Posted by Curto on May 7, 2007 at 12:00 AM CST
With the delay of The Force Unleashed video game until spring 2008, most of the planned tie-ins have also been pushed back as well, including the 7 figures that Hasbro showed off at Toy Fair, which were intended to be part of The 30th Anniversary Collection this fall.

So what will take their place? Since there are plenty of figures planned for both The 30th Anniversary Collection and Saga Legends already, Hasbro has decided to create 7 repainted figures and add them to the TAC basic figure line, due out late 2007. It's a nice mix of a main character in a new form, a droid, army builders, and an obscure alien.

Holographic Darth Vader - based on the POTJ Darth Vader (Dagobah)
This is a figure that was originally suggested during an earlier Q&A session, and fans suggested using the POTJ body. The removable head and facemask willl not be included.

R2-B1 - repaint of the ROTS R4-G9
Since the Episode I R2-B1 figure was hard to get, the figure did well in last fall's Saga Legends tournament. But many fans felt that they would rather see the figure upgraded to the new astromech body sculpt. Hasbro listened, and that's what we'll be getting.

Clone Trooper (Brown deco) - repaint of the ROTS Clone Trooper III-41
An updated version of the figure from the ROTS Clone Trooper Army, now with super-articulation. Since Hasbro updated the other two figures from this set in The Saga Collection as 442nd Siege Battlion and Fifth Fleet Security, it was only a matter of time until the "brown dot" trooper got the same treatment.

Naboo Soldier (Red suit) - repaint of the TSC Naboo Soldier
Ever since the original figure came out, fans noticed right away that there were several soldiers in a red jumpsuit shown on the cardback, and asked for them to be made. Good news! Now you can complete your army from Naboo.

Rebel Vanguard (Star Wars: Battlefront) - repaint of the TSC Rebel Trooper
The first Expanded Universe character in the wave, this figure answers the demand for figures from the Star Wars: Battlefront video game. Look for this guy to be repainted to match the character from the game, complete with a Fleet Trooper helmet. Hopefully, there will be multiple weapons included, since switching weapons is a big part of the game experience.

Clone Trooper (Clone Wars deco) - repaint of Clone Trooper 03-50
Another figure from the Expanded Universe! Seen briefly in the opening chapter of the Clone Wars animated series, this figure will sport a new muddy deco (perhaps they were stationed on Jabiim?) and cloak.

Pax (& Trax) Bonkik - repaint of the VTSC Greedo
Who says Hasbro doesn't try to bring us the obscure background characters? There are two Rodian podracer mechanics wandering around in the background of The Phantom Menace, and they've been named as "Pax & Trax Bonkik" as part of's Hyperspace "What's the story?" feature.

Expect more details on this wave later this month at Celebration IV.

How would you feel about Gentle Giant Ltd. producing a Dark Trooper Mini Bust from the 1995 Star Wars: Dark Forces video game? It could be a single Dark Trooper or perhaps a 3-pack showcasing the various Phases of production.
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I could be convinced to purchase this if it wasn't too difficult to obtain.
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