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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) Hasbro regularly answers certain-figure questions with the statement "we would like produce this figure or that vehicle but we don't have an appropriate slot for it at the moment." Why does Hasbro set those narrow limits? Within the POTF- and POTJ era the figure production happened just arbitrary and not film- or scene-specific. Why couldn't a Jocasta Nu pair a Gamorrean Guard or couldn't a Bespin Security Guard beeing released with a Yarna d'al Gargan within the same wave?

2) In the q&a-session from 12-01-06 Hasbro made clear that POTF2-figures won't be recycled for the T30AC- or following lines because with the enhanced production methods these figures are antiquated by now. Why does Hasbro then still re-releasing POTF2-figures furthermore like it happens with the Max Rebo Band as repack or the RA-7? And a possible release of an Oola figure recently has been noted as a likely repack of the POTF2-version. Why don't you go any further and only use repacks for the more modern figures while use new molds for re-releases of "older" figures?

3) Just another certain-figure question: What are the odds for a Torryn Farr figure within the next two years? That character still has top rankings in many collector-forum wish lists. Even if she is a female character and for that there will be just a few possible slots she would be a great choice for another Hoth wave. And for this she should be released with a screen and a chair, in my opinion that character really demands for those accessories because she has been seen in that certain film-scene. Even if Hasbro more and more have to deliberate which character deserves bigger accessory because of taking into account rising material costs that figure should be given priority even compared with main characters, isn't it?

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From Action Figs:
1) We understand your current stance on playsets, but if you go back to making beasts, would you consider a Sarlacc pit? It's got a big gross mouth, tentacles, and the special editions have added a large beak (which, should you make this figure, we'd hope could be a removable aspect), yet this is one Star Wars creature that's always gotten the short end of the merchandising stick despite being a major part of ROTJ. It could be done as a beast pack, maybe an ultimate battle pack, or even part of a boxed set with a Tatooine Skiff.

2) A few Battlepacks have featured Jedi, a Clone Commander, and three Clone Troopers. Will we see this concept applied to more sets in the future, perhaps something like Ki-Adi-Mundi, a grittier repaint of Commander Bacara, and three Galactic Marines? What about extending this idea to the other films beyond Ep III?

3) In the past, Hasbro's stated that main characters should always be available to casual collectors, which makes sense, and Lucas has stated that the saga is about Darth Vader. That said however, there are currently at least 9 different Vader figures available on shelves - TAC Vader, 2 Saga Legends figures, 2 different battlepacks, the TAC coin album, 2 different comic 2packs, and the McQuarrie Concept version. Out of those, all but the McQuarrie version are pegwarming in many areas; some areas also have older Vader figures from as far back as 2005; and there are more Vader's on the way. Have you considered that such oversaturation may be problematic to the line, as collectors are less likely to buy the same character over and over (especially when most are rereleases of earlier molds) while casual collectors (who might only need 1 or 2 Vaders) might find the sheer number of them confusing?

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Boba's Bounty:
1) Toy Fair is sneaking up on us...any hints you can give us on what you will be showing?

2) So do you guys have one of each figure that's been made lining your offices?

3) Are there any vehicles from the 2 trilogies that haven't been done yet that you would LIKE to do (but they keep getting shelved or postponed for one reason or another)?

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NEW: From Creature Cantina:
1) Are there any times you want to pimp-slap the askers of some of the more obnoxiously smug and self-important "Why didn't you do it like THIS?" questions in these forums? YOU know the ones I mean.

2) Any chance you guys could STOP packing your figures in their bubbles in "action poses" with their weapons in hand to prevent the type of warping as seen below (please refer to images), please? The amount of water I've had to boil lately to get my figures and accessories straightened out again is frightening. Thank you!

3) Would you ever consider offering a Christmas Taun Taun exclusive that plays the Christmas Taun Tauns song? That would be AWESOME!!

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) What are the odds of single man swoop/speeder vehicles (i.e. the $9.99/Deluxe) price range coming back in 2008 since there won't be a "Vintage" premium line?

