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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Action Figs:
1) What are the chances of getting stands or bases for the Indiana Jones figures, maybe as HasbroToyShop exclusives? Some of the figures (seems most notably the ones from KOTCS) have a hard time standing on their own without a lot of futzing.

2) Regarding the Indy line, photos have surfaced from Entertainment Earth of the Deluxe Mutt Williams w/ Motorcycle. The figure appears to come with sculpted-on sunglasses (which he never wore) yet without the hat that Mutt wore in the film. Will the actual production Deluxe set come with the hat? Was the figure based on film-inaccurate production stills or something similar?

3) Now that Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull has opened, some fans would like a full compliment of 13 Crystal Skeletons w/ thrones. Will we ever see the Skeleton w/ throne offered at mass retail, once the mail-in offer ends? Perhaps in a Deluxe 2-Pack, maybe with another army builder such as the Russian Soldier also from KotCS?

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WELCOME: From Bantha
1) Will we see characters from the upcoming Clone Wars animated movie/series made in the traditional realistically-styled (Legacy Collection or future) line? Is this dependent on the success of the Clone Wars animated line?

2) Everyone loves Boba Fett. Animated and McFett versions seemed to do well, and I’ve yet to find an Evolutions pack on the shelf, so clearly he’s a solid character choice for more version. What’s up next? The pre-production version that so many photos exist of that was the planned version to appear in ESB until it was stolen? The Pre-pro version with the eye-markings on the helmet as featured in the Chronicles book (which was also stolen)?

3) Pictures of the upcoming Imperial Pilots Evolutions set have recently been posted. Is there a possibility for a running change (similar to the Clonetroooper to Stormtrooper Evolutions set) which might include figures such as an AOTC-accurate yellow clone pilot, an ROTS-era clone pilot with different markings, and a generic TIE Pilot with a closed mask?

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From Cool Toy Review:
1) Checking out the SDCC exclusive Cobra Commander for G.I. Joe, the body looks suspiciously like the outfit worn by Donovan at the end of The Last Crusade. Is this in fact a sneak peek at this potential figure?

2) Will the hidden relics hidden inside the crates continue on into 2009? We love the added element of both the relic itself, and the crate it comes in is a nice way to build up Area 51 scenes.

3) For the Ultra Titanium Series fans: will Indy take a risk on die-cast vehicles in this scale?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) If Hasbro were designing the Spacetrooper figure that we see outside of The Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, would it be possible that the figure would have a removable helmet with Joe Johnston's likeness underneath? (Reference photos show him in the black body glove getting suited up for the scene, so it would be a nice nod to one of the heroes behind-the-scenes.)

2) Now that the Pandora's Box of The Clone Wars has opened up, might we see some of the cool concepts developed for Revenge of the Sith trickle into toy play? (Things like Plo Koon's wrist lightsaber thingie or an eye-patched Ki-Adi Mundi? Nobody said the injury was permanent, right? Bacta works miracles.)

3) Okay, the Comic-Con Exclusive Disturbance in the Force set looks cool. However, I believe there was mention in one of the previous Q&A sessions about the possibility of a second version, perhaps using the original sequence's Mutant Monkey-Eyed Emperor concept. There have also been various rumblings about "large-ish" items, including something you guys would like to re-do from the original Kenner line if the BMF Millennium Falcon and AT-TE do well. Could there be some sort of connection between the two? Mayhap a certain large, triangular ship that had a playset motif back in the day? Could that be a hypothetically feasible idea? Because, ya know, it'd be totally cool to have both versions of the Talking Floating Head scene. Hypothetically, of course.

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From Imperial Shipyards:
1) Seeing as a lot of people seem to like the old Kenner color scheme of Han Solo in his Hoth outfit (blue coat!), I'm wondering if there has ever been any thought to making more modern versions of characters based on the Kenner designed color schemes and costumes. You've made Blue Snaggletooth and Hoth Han, but there are still a lot of interesting choices out there as well: Greedo's all green Kenner outfit, Walrusman's orange and blue outfit with flippers, Hammerhead's blue shirt, Anakin Skywalker's grey Jedi robes, and Boba Fett's Kenner colors. These could be some fun variants for collectors thar are nostalgic about the good old days!

