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So many questions, so little space... Many other Star Wars collecting sites also submitted questions you need answered, so if you want to know the latest answers from this week's Hasbro Star Wars Bi-Weekly Q&A Session, here's a handy guide to help you get all the info.

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From Action Figs:
1) This question comes up quite a bit, so here goes. With the Indiana Jones line, will you be making another deluxe German Motorcycle, one that comes with a sidecar and perhaps Henry Jones sr.? Good way to reuse a few molds and get something new and desired into collectors hands, and it looks like the motorcycle we currently have was designed to accommodate a sidecar.

2) From the Indy line, any plans for more Marion Ravenwood figures such as Marion in white dress, Marion from the bar scene, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Marion? It'd be a good chance to work on the character's likeness, which the current figure doesn't capture all that well.

3) A great debate is now raging in the halls of Star Wars collectordom over your battle damaged Darth Vader figure from The Force Unleashed, some folks dig it while others revile it for various reasons. While most of the disagreements can be chalked up to differences in points of view (like why Vader's mask eye lens is well above his human eye, what's up with that?), there's one aspect to the figure which nobody can fathom: Vader's left foot. Granted, Vader got really tore up here, but why did that make his foot noticeably bigger than the boot on his right foot, isn't this left foot supposed to go IN the boot? What's the reasoning for this (real-world justification?), and what's your in-universe excuse (TARDIS boot?)?

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From Cool Toy Review:
1) Will the Mail-Away Redemption Crystal Skeleton with Throne figure be carded just like(or similar to) the regular retail line of figures, or will it simply be white mailer-boxed? Dan's Note: In fact, this figure's packaging was revealed earlier today.

2) Is there a chance that we will get the boulder trap from the Chachapoyan temple scene in ROTLA? That would make an awesome playset, or perhaps a "build a playset" series. It's an iconic Indy action scene!

3) After seeing Indy IV, I noticed that most of the Russians (if not all of them) did not wear a garrison cap (or Pilotka as I think they call it) whereas your version of the soldier has one. Since they all wore some sort of newsboy cap in the film, do you plan to release a new version of the soldier with a more movie-accurate headgear (perhaps as a Deluxe 2-pack, like the German soldiers pack)?

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From Galactic Hunter:
1) In the last Q&A on another website you indicated that the Droid Factory count is now up to 18 figures (10 astromechs and 8 protocol droids). Does this number include the already-assembled droids in the Wal*Mart Droid Factory sets, or are we actually getting 18 build-a-droids in the basic line now in addition to the Wal*Mart sets? Can you break down how many droids are expected in each remaining Build-A-Droid wave, because the math doesn't seem to make sense compared to previous information you've given.

2) The Bonus Clone Gear pack-ins seem like a great idea. Is there more than one accessory in the lockers, and will there be a variety of different accessories (binoculars, weaponry, bonus armor, alternate helmets)? Also, is there any chance that we might get something else to plug into the slots on our Clone Troopers' backs? (The antennae are great, but surely a hovering Hunter Droid or something else would be welcomed!)

3) We know that Hasbro has looked at (and exercised) many different ways to bring us Jabba The Hutt, but, to date, there hasn't been an update for his throne/dais since the vintage Kenner years. With his key role in the Clone Wars animation, is it possible we'll see an animated Jabba The Hutt with the more realistic stone dais? (It has the "realistic" look like the vehicles in the animation.) And what would be the chances of getting the roasting spit with Jerba meat to cook in the background? (If you're going to do it, we Jabbaholics are a greedy bunch. Taxidermied Tauntaun and Jerba heads; rip-apart Gamorrean Guards; and a the odd skulls and bones to scatter around our Rancor pits -- all are welcomed.)

4) Also, please note from the forums because they're just adamant about this:
"And for clarity, here's the count as of last night. The Carbondale, IL Wal*Mart still has 21 yellow Naboo Soldiers & 14 black Endor Soldiers. [That's] almost 5 pegs (out of 8 total for basic SW figures) are figures that are almost 2 years old now." — Could someone send a Hasbro Retail Rep out there to round those up? We have no idea where Carbondale, IL is, but we're sure it's an important market. Is there going to be any sort of culling old stock before Legacy Collection and Clone Wars debut?

