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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Action Figs:
1) Many collectors are noticing that the Indiana Jones line of figures seems to be sitting around at stores and not moving as well as hoped. A glut of product seems to be preventing new figures from coming in, and many fans are worried that the line may be cut short as a result, despite the fact that you've announced that you have plans for 2009. Also, with late July came the return of Star Wars which limits the peg space available for the Indy line. Are the results of how this line is selling having an affect on its future?

2) Given the focus on Rebel pilots and droids lately, would you consider hitting two birds with one stone and releasing two-packs of Rebel pilots with their corresponding astromech droids? This would be a good way to sell otherwise similar-looking pilots and get their droids at the same time, and also would be a good opportunity to finally update that underwhelming Red Leader figure and his cardboard droid from the 2003 X-wing.

3) A few times in Q&A's history, you've suggested collectors submit their local stores' pegwarming data to you so Hasbro store reps can get these problems fixed. Some of the stores did show signs of improvement in this department, but others still suffered old TSC pegwarmers (Moff Jerjerrod is pretty consistent) and showed absolutely no signs of moving for nearly two years (until they were clearanced before the Clone Wars/Legacy Collection SKU reset), and the reports on these were coming in from all over the country. What, if anything, was done on your part to fix the problem, and what will be done in the future? When these issues arise again (as they likely will, since they often have), will we just have to wait several years until pegwarmers go on clearance when the line resets again (which doesn't always happen)? If nothing else, having several Hasbro Star Wars pegs filled up with very old product is going to hamper sales of newer product, hurting your business and hindering collectors' ability to get new figures, right?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Remember those Disney exclusive Star Tours figures from 2002-2004? Have there been any discussions about repaints or reissues of any of the droid sculpts into the basic line? Repaints of the R5-D2 and DL-X2 would both make for nice background droids at some point if you're looking to fill a Pilot/Droid themed Battle Pack or something.

2) Hypothetical question - let’s say that in one of the Star Wars movies, there’s a scene where the main characters go into a local establishment looking for a space ship ride. Then let’s say that in this establishment there are two female characters who look eerily similar to one another. What could the collector/fan base do to get those “eerily similar looking generic female patrons” made into 3.75” figures?

3) Chewbacca - he’s everyone’s favorite wookiee (well, he’s my favorite wookiee anyway). He’s got it pretty good - a life filled with plenty of adventure, taking on Kessel Runs and such with his best pal Han Solo. Sounds like a good life, right? Wrong! He’s lonely! He misses his family! When, O when will Chewie finally have a 3.75” family to go home to? He needs his Malla!

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Alright guys, I think we've finally worn you down. There was a time when we were told large scale vehicles and playsets don't typically sell well and leave a "footprint" on retail shelves. Fast forward and the BMF is already showing up around the web to an overwhelmingly positive reception, mouths are watering over the coming AT-TE, and you've even got a playset lined up for the Indiana Jones line.

Granted scenes and playsets are more integral to the Indiana Jones universe but if the Akator Temple playset performs well, would that increase the likelihood of seeing more large scale playsets over in the Star Wars brand?

That aside, are there any plans for further deluxe vehicles around the size of the AT-TE and BMF down the pipeline? Just tell me who to bribe to get an Imperial Star Destroyer in the works!

2) Dear Hasbro, please include more of the built-in displays that have been coming out with certain vehicles within the last few years. Really have enjoyed the new Y-wing and the recent Zev Seneska snowspeeder. Please keep 'em coming.

3) Any chance of seeing a Admiral Daala figure, or perhaps a Lumiya? There's definitely a shortage of female figures in the Star Wars Universe, updated Bespin Leia with the new articulation would be nice as well.

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1) Whilst not necessarily a UK centric question I spend a lot of time in Canada and have noticed that for the most part (the BMF being a very notable exception), what is in the stores is usually a couple of waves behind the US and even the UK. Given the Great White North's proximity to the US, what is the reason for this and is it ever likely to change?