2) With the Clone Wars television series hitting our TV (and potentially other multimedia concepts) next year, are we going to be blessed with some television commercials for the toy line? (A lot of us are fans of the vintage toy commercials, which we pray Hasbro still has somwhere. Not to squeeze in another question, but we'd like to see them in some digitized form someday - even just on as flash video.)

3) Was the Commander Gree figure shown at a recent convention a prototype, or was it the final product? If it is indeed a prototype, do you have plans to make any changes to the decoration in the interest of enhancing its accuracy? (The tampo painting/camouflage is off a bit, and our "accuracy checkers" note that the color for the helmet and his suspender straps aren't quite right.)

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WELCOME: From Imperial Shipyards:
1) Any chance we'll see a revised edition of the Rebel Troop Transport from the Vintage line?

2) With the release of your latest waves of titaniums, are there any plans to release a full size black shadow AT-AT?

3) Hasbro, with all the clones released over the past couple of years what are the chances that the AOTC Clone Trooper Pilot will be released?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) In 2008, the pack-in stands will make a come-back. We've already seen pictures of at least 10 of the 2007 figures re-carded with stands. The carded complete-ist collectors out there are wondering just how many of the 2007 figures will get re-released this way? 25%? 50%? 100%?

2) A few folks have noticed something in the backgrounds of the recent box sets. It appears that the backgrounds feature custom-made set pieces, and not just paintings or drawings. They seem to be actual photographed custom dioramas. True or false? If true, where do they come from? And what do you guys do with them after the photo sessions?

3) OK, Indy toys. What are we looking at for the launch? Are we talking a "street date" with a big push, including store exclusives (similar to the last few movie lines you’ve done)? If so, any idea what that date will be so we can mark it on our calendars to be sure we have the day off work?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Hasbro, great job with the Target exclusive Ultimate Battle Packs! Great toys at a great value. I especially like the suprise Hoth Rebel gun turret. Please keep the playset-like toys coming!

Have these battle packs been successful to the point that they can be an outlet for playsets or environment pieces? Jabba's throne dais could be released this way as well as a Sarlaac pit. Create some Hoth trenches this way, or an Endor forest or tree to hang the cargo net packaged with TAC #46 R2-D2. I know I'm rambling now, but you guys get me so amped up for Star Wars toys!

2) Any chance we'll ever see Clones in Imperial Officer uniforms like the ones shown near the end of Revenge of the Sith?

3) Any chance we might see some Expanded Universe Galactic Heroes? I'd love a GH version of Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura would make a nice looking 2-pack as well.

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) In a previous Q&A Hasbro responded to our question about larger Basic Figure accessories by saying "we like to do the "bonus" accessories when we can". With that sentiment in mind, how likely is it that something like an ANH Obi-Wan Kenobi with the Death Star tractor beam control station could make it into the Basic Figure line?

2) The Fan's Choice Figure contests have always been a hot topic of conversation around the collecting community, and there's also been a fair share of controversy around the process as well. How is the poll process regarded within Hasbro? And might we see it return some time in 2008?

3) I was watching The Empire Strikes Back recently, and it seems that we're really starting to draw down on new characters that can be made into figures for that particular episode. Does this kind of shortage register with Hasbro in planning TESB themed waves? And might it open the door for something like a figure of the Emporer's giant flloating holographic head?

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1) With Australia being the “Home of Star Wars Episode II and III”, I would like to know if any more of our local actors will be getting figures made of them in the near future. We have had several Aussie and Kiwi actors such as Bruce Spence as Tio Medon, and Jay Laga'aia as Captain Typho, would it be possible to produce some more Aussie Actor/Characters? Character such as Owen Lars, (Joel Edgerton), Beru Lars (Bonnie Piesse) and Cliegg Lars on hoverchair (Jack Thompson). Maybe even a box set of the Lars Family?