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From Jedi Defender:
1) Will the non-exclusive Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes be ready for the 7/26 launch? At Toy Fair, you thought that the Vader TIE set and the Obi-Wan Starfighter set would both be ready, but weren’t sure about the AotC Arena set and the Tatooine Dewback set. And what about the two TRU sets (Rancor and AT-RT), will those be out on 7/26?

2) Will the Battle Packs for The Legacy Collection and The Clone Wars be shipped under one assortment number or will they be shipped under separate numbers? And since there is some conflicting info floating around, can you confirm for us that the “Speeder Bike Recon” and “B’omarr Monastery” packs mentioned/shown at Toy Fair are indeed based on the Clone Wars animation?

3) Most folks are gobbling up the German Truck, Troop Car, and Russian Jungle Cutter from the Indy vehicles line. What can we expect to see from the vehicle line as the summer goes by? Will we have to wait long for something new to join the line or should we settle into expecting just those three for the summer?

4) In an earlier Q&A, you said that you hoped to squeeze a 5th Sandtrooper variant (Clean with Black Pauldron) into the Saga Legends assortment before the end of the line in June. So far though, the only Sandtrooper that has shipped with the Fans’ Choice Legends is the Clean, White Pauldron Sandtrooper figure. Will the Clean, Black Pauldron version make it out before July 26th or has it been dropped from the plans?

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From Jedi Insider:
1) Is the BMF Falcon going to be a general release or a store exclusive? If exclusive, what store?

2) What is the BMF Falcon's escape pod based on? Is there a reference somewhere in Star Wars lore for it, or was it something Hasbro came up with on their own?

3) If the BMF turns out to be a huge success like we all hope it does and you were given the greenlight to choose another classic vehicle to re-design, what vehicle would you choose?

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NEW: From
1) With the success of the McQuarrie Signature Series of figures and the renewed commitment to vehicles shown recently, have you given any thoughts to producing vehicles based on Ralph McQuarrie's concept paintings to sit alongside the figures?

2) We have only seen/heard about eight basic figures from the Clone Wars (Yoda, Anakin, Obi Wan, General Grievous, Captain Rex, Battle Droid, R2-D2 and Clone Trooper) that will be debuting on the 26th July. Will these be the only Clone Wars Animated figures premiering on that date, or will there be more Clone Wars figures released on July 26th that we’ve not seen yet – and is so what are they? If that’s not the case, can you let us know when we’re likely to see more figures from the Clone Wars and what they’ll be? How about a few pictures too?

3) You’ve recently been using the Deluxe C-3PO sculpts for Battle Droid figures, which has very little articulation and trouble standing. Would you not consider modifying the Security Battle Droid, from the Power of the Jedi line, who has articulated knees and a more movie-esque stance? (The action feature was the only drawback on this figure and if it wasn’t for that it would be a Battle Droid worthy of army-building).

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From Jedi Temple Archives:
1) The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper Commander remains a source of some consternation to collectors. We've seen the images and in previous Q&A's Hasbro has stated that this is something being handled by LucasArts. Can we expect this figure to be packaged with The Force Unleashed game much in the same way that the Battlefront II Scout Trooper that was issued with the Battlefront II video game?

2) The Target Exclusive Force Unleashed Rancor is a very cool take on a classic creature. And it's release certainly gets wheels turning in the heads of collectors, making them think "Wow, this would be a cool way to expand on the classic Return Of The Jedi Rancor". And as luck would have it, Target has listings not only for the current Rancor in their computer system, but for an additional Raancor monster in their computer system. Can we expect a ROTJ Rancor later this year as part of THE LEGACY COLLECTION, and will it in fact be a Target exclusive?

3) We're seeing information leaking out regarding some Clone Wars exclusive/promotional figures. Images have surfaced of a holographic General Grievous, rumored to be a Toys R Us exclusive, and there's a listing for a Commander Fox figure in the Target computer system. Can you give us more background on these figures, and can we expect similar Clone Wars offerings from some of the other major retail partners like WalMart or KayBee?

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From Raving Toy Maniac:
1) Why all the "battle damage" and dirt marks painted on figures, especially Clone Troopers and Battle Droids? If you are going to do that, why not also make "clean" versions too as you did with the Battle Droids for Episode One?

2) Can we assume that because astromech and protocol droids are being built during The Legacy Collection via pack-ins, there will be no astromech droids or protocol droids sold separately in packaging as part of The Legacy Collection? In addition, will the build-a-droids from The Legacy Collection have biographies on their series' packages or on or anywhere, as they are rather obscure and many collectors would like to know how each fits into the Star Wars Universe?

