Posted by Jeremy on January 31, 2018 at 01:06 AM CST
Despite heavy restrictions a number of European (largely German) LEGO blogs were given limited press access to the upcoming Star Wars sets.

Overall the focus was on the new sets based on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and a small mountain of hype surrounding the Technics Bugati Chiron was added to the pile. Fans of BrickHeadz will also be pleased that there is a personalised Go Brick Me set, which will allow for LEGO builders to customise their own BrickHeadz character, coming out.

Of our prime Star Wars focus - chiefly Solo: A Star Wars Story - there was barely more than nothing and the main venue of reveal for these is expected to be the New York Toy Fair, which kicks off on February 18th. Rebelscum will be there to cover all aspects of Star Wars - including LEGO!

German LEGO fan site reports that LEGO noted that the popularity of their Star Wars theme had peaked (when?) and that sales were declining. In their live blog of the LEGO press conference, the field reporter from noted that the mood from LEGO was glum.

In a follow up post they were able to report the following LEGO Star Wars Summer 2018 sets with Eurozone prices:
  • 75214 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter - Euro 29.99
  • 75216 Snoke Throne Room - Euro 69.99
  • 75218 X-Wing Fighter - Euro 99.99
  • 75220 Sandcrawler - Euro 129.99
No photographic opportunities were afforded but the team from provided the following descriptions (translated from German):
"The Starfighter is a simple little model, the throne of Snoke ("Vaaaadeeeer") is great, the X-Wing unfortunately comes with a lot of stickers of the way - is and remains with subtle adjustments but a classic. And the Sandcrawler looks really chic in this compactness, of course, not to compare with the UCS sets of the dimensions of course. All in all, these are unpretentious sets and a nice mix of films."
It is worth noting that images of 75214 Anakin's Jedi Starfighter, 75218 X-Wing Fighter and 75220 Sandcrawler sets have already been leaked, while 75216 Snoke Throne Room was in a rumour list posted here.

Of the three sets mentioned in this report 75215 Resistance Transport Ship is now looking to be false. Deep cover sources have revelaed that the codename for this set is "Nemesis Gang" and SKU tracking website matches this name to a known Hasbro multipack that revealed in mid January. Of the third set (75217 Republic V-Wing Torrent Fighter) nothing yet is known.

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