2) I am thrilled that we are able to purchase more Jedi and Sith action figures. The variety is great, the sculpts are superb, but what I really love are the unlit Saber hilts. What I do find annoying, is that there's no way to attach these hilts onto the figures belt. (Malak, Revan, VTSC Bespin Luke etc). I've noticed that some figures have a hole in their belt, where the hilt should go, but there's no 'peg' on the hilt to attach it! (Foul Moudama). Is it possible for you guys to fix that, so all Jedi and Sith may have their unlit Lightsaber hilts hanging from their belts please?

3) I thought the 2007 Ralph McQuarrie figures were all brilliant. Great card designs and the translation from sketch to figure was well executed. Is the concept figure line to end with the McQuarrie figures or were further artists works to be explored? Maybe Doug Chiang could be done for an Episode I concept figure design series?

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WELCOME: From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Will there ever be a Galactic Heroes figure of Princess Leia as Jabba's prisoner (i.e. wearing the metal bikini)?

2) Will we be seeing Guri (Shadows of the Empire) in the new comic packs?

3) Any plans for more vehicles in the Galactic Heroes line?

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1) Looking at some of the figures of minor characters that were made years ago, I started to think about how cool they could be if some of them were brought up to today's standards. Some examples that come to mind are Boshek, Tessek, Adi Gallia, Takeel, Dr. Evazan, Prune Face and Ree-Yees. Most of these figures looked nice in their day, but they just don't hold up to today's standards anymore. I understand that remakes of minor background characters can't happen very often, but I'm wondering who, if any, is one minor character that the Hasbro team would really like to have another shot at?

2) In a recent thread on our site I mentioned that a dream figure for me would be a remake of the shirtless training Darth Maul in a super articulated format. Another member mentioned that that figure was scheduled for release in the new Sith Evolutions set. I had totally forgotten about that! I was so focused on the Mandalorian Evolutions set that I spaced the others off. So here's my question... it's almost 2008. The 3 new Evolutions sets (Mandalorian, Sith and Jedi) are already announced and confirmed by you. Any chance we can get some more/better pictures of these figures? Include what all accessories will be included, confirm the SA and removeable helmet status of Jango? Clearer pix of Mandalore, Nihl, Bane (does that silly glow in the dark helmet come off? How about Boba? He looks a little rotund, maybe too much uj cake or does his chest armor come off? I'd love to see some updated pix, maybe even packaged if available.

3) Will Canada be getting any figures from the TAC line past wave 5 or have we seen it all up North. One of the sites said they would not be getting wave 6 on CDN card, so does that also mean we wont be getting anything past wave 6 at Canadian retail?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) With collectors clamoring for playsets the last few years and Hasbro's take being that there's no market for them at this time, might the Ultra Battlepack concept be used to get us a little closer to playsets by including larger environment elements instead of vehicles? We could have Dagobah with Yoda's hut and the tree (where Luke battles his demons); and a Death Star with trash compactor, corridors & doors, and cellblock. So, might the Ultra Battlepack line be purposed for this need?

2) Back in October, Hasbro said that getting a Corran Horn figure in the comics 2packs line was unlikely because he "only appears in one comic series (X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Family Ties) as a security officer, well before his most iconic stores in later novels." However, that's not accurate as he's in the SW:Union mini-series, in at least 3 different outfits - training gear, civilian clothes, and trademark green robes during Luke & Mara's ceremony (which would also be a great way to sneak in a Cilghal figure). Does this up the odds at all for Corran Horn?

3) With Commander Neyo from the Treachery on Saleucami set being among the winners of the Saga Legends fan choice poll, would you please pack in a second, generic belt with him the way you're doing with the Gray Clone Commander figure in the Saga Legends line? That way, the Neyo-style troopers could be represented by this same figure (remove the pauldron, swap the belt, voila), leading to more sales of the guy.

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1) Will any of the figures from wave 5, especially Darth Malak, Darth Revan, and Pre-Cyborg Grievous, appear in any future TAC wave case assortments?