3) Will Hasbro make 12" Star Wars figures again?

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1) Prior to RotS, I remember a time when I and many collectors groaned when Hasbro would find a new way to release yet another Tatooine Luke in its basic wave year after year. Obviously Tatooine Luke is a core character that should be trotted out for the sake of kids and new collectors, but for older collectors we had already bought him ten times over and were sick of him. After RotS, it seems as if Darth Vader is the new "Tatooine Luke" as he has been issued over and over again in so many forms short of the eventual Funeral Pyre Vader. Yes, it's true - kids love Vader, he's also a core character that needs to be trotted out no matter how often we collectors groan and whine. But still, even kids will eventually have all the Vaders they could want too.

Now that brings me to 2007, when despite swearing I'd never buy another Tatooine Luke again, I bought three of him because Hasbro gave us the best pack-in that any collector would have to be a fool to turn down (moisture vaporators!!!). Is that the same direction that Darth Vader is headed in then? I'm running low when I try to come up with any other way that Hasbro could issue another Vader in the years to come given that we've got hologram. battle-damaged, silver, and even a White Vader now. I have 12 SA Vaders already and I'd have to think that unless he came with a pack-in Death Star playset the next time, it's getting very hard for Hasbro to sell me just one more.

2) Poor Han Solo seems to be suffering from "skinny leg" syndrome lately... when I looked at the VTSC Endor Han, Torture Rack Han, and the latest deleted scene Han, I couldn't help but shudder that his legs seem too tiny to support his upper body. Any chance Hasbro can address this in the future? The deleted scene Han looks as if he's more suited to be a ballet dancer than smuggler and rebel operative.

3) Given that Hasbro has done a number of figures based on the game Star Wars Battlefront 2, is there a likelihood that we'll see the sergeant (green) eps2 jettrooper from SW Battlefront 1? This should be a dead easy figure for Hasbro to make by gluing a Fett jetpack onto the back of a SA eps2 clonetrooper (please don't use the Deluxe RotS jetpack trooper mold given it has more limited articulation and has always seemed to be a flimsy figure).

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From Sir Steve's Guide:
1) Might we ever get a Grievous figure as he appeared in ROTS when he was running from Obi-Wan on Utapau, where he inverted and ran on his arms, turning into a scorpion-like appearance?

2) Recently you said that there's a very, good chance of us getting Holographic Darth Sidious with Mechno-Chair. Would this have the actual removable chair part as well (the part we see Nute Gunray sitting in), or just the holo-projector part? If it had the chair part, would Nute come with this (seeing as there's no Nute figure that can sit in a chair),or would a Nute figure be offered later?

3) Word on the street (proverbially) is that the Titanium Series SW line is hanging by a thread and in danger of being canceled despite Hasbro's recent assurances that the line would go on through 2009. 2008 wave 4 has vanished from pre-orders, and store computers look unfortunately empty. What is going on? Is this just an SKU changeover, or something more drastic? If the line is continuing, what will we be seeing this year? When you said there were "12 all new tools for the Fall", did that mean 12 vehicles in just the Fall or for everything leading up to the Fall including vehicles currently out? And does that include Battlestar Galactica, is there anything new there?

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From SW Collector:
1) With the new Millennium Falcon and AT-TE vehicles coming out, isn't it about time for an improved version of the Desert Skiff from ROTJ or the Lars Landspeeder from ANH?

2) Are The Force Unleashed basic figures being repackaged in the Legacy Collection so that they'll actually be available at retail when the oft-delayed game is released in September?

3) With the "Build-A-..." accessories seeming to be hitting a new stride, could this be an option in the future for a new, movie-accurate version of Jabba the Hutt's hookah and dias?

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1) Previously someone asked whether we might see the "burnt and toasty" Owen Lars and Beru coming with the Disturbance at the Lars Homestead bp, you answered no. However I'd like to ask if Hasbro would consider this as a solution to giving us the two dead bodies: since they are pretty much skeletons anyway, what about including two articulated skeletons in a future Indiana Jones deluxe pack that could be used by SW collectors to recreate that scene? (the articulation is to ensure their arms can be posed to match the scene) It's obvious that there's no way the SW line could justify making them as toys, but in IJones, having some charred skeletons around Indy is a less controversial idea. Parents would never know, and it's be a nice wink and nod to SW collectors from Hasbro!