2) Assumimg we see a badly needed update for a hoth rebel soldier, any chance of seeing any more of the Echo base personnel to stand (and please sit as well) alongside our Carlist Rieken, Pharl McQuarrie, and Major Bren Derlin? Command center officers, hangar crew,and Taun taun stable hands would be fantastic. This is one military organization that is sadly under represented in the modern line thus far.

3) We've seen a boxed image of the new Dagger Squadron B-Wing, and it looks fantastic. Will there be a pilot included with this item, and if so, can we get a sneak peek at it?

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WELCOME: From Indiana Jones Collectors:
1) I know they originally said that the Last Crusade figures were due out in July, but now everywhere I look, it sounds like they'll be out sometime in June? When should we start to look for these on the pegs?

2) Well now that I have all of the 12" figures that are out, I'm anxiously awaiting the new batch!!! I know that Dovchenko will be released from KOTCS, but can you fill us in on what is next in the 12" line? I would love to see:

RAIDERS: Sallah, Belloq, Katanga, German mechanic
TEMPLE: Mola Ram, Chether Lal, Indy in tux, Thugee, Lao Che
CRUSADE: Henry Jones, Sr., Indy, Walter Donovan, Grail Knight
KOTCS: Irina Spalko, Mac, Ugha Warrior, Crystal Skeleton

Any scoop? Preview Pics? Updates?

3) We've heard talks of Indiana Jones Battle Packs. Which movies and or scenes will be represented in the battle packs? Will they be just standard figure battle packs, or can we expect other accessories like we see with some of the Star Wars Battle Packs. Opening of the Ark Battle Pack with Ark ghosts would be way cool!

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Pictures of many new Clone Wars Clone Trooper variants have been popping up lately. One surprise that we just have to ask about - a little birdie says in addition to the Vader/Emperor set, we might also be seeing a Clone Wars Clone Trooper Captain exclusive at SDCC. True? False?

2) The detectives out there found the instruction sheet for the TRU exclusive “Dagger Squadron” B-Wing on your website and a small pic of the ship leaked out this week. Since the instruction sheet mentions 4 different members of Dagger Squadron, can you pretty please tell us which pilot is included with the ship? And will they be in a red, white, gray, or orange flight suit?

3) I’m a huge, huge fan of the Mos Eisley “Cantina Monsters” (as my two little guys call them). I love to get those thirsty alien action figures, so I was wondering - just how excited am I going to get with the upcoming Legacy A New Hope wave? Are we talking just “2 cantina guys” excited or “holy crap - 4 figures including the worm lady” excited?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Rumors are that a Death Star playset is in the works. Can you confirm this and any details you could share for us on it?

2) Will Hasbro have a presence at Celebration Japan this year? Any exclusives planned for this show?

3) With all the clone figures Hasbro has made over the years, is there any chance of doing some type of checklist poster showing them all off?

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1) Would you consider the idea of revisiting electronics (similar to the Power FX Range from the mid 90's) or even speech (from the Episode I figures) by way of a small concealed button on the back of a figure that activates the feature? Obviously these features would add to the cost, in what is already a price sensitive market, but may also add to the appeal for younger fans in term of playability.

2) Many people would like to see all the Pod Racers created along with their respective vehicles but I'm guessing this is probably unlikely, even in the long term (please correct me if I'm wrong). However, have you considered doing something along the lines of the trophy assortment though that would allow you to package each Pod Racer with a smaller version of their racing vehicle? This would make a great assortment (including those Pod Racers already released) and satisfy a lot of fans.

3) Us fans are always keen to read the rumours that circulate around the internet about potential figures, vehicles and, dare I say it, playsets. Is it frustrating to have your plans leaked (like with the new Millennium Falcon), or maybe can you use it to your advantage as a marketing tool to help generate interest among the fans and raise the level of expectation and to determine demand?

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NEW: From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) It's interesting to periodically ask the staff at Hasbro what characters they happen to be lobbying for as the line continues to be planned. Can we press the Hasbro staff for their own wishlists of OT and PT characters that they'd like to get into the 2009 line?

2) Thus far we've only seen a single wave of figures from THE CLONE WARS line. While that wave presents some major characters, there are some obvious ommissions in the lineup considering all of the characters we've seen in glimpses of the upcoming movie & television series. We know you'd love to tell us who some of the characters are in subsequent waves, and maybe even give us a look at a figure like say...Ahsoka Tano, who appears to be a significant player! And how soon after the iniitial wave can we expect a followup wave of figures?

