconceptions I may have. Thank you.

5) Dear Hasbro, in regards to the heat sealed VTSC figures. Would it be possible in the future to offer just the clamshells for sale through As you are aware, this wave and the revision of last year's VTSC wave are/were heat sealed, thus the collector must damage the clamshell in order to get at the UGH redemption stickers, rendering it virtually useless in a MOMC / display aspect.

Plus, it would be nice to have something that 1977-1985 carded collectors can use to protect their Kenner carded figures.

6) It's becoming a growing concern that the upcoming Clone Trooper "Officers" will not have the full stripe extending from the visor to the fin of the front of the helmet. The Clone Trooper sergeant from 2006 had this same problem. If you are already aware of this and the clones do have the complete stripe, may you confirm this? If not, is it possible to have this change instated before they are shipped? Thank you.

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7) Recently various collecting websites have posted carded and a loose shots of 3 of the gold coin Ultimate Galactic Hunt figures (#09 McQuarrie Stormtrooper, #11 Han Solo and #24 Animated Debut Boba Fett). Is it possible to reveal the other 9 figures chosen for this promotion and in which case revisions each of the twelve is shipping? It would be nice for collectors to receive a heads up about how and when these are shipping so we can prepare to compete with the eBay sellers and Hot Wheel collectors looking to cash in on these figures. Thank you.

8) I recently acquired the new IG-88 figure and it is by far one of the most accurate and definitive sculpts that has been turned out by Hasbro. But a few things have me puzzled.

1. Was the holster on his/its back intended to hold the E-11 blaster that is packed with him? If so, why doesn't it fit?
2. The axe accessory is another cool addition, is it intended to held in hand/claw or can a portion of the arm be removed and the axe installed in its place?
3. There are small, round detonators attached to the belt/bandolier, are all or some of them intended to be removable?

9) Are the Vintage (VOTC/VTSC) clamshells, and the clamshells for exclusives like the Concept R2-D2 & C-3PO, and Concept Luke made of acid-free, archival quality plastic like the ProTech "Star Cases"?

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