Also, will the Disturbance at the Lars Homestead be available outside of the US? It's been getting VERY frustrating that the battlepacks and ultimate bps which have the desirable diorama set pieces (Senate pod, Hoth turret, now possibly the Tatooine igloo) which are wanted by more than just US collectors are so hard (and expensive!) to get in Canada and other countries. If you ever revisted the SW Deluxe line again, what about offering such pieces in Deluxe sets so that foreign collectors can have easier access to them (and since it's old tooling, your costs for the Deluxe line would be cheaper). The pieces could be slightly redeco'd to make them appealing to US fans who may already have them too.

2) I've noticed that the new Homing Spider seems a bit "short", that is the spherical pod seems to be resting a little too close to ground level when compared to the film version. In the clips that I've seen the distance from the underside of the pod (including the cannon) to the ground seems to be high enough that a Super Battle Droid could stand just under the pod. In the toy however, that distance is far less, maybe half the height of the SBD. Is there any way to adjust the height higher or will Hasbro tweak it so that the pod will be raised higher as it is connected to its legs?

3) I assume that it's only a matter of time before Zam Wessell (a character that is sorely in need of an update) is given the SA treatment. Can Hasbro see to it that she gets a soft plastic skirt so that the figure can comfortably sit inside the old Zam Wessell speeder? A friend of mine bought the speeder when it came out and bitterly complains to this day that Hasbro made a vehicle that couldn't seat any version of Zam that was out (the statue and the strangely articulated basic card one). So if for no other reason, I'd like to see him get some satisfaction on his purchase, and it'd be great if there were a swappable Clawdite head as a neat bonus.

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From Well of the Souls:
1) You have indicated a reluctance to create figures from the "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" show and movies. Would you consider characters from other IJ media, such as video games or novels? For example, Sophia Hapgood?

2) Will the indy figure included in the Temple of Doom wave have the missing sleeve and ripped shirt as seen on the rope bridge?

3) Was there any particular reason why Toht was left out of the first Raiders of the Lost Ark wave? It seems like you covered most of the vintage figures for new sculpts, but I'm left scratching my head why much lesser characters like Monkey Man and Cairo Thug were created before Toht?

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From Yakface:
1) Dear Hasbro, there are pics of the new Droid Factory figures floating about and I noticed that Luke's face is now a "must less expressive" version - essentially a straight repack / redeco of the Vintage X-Wlng Pilot sculpt.

Can you confirm or deny that we are in fact getting this version versus the "smiley" Luke shown in the Droid Factory initial solicitation imagery?

Also Luke is shown having the wrong Lightsaber accessories will this common factory error be addressed.

2) Dear Hasbro - Imagery of the Legacy "Legends" Wave has shown up online and the pack in accessory shows "Clone Gear" lockers. What is the breakdown of the "gear" – Rifles? Blasters? Pistols? Armor? Binoculars?

3) Has the packaging been finalized for the SDCC exclusive "Disturbance in the Force" set yet? If so, think we could get a teaser image? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

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From Yoda's News:
1) At the beginning of the year Hasbro launched a promotion called "Play Rewards". Let me first say thank you, as I have received my rewards check and can’t wait to use it come July 26th!

When the promotion was in effect, there was a list of eligible items on the Hasbro website that included the 8 un-released Titanium Forged figures (Utapau Clone Trooper, AOTC Red Clone Officer, Jango Fett, Tusken Raider, R2-D2, Hoth Darth Vader, Han Solo and the Snowtrooper). Being a fan of the Titanium Forged figure line, I was truly looking forward to the release of these figures when word got out that the line had been canceled. I actually had several of them pre-ordered through online retailers and my orders were canceled, stating that the manufacturer had halted production on them. Upon investigating the matter further, a Hasbro representative informed me via voicemail that they had been produced in very limited quantities but had since been out of production. This news has me puzzled as I have seen nothing anywhere on the internet that would lead me to believe that they have ever been found or purchased by anyone.

So my question is this, have any of these remaining 8 Titanium Forged figures ever been released? If so when, where and in what kind of numbers?

2) Any plans to reissue some of the comic pack figures, that have been exclusive to the comic packs, on individual cards?

3) When can we expect to see the new Comic 2-packs hitting the shelves? Also, do you have any plans on making a clamshell big enough for collecting the Comic 2-packs?

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