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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

1) As pictures are showing the white Clone Commando from the Comic Pack "Clone Commando & Super Battle Droid" (Star Wars Tales #23) (SKU 87556) will enclose Scorch's Dc-17M as his weapon of choice, obviously because of the grenades that are packed in and that can be pin onto the Super Battle Droid. But with the standard blaster that comes with the three Republic Commando figures (besides Scorch) in the Collectors Pack "Republic Comando Delta Squad" (SKU 87269) we could get a standard Republic Commando for our Clone Armies. That would be much higher in demand I think. The grenades could still be packed in the set, because the Commandos in the game usually are throwing grenades with their hands.

2) If there would be running changes, variations or variants (like head, color or else) for some certain TFU Basic Figures like Marris Brood or even Stormtroopers or Clonetroopers that would be produced with the time, would those figures are more likely within the same case or wave like it has been done with the TSC Endor Rebel Trooper or would those variants or running changes more likely come out later within the over-all case mix?

3) Hasbro said in one of the latest Q&A sessions that there will be just one single TFU wave. If that wave won't be completed by some more just unannounced figures this would indicate that figures like Darth Vader's Sith Apprentice will not come out within the basic figure assortment. Or would it be possible that this figure could be released in another way, perhaps with another battle pack or evolution pack or just as an EU-figure within another basic figure wave? Or can Hasbro state, that the Apprentice definitely will not be in the 2008 line?

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From Action Figs:
1) Why are the fans' choice figures so often hard to find? One would think that as a poll winner determined by the fans, it should be packed more than one per case and in multiple waves - especially an army-builder like the current Saga Legends winner, the Darktrooper. Darth Revan, the Darktrooper, the original Saga McQuarrie Stormtrooper, the OTC Imperial Scanning Crew Trooper, and of course Ephant Mon have all been overly difficult to find. So why isn't more done to get the fans' choice figures into the hands of the fans?

2) Several recent multipacks featuring EU figures - such as the Rebel Commando, Battlefront, and Mandalorian sets - seem rather popular with collectors. Has there been any consideration given for using the multipack format for characters that have only appeared in novels? Perhaps the Myrkr strike team of Jedi from Star by Star, or maybe members of Rogue and Wraith Squadrons in box sets, something like that?

3) In this day and age, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to recycle. As collectors, we generate a lot of trash with all the packaging and would feel better about it if we knew it weren't just sitting in a landfill for the next thousand years. What is the recyclability of the materials uses in the packaging, especially the plastic bubbles and trays for the action figures? Has Hasbro ever considered marking the components of their packaging (not just SW but all Hasbro packaging) with recycling symbols?

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Boba's Bounty:
1) We haven't seen any reports of the Galactic Heroes Cantina Sets hitting Walmart yet. Are these still scheduled and will they hit retail before Christmas?

2) The new AT-ST battle packs at Target are fantastic. However, for those looking for an AT-ST by itself...any chance we'll see them alone in the future?

3) My son recently broke his Galactic Hero General Grievous and I'm constantly hearing "when can we get a new one?" Will Grievous be returning in a future case pack? (Note: I took the opportunity to ask this question for my son, but their answer does provide good information for anyone who has a broken Hasbro toy part!)

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From Jedi Defender:
1) The Target Ultimate Battle of Hoth Pack (and these are out now, so none of that "no comment" stuff ;)) seems to be the more popular of the two sets among collectors due to the new Gun Tower. Any chance that tower is going to make its way out to retail again by itself? A new Super Articulated Hoth Rebel Soldier would be a welcome pack-in to go with it!

2) Are there any figures that you've wanted to do, but just couldn't make them work for one reason or another? You've mentioned scrapping a folding/rolling Destroyer Droid in the past, were there any other characters/creatures that you've wanted to do but just cannot find a way/means to do it?

3) Are we close enough to 2008 that you can start handing out hints on the third wave of figures for 2008? We've got RotS and the Force Unleashed, can we at least know what wave 3's theme will be? (don’t make us wait until February!)

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NEW: From Jedi Insider:
1) Recently a scan of a 2008 clone trooper figure redemption coupon showed up online. Can you tell us if there will be a 2008 mail-away figure and exactly what figure will it be?

2) Can you tell us when toys based on the new Clone Wars animated series are due out?

3) There seems to be a decent amount of interest from collectors for 6" Marvel Legends style Star Wars figures. What are the chances we might see a line like that in the future?

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1) e Ultimate Battle Packs are now out in the wild and from the pictures we've seen I for one can't wait to get my hands on them; you've done a great job with them. Will we see any more of these next year and if so can you give us any indication of the themes being considered? Also, from a UK point of view can you tell us definitively if we'll be seeing these in any UK stores (there's a lot of demand here for them - do we have to beg)?

2) Saga Legends have been very popular and it's unfortunate that the UK has only officially seen Wave 1. We understand from the UK brand manager that we will be getting the wave including the five figures we voted for in Quarter 1 2008. Have the other 7 figures in the wave we're getting been agreed? It would be a tragedy if the UK didn't see figures like the Dark Trooper (which was the #1 Fan's Choice) and others such as TC-14 that have never been officially available in the UK before. If there's still time is there any way that this wave can incorporate some of these figures?