3) We've been getting indications that there's an A NEW HOPE wave on the way as part of THE LEGACY COLLECTION later on this year. And Hasbro has openly confirmed figures like Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear, previously mentioned Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper gear, and hinted about a Commander Praji figure. Will this wave be themed around A NEW HOPE as a whole, including things like Cantina characters along with Death Star or Rebel themed characters, or can we expect a more focused theme centering on a specific focus from within the movie?

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NEW: From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Has there been any talks at Hasbro about cross-pollination or unification of their various properties outside of transformers hybrids or Mighty Muggs? Among Indiana Jones, GI Joe, and Star Wars, each property can benefit from each other's strengths. I would love to see GI Joe's articulation with Star Wars' character selection and discriminating detail (scale, overall correct body proportion, and vintage accuracy) and Indiana Jones' "collect them all" secret gimmick inserts, removable hands, original adventure diaramas, and brilliant vehicle/rider execution. As children, my brother and I loved playing with all of my toys in one imaginary universe. Joe, Super Powers, et al. It's one company, and I know budgets vary, but any chance of this happening?

2) So, the comic packs are a success in my books. As an EU fan, the inclusion of these packs actually kept me continuing to purchase figures. That said, I realized that perhaps there is more potential for the comic packs than one would consider.

As it stands right now, an approximate retail of $9.99 gets you 2 figures and a comic. But as great as this is, fans are forgetting what $9.99 also used to get us, i.e. deluxe-sized vehicles and accessory packs. So to cut to the chase... How about some comic packs that rather than focus on 2 characters, focus on characters and their vehicles or some other large accessory, or perhaps larger EU characters that are too big for conventional packaging? The potential for it is there, the best example being Jix from Shadows of the Empire. His swoop has already been made (although given to a nameless thug that was produced in-house), and EU fans often have him and other SotE characters listed high on their want lists. Some other examples:

- Boba Fett (Cam Kennedy style) and Speeder Bike from Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda
- Dash Rendar and swoop from Shadows of the Empire
- Big Gizz from and swoop from Shadows of the Empire
- Ry-Kooda and his little kronie from Boba Fett: When the Fat Lady Swings
- Celeste Morne and the Sith Torture chamber (plus the locker containing it) from the current Vector mini-series.

3) Three of the most prominent main characters in the expanded universe novels are young female human padawans: Etain (Republic Commando), Starstone (Darth Vader: Rise of the Dark Lord), and Scout (Yoda: Dark Rendezvous). We have never seen a young human female padawan that could be used to fill the role of any of these important characters. Will we ever see a generic female padawan figure? Also, what about human male younglings, such as the ones Anakin kills in Revenge of the Sith? We've had youngling figures in the past, but they were aliens.

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1) Dear Hasbro, why is the hair on the upcoming Clone Wars Commander Rex figure white? He is a clone of Jango Fett, correct? If he isn't a clone, is there an explanation coming?

2) First of all, I would just like to say that I really liked the vintage line and I hope that you will be bringing it back soon. Now for the question. Over the past couple Q&A's there have been questions from various sites about new figures from the Ewoks and Droids TV series. I agree that I would like to see some of these, but I understand that they probably wouldn't appeal to everyone. Since you said that they wouldn't be in a basic figure line, could these possibly work better in a Vintage line? I may be wrong here, but I'm guessing that the appeal of the vintage line is mostly to older collectors who remember buying figures back in the '70's and '80's, but not so much to kids because of the higher pricepoint and not having the nostalgia factor for them. Vintage could also be a good place to release a few figures from some of the other TV shows like the Ewok movies and maybe some cantina aliens from the Holiday Special. All of these would be figures that would appeal a lmost exclusively to adult collectors, so what better place to put them than in an EU branch of the Vintage line! But if you don't think this could work, could you please give us a hint as to where these kinds of figures could possibly appear someday?