2) We've seen a few images of the new Greatest Hits figures. Can you please give us details of what figures will make up the first wave(s) of the Greatest Hits figures and when these are likely to hit shelves?

3) With regards the Disney Star Wars crossover figures (e.g. Mickey Mouse as Anakin and Stitch as Emperor), what involvement (if any) does Hasbro have with the production of these or are they made by another 3rd party for Disney? Also, apart from the box set of existing Star Tours figures that was recently released for the Disney Star Wars Weekends, will there be any new figures released in this line?

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) We've been seeing some rumblings around the collecting community about the Vintage Figure concept. Rumors of figure lineups for later this year or beyond. And further indications that the concept might be extended to the Prequel era. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, if that is the case, what OT characters might we expect? And how would Hasbro approach packaging a premium style PT figure - on the classic Kenner-Star Wars style card, or on a reproduction of the PT style cardbacks?

2) Deluxe Figures have been a prominent part of the Indiana Jones line and indications seem to be that a Deluxe Figure line might be on the way for Clone Wars. What kind of offerings might we expect in a Clone Wars Deluxe Figure line, and will the concept carry over to the Legacy Collection?

3) We've seen a trend over the past several years where most of the OT hero vehicles (X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Rebel fighters, etc) have been upgraded. And they've been upgraded to the point where most of them are no longer in the accessible $20 price point that the assault vehicles occupy. Certainly the PT Jedi Starfighters still fit in this range, but with the Delta 7 being updated, can we expect those to stay at a $20 price point? And can we expect any more OT hero vehicles at that same price point any time soon?

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1) I brought my first Mighty Mugg last month, a Commander Cody. These are a great idea but I was wondering what the story is with the square peg hole in the base of his right foot. What is the peg holes purpose? Are these for some future release of some base environments? or maybe for inclusion of some electronic features? Please resolve this 'Round Peg in the Square Hole' question.

2) Recently an image of the promotional poster featuring all the 2008 Basic figures was posted on an internet site. This revealed exactly what we will be seeing as part of Wave 3 & 4 of The Legacy Collection. Of note is Wave 4 (ROTS) and it's 'anchor' figure - a correctly scaled General Grevious.
Firstly, thank-you very much for this. Secondly, what can we expect from the figure? i.e. articulation, accessories, etc. It image on the poster also shows that the figure will have 'four' arms, will we get alternate arms like with the CLONE WARS version? If not, was the figure designed in such a way that you could easily make the 'alternate' arms sometime down the road? Also, will he fit in his Starfighter comfortably or is he a tighter fit than previous versions?

3) With the Clone Wars having such a strong kid focus, and with the creation of such a Huge Millennium Falcon playset, (assume how well it sells thru)...What are the chances that we may see some larger playset created? These could be either battlefield style interlocking pieces depicting different planets depicted in the Clone Wars show or maybe larger ships such as Star Destroyers or even, to appease us 'old timers', playset sections of the Death Star. Having a whole new bunch of figures to play from such an dynamic show sure would warranty some playset development?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Will we ever see the out-of-scale Ewoks Wicket, Paploo, and Teebo redone

2) Now that the WED Droid has been anounced, the only remaining droid from the Purchase of the Droids scene in ANH is 2X-7KPR. Any chance of seeing him in the next year or two, hopefully with a new SA Uncle Owen from ANH? Owen is the only character released in this scene that sorely needs an update

3) You've previously mentioned that you are working on a Jabba the Hutt figure in the animated Clone Wars style. Given that we've been waiting for a really well sculpted ROTJ Jabba AND the fact that he's so difficult to slot into the line due to his size, why not take this opportunity to just give us a ROTJ sculpt Jabba which the kids can incorporate into their play pattern as a CW Jabba? I doubt that the kids would complain that Jabba wasn't in an animated style

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1) What are the chances of seeing some more AOTC padmes made? (I'd love to see senator amidala in her senatorial robes with her hair back in that sort of cone shaped hairdo from palpatines office, and padme in the yellowish outfit from the naboo meadow scene. Any hope for these?