3) I understand that we're getting white repaint versions of Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise in the Comic Packs early next year but have you considered creating super articulated versions of these figures as seen in the films? They spend a lot of time wearing these outfits both before and after they enter the trash compacter and it would be great to have definitive versions available.

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) Ewoks seem to be on something of an upsurge as far as figures go. We got Chief Chirpa last year, the Ewok 2-pack this year and another 2 Ewoks in the Battle of Endor Ultra Battle Pack. Is it possible that we'll see the remainder of the vintage Ewoks, namely Lumat and Warrok, produced in the not too distant future?

2) A number of customizers have been throwing together some kitbashed TIE Pilots recently, made from Baron Fel's helmet and the TSC Death Star Gunner's body. A good number of these have been posted in collecting forums, and we've heard before that Hasbro checks out the collecting sites and forums. Do collector made kitbashes like this show up on the Hasbro radar screen, and do things like this inspire future figure?

3) We've seen reports that the current Saga Legends line will extend into early 2008. Can we expect a full "Greatest Hits", "Saga Legends" or reissue line through the entirety of 2008?

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Does Hasbro have something against Wedge Antilles? Biggs gets 2 figures this year while our boy Wedge - who survives the OT and beyond - only gets his head plopped on an already existing body as an exclusive or pack-in every now and then. What are the chances of seeing a new Wedge single carded in the main line anytime soon?

2) Why doesn't the Baron Fel comic-pack figure have his signature Van Dyck facial hair? It's in the art in the comic, and it's even on the packaging art side panel, but the figure is without paint or sculpted facial hair.

3) Considering that the body for CZ-4 was also used in A New Hope in the Sandcrawler (CZ-1) and in Mos Eisley (CZ-3), will we ever see a repaint of the CZ-4 figure to be these new characters? They could be done as a running change or put into Battlepacks.

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From SW Collector:
1) Are the Hasbro Protective Figure Cases once offered on still available? We've had several letters saying people can no longer find them on the shop's site, and we failed to find them ourselves. Will they be making a comeback, or are they being discontinued?

2) Speculation amongst collectors is running wild! While we know Hasbro likes to leep some things under wraps, at this time can you confirm or deny whether or not there will be a Vader's Secret Apprentice action figure released either in THE FORCE UNLEASHED wave, or as part of another wave in 2008?

3) With an Endor Luke released in 2006's The Saga Collection, an Endor Leia released in the 2007 Vintage line, and the Biker Scout released in Saga Legends, it seems like a golden time to release an Imperial Speeder Bike. Any plans?

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From The Private Universe:
1) So - what's it like working at Hasbro ? Are the walls lined with case-fresh, mint-on-card figures ? Is there a giant vault somewhere containing one of each item from the Star Wars line - past and present ? Does the coffee lounge have a giant toybox where you can test the products ? C'mon - it's got to be a dream job for a fan - right ?

2) There seems to be a distinct lack of a 'holiday' Star Wars figure for 2007 - did you take the hint from fans after the frankly poor ‘candy-apple' Vader last year ? Will we see this concept return ?

3) Given the amount of talented customisers out there, what are the skills you need to be a Hasbro action figure creator ? Product design ? Manufacturing ? Fine art ? Technical drawing ? Sculpture ?

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From Yakface:
1) Dear Hasbro, recently there has been some confusion as to the official designation for the Repaints/Replacement wave (Pax Bonkik, R2-B1, etc.) and the AOTC wave (Padme, Jango, etc).

Some sites/e-tailers/retailers call these wave 8 & 9 respectively while others label them 7.5 and 8. Which is correct and if the latter is true, what constitutes a .5 wave designation?

2) Dear Hasbro, first off, thank you for your continued support to all the collecting sites out there with these QNA exchanges, I hope they continue next year. Now to the question: The upcoming new Commander Gree has clearly raised the bar from an articulation standpoint with the added hip and wrist joints. With that, is it a safe bet that these articulation points will be added to any possible future Clone retools?(Bacara, Cody, standard E2/E3 clones etc.)

3) Since 2008 is the 25th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi, can you confirm if there are any ROTJ themed waves slated for release?

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From Yoda's News:
1) The comic 2-pks have went over real well apparently this year, and it looks like you have many more planned for next year. Hints and rumors of upcoming characters are exciting many collectors. But many also feel that the attempt to keep them at a $9.99 price point causes a problem with the quality of these exciting but half-done figures that won't get better versions down the road more than likely. I understand that every figure cannot be vintage quality, but the majority of these figures are well below basic figure quality. So would you consider raising the price on them to say $14.99 to be able to offer better made figures or are you bent on keeping the $9.99 price point at all cost?

2) Why the recent return of the hand held over sized weapons that shoot missles? I don't mind them if the "regular" guns come with the figures too (rebel vanguard) but I'd rather have another accessory/pack-in if possible. I do mind if that's the only gun for the figure as it seems that way in the AT-TE battle pack. Do these guns really draw in that many more kids?

3) I would like to know from Hasbro if there are any plans to do figures from the New Jedi Order series of books? I would really like to see something done with The Yuuzhan Vong, and the Jedi?

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