3) Any chance of seeing a clean version of the X-Wing in the $20 vehicles line any time soon? This is one of the most iconic vehicles of the OT and all we have seen of it the last couple of years is the ToysRUs exclusive Dagobah version which is dirty. With several X-Wing pilots coming out I for one would like more X-Wings for them to fly.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) For years, fans have wanted a resizing/upgrading of the Millennium Falcon and, HOORAY!, now Hasbro has delivered one. Hypothetically, under ideal circumstances, what other vehicles would Hasbro consider resizing/upgrading? What would it take, under this train of thought, for Hasbro to resize the AT-AT, for example?

2) The recent Clone Trooper and Rebel Trooper role-play blasters are pretty cool. With that in mind, will Hasbro be offering more role-play weapons such as all-new sculpts of Han's blaster, the Stormtrooper blaster (with more accurate size and folded stock under the barrel), Biker Scout pistol, and perhaps even larger ones like the Hoth Rebel rifle and Clone Trooper long rifle? (Please discuss the specific possibilities of each of the examples in this question.)

3) With 2 of the finalists in the most recent Saga Legends fans choice poll being from the Battle of Geonosis - Pablo-Jill and Coleman Trebor - might Hasbro consider releasing a second Battlepack focused on the Geonosis Arena battle containing those 2 figures? Pablo-Jill could use some actual leg articulation and this would be a good time to add it to the figure, you could also include a retooled Nikto Jedi (his actual name is Fi-ek Sirch) since he was in the scene but the figure was nearly unarticulated, and of course the prerequisite core characters that each Battlepack needs. This would make a nice counterpart to the first Geonosis Battlepack, plus it'd get some popular figures re-released.

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UPDATE: From Star Wars Action News:
1) We know that in '09 we will be seeing a Kyle Kattarn figure in a comic pack. Given that this is likely from the comic Equals and Opposites, might we be getting our first Yuuzhan Vong figure in that pack as well?

2) is often the last oasis for the desperate who cannot find one of more figures in stores, but I've not seen updates there for the final five Saga Legends figures. Given their scarcity in stores, might be getting those soon?

3) Is there a chance that still in '08 we might see a release of a Jumptrooper that comes with a jet pack?

4) Recently we have noticed an increased number of limbs and heads popping off of our Star Wars figures. And not just during actual play, but by simply taking the figures out of the package. We have also noticed an increased number of bendy guns, that seem to be made out of a cheaper plastic, and fragile lightsabers that are not straight and sometimes snap when being removed from their plastic shells on the cardbacks.

Compared to the vintage line 30 years ago, and even to the POTF2 line 10 years ago, the figures in the basic lines now seem to be made with less quality materials, and yet we are still being charged more for them. With your recent statements urging consumers to purchase toys at the full price and not waiting for clearance prices, how can you justify such a stance when the product we are getting is of a lesser quality?

5) Recently several sites have revealed some advanced pics of various clone Repaints in the Clone Wars series (including Commander Fox and Trooper). Does Hasbro have any plans to release these decos on Clone figures with the realistic styling for those fans who like the paint schemes, but aren't as keen on the Animated asthetics of the Clone Wars line of figures (and who want some consistency in the base armor of their troopers)?

6) There seem to be lots of complaints in our community regarding the Play Rewards program. People getting less in rewards than they were owed with what they sent in, or being told they didn't qualify at all. In a perfect world everyone would have Xeroxed everything they sent in, but most didn't and, as such, are frustrated with the results. What is your response to the complaints of these frustrated individuals?

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From SW Collector:
1) Maris Brood ... looks cool as a figure, but was there any hesitation over her rather skimpy top? There have been characters with more revealing outfits made into STAR WARS figures, true, but given the grief some toy companies have received over scantily-clad female action figures (Jean Grey and Storm from the first X-MEN film being a recent example), did the figure cause any concerns at Hasbro?

2) We had a 300th figure Boba Fett and a 500th Figure Darth Vader. With a 1000th figure already surpassed, are such numbering milestones a thing of the past, or can we look foward to a 1500th figure Special Edition?

3) The Sith Legacy Evolutions set seems primed for a sequel, now that Darth Zannah was revealed on the cover of DARTH BANE: THE RULE OF TWO. It could also be a great opportunity to introduce figures of Darth Bandon and a Sith Trooper from KOTOR I & II. While some might argue the characters are too obscure, it seems just about anything KOTOR or Sith-related is popular, true?