2) Hasbro did a magnificent job with the sculpt for the Galactic Marine, however there has been one negative aspect to the mold that fans have mentioned over and over again which I'm wondering if Hasbro is aware of. The base of the marine's feet is slightly curved and this makes it difficult to stand him up (he tends to fall over onto his back) unless you pose him in a very specific way. Typically this has been in a semi-walking pose. Some fans have made this adjustment and had no problems, others have tried and never had any luck (I have 9 marines and read all of the tips from various fan forums and have had absolutely no luck in getting them to stand no matter how I position the ankles or legs). Is there any chance that you might flatten the feet so that any future reuse of this mold won't suffer the same issues?

3) The 2008 Obi and Anakin figures seemingly were retooled so that both could sit more easily in their Jedi fighters, the 2008 Gree has ball-jointed hips... and this got me wondering if, now with the Clone Wars TV show looming and the possibility of more kids getting into playing with Star Wars again, is Hasbro looking at making sure more figures down the road will be able to easily sit in the vehicles that are being released in your $20 price-point line (V-Wing, Starfighters, etc). This would be great news if so since I fondly remember as a kid playing with the Kenner vehicles and always knowing that any figure at any time could fit inside any vehicle (or beast, like the Dewback and Taun-Taun) and this is one of the aspects that I'd love to see more of.

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From The Private Universe:
1) Despite the strong showing of single carded figures in 2007, there seems to be an ongoing format trend towards multi-figure packs (Order 66, Battlepacks, Comic 2-packs, 2008's Force Unleashed 3-packs and new Evolutions). What's the rationale behind this ?

2) So, action figure stands are back in 2008 - something we all seem to agree is a great move on Hasbro's part. However, do you have any plans for that vintage / early modern classic - the carry case ? We've seen C-3PO, Vader, Chewie's Bandolier and even a Rebel Troop Transport in the past. With the number of collectors who like to open their figures (they do exist), surely there is a place for a new storage system from you guys ? We don't all have abundant shelf-space !

3) Star Wars toys obviously go through various proof-of-concept stages between initiation and production. What percentange are discarded during initial (paper) design due to cost constraints, licensing issues etc ? How many make it to sculpting but don't progress due to design constraints ? Can you give us any examples of figures that have been abandoned ?

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From Yakface:
1) In the last session of the QnAs, you confirmed that there will be a ROTJ-themed wave in Fall '08. Can you confirm if one of the figures in the wave is a female or a droid?

2) A few e-tailers, Entertainment Earth and for example, have pulled their pre-order listings for the Indiana Jones case assortments. Are these still "on track" for an April 08 release?

3) Dear Hasbro, the first pictures of the Force Unleashed commemorative collection sets have surfaced and it seems that the Emperor Palpatine figure is a straight repack from the 2005 Evolutions set. I really like this version in terms of sculpt and articulation, but the color of his skin seems off. Is there any chance that we’re getting a color corrected - ghostly white - version of this figure, since a lot of collectors are desperate for a SA movie (and game) accurate Emperor Palpatine.

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From Yoda's News:
1) Will you continue with Expanded Universe figures in 2008? Although we love figures such as Luke and Han and the others of the original movies, new characters would be a nice change of pace from the same old, same old. Also, any plans for new vehicles that haven't been released before?

2) I love the different weapons that come with the figures and the effort made to make them the right size. Some seem to be a bit soft. Is it possible to make the guns a little stiffer so that they don't get bent in the figure's hands? Also, would it ever be possible (as a special run, or even as an UGH / chase figure) to get "titanium" blasters included with the figures? Those die-cast versions that came with the titanium figures were awesome and they look great with the figs!

3) Any High Resolution Images of The Force Unleashed Basic Figures Carded that you can share? Some low resolution shot have surfaced in the last few days online and we have seen the loose High Resolution ones but we would love to see the figures and cardbacks in beautiful High Resolution for the Holidays!

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