2) Now that we have a mold for a C-3po (throne) that people like and the ability for a r2 that can be used( retractable leg) How about a two pack of our favorite duo from EP 4? Dirty with jawa restaints and an escape pod?

3) Wedge Antilles is one of the top secondary characters of the OT having survived all 3 movies. How come he has never appeared in the regular carded line? He is definitely one who would be a good candidate for an updated X-Wing body. Or since I dont believe he has been made as a Snowspeeder pilot, how about on the new Snowspeeder body that Wes Janson uses? Also keep the removable helmets on the X-Wing pilots but get rid of the hooded heads.

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) In the latest trailer of Clone Wars animation, there is a sighting of Jabba's Sail Barge. Assuming the upcoming AT-TE and Millennium Falcon sell well, what would the chances be of getting a Sail Barge toy with its appearance in both the cartoon and being a key action segment of the first half of Return of the Jedi? I mean, it could help sell Clone Wars figures and OT figures, in ROTJ alone nearly every major hero is battling on it or right next to it, and it features one of the most well-known Star Wars characters ever, Jabba the Hutt, so you have tons of character recognition and interaction, plus animation support, and those battle elements (cannons, flying Fett, explosions) lend it some "aggressive" action. Any of that help its chances, help clear the filters that have been holding it back so far which you mentioned when asked about this piece before?

2) Why is it that the Y-wing mold was altered for a dedicated astromech droid dome, making it impossible to insert a droid figure? Might the Y-wing mold ever be remolded to once again accept droid figures into a droid slot?

3) How far do you plan on taking the animated-style Clone Wars line? Will it continue indefinitely with a new stream of figures through the run of the show, or will it be more limited and spread out like the previous 2004-2005 line of animated figures?

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1) We have seen several large vehicles such as the AT-TE and the Millennium Falcon, will we ever see a sail barge

2) How is midnight madness going to work in the United States and will the holo Grievous be available?

3) Are there any plans for non-animated Clone Wars figures from the movie?

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From SW Collector:
1) Does the upcoming Legacy Collection General Grievous (BD #25) figure come with a cape? If so, is it plastic or softgoods? Does the figure itself have interchangeable arms, as "The Clone Wars" version does?

2) The Build-a-Droid C-3PX's shoulders are ball-jointed, similar to 4-LOM's. Could a similar design be used to produce a movie-accurate ROTS armored Darth Vader, with the shoulder armor covering the ball-joints the way the two droids' shoulder-caulings do?

3) Any idea on how soon we might see AOTC/ROTS-accurate figures of Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun Lars?

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1) I've noticed that the new Homing Spider seems a bit "short", that is the spherical pod seems to be resting a little too close to ground level when compared to the film version. In the clips that I've seen the distance from the underside of the pod (including the cannon) to the ground seems to be high enough that a Super Battle Droid could stand just under the pod. In the toy however, that distance is far less, maybe half the height of the SBD. Is there any way to adjust the height higher or will Hasbro tweak it so that the pod will be raised higher as it is connected to its legs?

2) There was previous mention by Hasbro of a ROTJ style Rancor based on the recent TFU Target exclusive Rancor mold. Is this still coming, and will it come with a newly sculpted Malakili, the Rancor Keeper? This figure is long overdue for an update and packing him in with the Rancor seems to be the best way to prevent him from pegwarming.

3) Was there any reason why it was not possible to have a passageway that connects the BMF's cockpit to the rest of the ship's crew area? Was it a structural issue or a cost-saving measure?

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From Yakface:
1) After receiving two Evolution Figures, Darth Maul seems to still lack something – Ball Jointed Knees*. He does all sorts of acrobats, he would definitely deserve it. Have you ever considered resculpt the legs of the 2nd Evolution Darth Maul for Ball Joints - and giving him a detailed soft-goods shirt along with his well deserved Flared Double (Breakable) Saber?

2) Dear Hasbro, in past Q&As you have occasionally commented on upcoming items saying how the community would be pleased once said items were revealed, with remarks such as "Stay tuned, we think you'll be pleased with what we have in store."