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1) Normally figures with snap-on armor are not something I care for (due to the compromised articulation and the often non-neutral pose) but I was very happy with the recent TAC Jango Fett with removeable armor. He had great articulation, a totally neutral arm and leg pose, and thin snap-on armor that didn't "bulk up" the overall figure. Great job Hasbro! I am now wondering (requesting) if we might get a similar Boba Fett with the same quality articulation and thin armor somewhere down the road?

Also, I wasn't so happy with the red fatigues training clone which actually retained many of the issues which originally soured me on removable armor figures: lack of articulation, a bizarre non-neutral leg pose, and an inability to sit (and have lunch with his fellow clones!). I realize the odds are slim in the immediate future, but will Hasbro revisit this character and give him SA and soft skirt piece? I would have loved to have bought a few training clones to make a Kamino diorama but this current version didn't really make the cut.

2) Previously you mentioned that the comic book-style coloring in the Marvel packs was something that was popular with customers. However, I think that the reaction on a few forums to the upcoming Fenn Shysa and Tobbi figures, as well as to the red-cape Lando with blue-arms Stormtrooper would suggest that this niche approach can be adhered to a little too overzealously by Hasbro. There have indeed been some neat figures to come out of this style: the white R2-D2, the Marvel Boba Fett, and purple RA-7. But then we also have seen blue-tinted Stormtrooper Luke/Han (which you did eventually reissue without the blue) and now Day-Glo green and orange Fenn and Tobbi.
It's worth noting that R2 and Boba are desirable because they are neat variants of already-existing figures that were available in the realistic paintjobs FIRST but collectors complain bitterly when unique figures like Stormtrooper Luke and Han which some have waited for a long time, show up first in non-realistic styles.

And worse, when characters like Fenn and Tobbi, which might never be released again, are seemingly only going to be shipped in really ugly green and oranges when it'd be more desirable for Hasbro to take an approach similar to the Animated Debut Boba Fett: faithful to the source, but not overly saturated and cartoonish. If Hasbro simply said: "Don't worry, we will indeed release Fenn and Tobbi in more realistic style in a few months after" this would probably alleviate some complaints (regardless of how much I want these characters, I would not buy the comic book paint versions even if a realistically-painted versions were never to come, so Hasbro loses a sale by only offering this version). Some choices are also a bit odd: why blue-arm Stormtroopers? As much as I'd love to buy a red-caped Lando, I am stopped by the fact that I'd end up with an odd Stormtrooper that doesn't fit in with my existing army builders of Stormies, and am thus paying a premium for a Lando figure that typically ends up pegwarming. The blue-armed trooper causes Hasbro to lose out a sale.

Given all this, why not simply make it policy that we will always get a running change from comic to realistic paintjobs for these Marvel packs (which are cheap to do since it's just a repaint) and guarantee a sale from customers such as myself who normally won't buy the comic-book styled figures? Or with a character as popular as Lumiya, you'd probably sell both versions to someone like myself.

3) I was wondering if Hasbro will ever do a remake of anakin as a boy. A super articulated one that comes with his pod racing helmet and and seethreepio w/ head and torso?

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From The Private Universe:
1) Images of the Toys R Us exclusive Dagger squadron B-Wing fighter are popping up online, with speculation of what figures may be due also, can you give us anything more concrete to whet our appetites for more EU figures?

2) Have you considered the opening scene in the Temple of Doom, for a possible 2009 wave? I think a Tux Indy, Lao Che and his sons and Willie in her performance outfit would fit in great with this fantastic line! Just curious if this is on your radar.

3) A mock up of the long rumored Disturbance at the Lars Homestead has turned up. Now this mock up is showing the POTF 2 Owen Lars, is the Owen going to be replaced with a new one? That mold is old and doesn't hold up compared to the new figures. Is the igloo dome plastic and does it have a
removable top or anything inside? Finally, can you possibly through in the crispy Owen and Beru skeletons in there as an accessory? After all, you have released skeletons and crispy characters before (Amanaman's accessory and Sith Anakin)
Thanks again for letting us have the opportunity to ask questions.

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From Toy News International:
1) Will there be a Indiana Jones figure in civi prof clothes released for the 3 3/4" line?

2) Any chance of doing 6" Indiana Jones figures in the future?

3) We've seen Temple Of Doom Adventure Heroes, when can we expect to see 3 3/4" ones?