As such, have you ever created an item which your team thought was great, expecting the community to agree, but were instead surprised to find the community up in arms about it?

Likewise, have you ever created something you thought was sub-par, and gotten a much better reaction than you expected?

Can you share any anecdotes about such items?

3) Dear Hasbro, could you clarify some of the figures on the new 2008 Legacy poster that was recently revealed? The Saleucami Clone Trooper figure looks to be a repack of Commander Neyo (aside from the reduced weathering). Is this the figure we'll be getting, or will it actually be the other Clone from the Treachery on Saleucami Battle Pack? Also, will the Holographic Transmission Count Dooku include the lightsaber with the painted hilt or with it be unpainted like previous holographic figure accessories? And finally, what type of articulation will those new RA-7 models have? Will they be on par with the C-3PX B.A.D. figure or more like the previous RA-7 molds (without knee, elbow and ankle articulation?

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From Yoda's News:
1) It seems like many stores put out the Clone Wars and Legacy figures weeks in advance of the street date. Some even went as far (by mistake, I assume) to put them on the clearance section. This seemed like the biggest leak of any line thus far, we used to see a few slip by here and there but with this latest wave it seems like every day a new
report came in of people finding them and buying them. Does Hasbro track these stores and if so, what happens to them? It's nice for those who are able to get them early, but it also is a big disappointment for those of us waiting for the 7/26 events to show up and see that the hard to find or first day foils are all gone because a store sold them out the first week of July.

2) We have already heard that the 2008 lineup of FX Sabers will be previously released sabers. This leads to a 2 part question. One is when can we expect to see a new design in 2009 and who's saber will it be?

3) Do you have any plans to re-visit the 12" line with the Clone Wars Series or is that something that would still fall under another company?

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From Cool Toy Review:
1) Will you be revising your case distributions to make Dr. Henry Jones easier to find and get the wave 1 and 2 figures out of the wave 3 cases (they are overflowing the displays at 4 local Targets, 1 ToysRUs, 3 Meijers, and 6 WalMarts)?

2) What are the chances of seeing a Circus Train set from the Last Crusade in the Titanium line, perhaps as an exclusive? I was also wondering if there will be anything from the Temple of Doom in the Titanium line? It was left out of the first waves, but I also don't see many options from the film so I was wondering what possibilities there might be.

3) Do you have plans to make a Marcus Brody figure in 2009?

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From Indiana Jones Collectors:
1) Recently a Indiana Jones "tank" with 3 figures appeared in the ToysRus computer, would this be the tank from the last crusade?

2) Marcus Brody is a pretty important character in the Indiana Jones lore, will we be seeing a 3.75 inch figure of him in 2009?

3) Will we be seeing an ARK Ghost in the 3.75" figure lineup?

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From Toy News International:
1) With the Indiana Jones movie come and gone now, will it be difficult to keep retailers interested in stocking this line with nothing like a movie promoting it externally? Already readers are complaining that the Last Crusade wave is next to impossible to find. Is Hasbro taking steps to address this and can they insure consumers that both the Last Crusade and Temple of Doom figures will see as good a distribution as the Raiders and Crystal Skull waves did?

2) Any thought of doing some type of deluxe 3 3/4" ARK toy that lights up or has sounds. Something the really re-creates the opening of the Ark scene from the first movie?

3) Will we see a Marcus Brody figure released?

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From Well of the Souls:
1) Will there be another KOTCS wave for the DVD release?... Ray Winstone's character and Marion seem noticably absent.

2) Any chance for Short Round's car or any of aircraft used in the films? How about the elephants?

3) Can you give us any info about any characters that are being looked at for 09 yet? How about a 3 3/4" Ark Ghost seeing as how the Adventure Heroes line has one?. Or Lao Che and his sons, from the Temple of Doom? Vogel in black uniform? Indy in German disguise (from Raiders OR Last Crusade)? Donovan? German Mechanic?

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