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From Well of the Souls:
1) You have indicated plans for one wave from each movie for this year. Will future waves in 09 (and beyond) continue to be broken down by movie or will there be a mixture? Which brings me to another point: there seems to be some concern about the actual "longevity" of this Indy line. I'm sure that you would like to have at least 1 Indy figure in every wave that gets released, regardless of movie theme or even if it branched out into EU territory like books/comics/video games/etc. Indy would still have to be the "anchor" of the wave. However, Indy is pretty much a one trick pony, as he simply wears the same classic jacket/fedora in every appearance, with only a few minor changes every now and then. How many times can you expect to keep putting out basically the same Indy figure wave after wave, or do you have something in mind that will change it up? And please, no more action features! How many waves do you see this line achieving before you start to run out of characte rs and have to really start scraping the bottom of the barrel? Unfortunately this isn't a franchise like Star Wars or G I Joe that has literally hundreds of characters.

2) Question about the pegholes in the feet... they seem to be around the same size as the Star Wars/GI Joe pegs, but yet those stands don't seem to fit in there. Why the change in size? And do you plan to release some kind of stands for these? Along those same lines, can collectors expect some kind of protective cases eventually?

3) With 4 waves of figures confirmed for 2008, do you have anything else coming out this year? Any other surprises in store? And how many figures can we expect year to year? Also, do you have plans to stagger the Indy and Star Wars releases somewhat, since a lot of people who buy one line will buy the other?

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From Yakface:
1) Dear Hasbro, the Droid Factory Han Solo and R-3PO 2-packs have made it into the hands of collectors most recently due to its availability on Wal-mart's website. Interestingly, loose images of R-3PO have surfaced (on The showing a vac-metalized finish while many people (including myself) have a purely red molded version. Can you confirm or dispel the existence of the vac-metal version being produced or is the non-vac version the "official" product?

2) Dear Hasbro, what procedural checks/sign offs do figures go through to ensure that figures include the right accessories, namely the proper matching of lightsabers to their characters or do you hope things like this go unnoticed to kids or the "casual" collectors?

Errors seemed to have plagued Luke Skywalker figures in particular:

VTSC X-Wing Pilot:
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Vader's hilt) attached to belt

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) from TAC ESB Commemorative Tin
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Vader's hilt)

TAC#12 Yavin Ceremony:
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Vader's hilt) attached to belt
- Running change to fake proper lightsaber by repainting wrong sculpt (Vader hilt)

TAC#18 Moisture Farmer:
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Anakin's Episode II hilt) attached to belt

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) from TRU Exclusive Hoth Patrol Battle Pack:
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Vader's hilt)

Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) from Target Exclusive Battle of Hoth Battle Pack:
- Wrong ignited lightsaber (Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber)

X-Wing Pilot from Wal-Mart Droid Factory 2 Pack:
- Wrong sculpt hilt (Vader's hilt) attached to belt

3) What's the rationale behind including a repaint of the AOTC pilot in the new Imperial Pilots Evolution Set? Wouldn't something of that nature be better suited for a Battle Pack or is it a new sculpt? The reason I find this frustrating is it seems a V-Wing pilot would be great for this set; especially considering that we already have a V-Wing, but no pilots for it as of yet.

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From Yoda's News:
1) I'm really excited about the upcoming Padme releases. The Evolutions set looks awesome, and the updated Snowbunny Padme is sure to be a winner in the eyes of fans everywhere!

If these Padme releases do well, do you have any more Padmes in the holding tank? This is one character in the Prequel Trilogy that is shown wearing more outfits than I have pairs of underwear in my dresser at home! What I would most specifically like to see is some kind of collector's set or other where she could be sculpted in some various senatorial type of outfits, since we don't have any Senator Amidala figures to date. And being that Leia is her daughter, I would really love to see her released with the "buns" hair style she sports in ROTS. Do I hope too much?

2) Pictures have recently surfaced showing some of the later 2008 figures on the new Legacy Collection packaging, numbered GH#. What is the criteria to make it as a Greatest Hit figure and how do they differ form the Saga Legends? Will these 'Greatest Hits' figures be packaged in the same case assortment as the Legacy Collection basic figures?

3) Will the packaged "Build A Droid" droid parts be completely random, or will each figure come with a specific part?

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