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In case you missed it
Because of the continued demand for the basic figures from both consumers and retailers, Hasbro is going to release a line of "Greatest Hits" figures in spring 2007 to run alongside The 30th Anniversary Collection. This will be a series of straight repacks packaged similar to TAC, complete with collector coins and including figures from across the entire modern Star Wars collection.

With over 1000 action figures to choose from, Hasbro and Rebelscum have joined forces to find out which figures collectors want brought back to make up this line. For the past two weeks, the votes from Round 1 have been coming in for each series in the modern line, with each and every figure receiving at least one vote, and the final results are now all in. Starting tomorrow, the top 8 figures from each category will move on to Round 2 and face off against the top 8 from other figure lines.

"Subject to determination"
If you've been following the results each day in our forums, you'll notice that some figures have been removed from consideration in the Greatest Hits 2007 line. It's not because they aren't great's because they are already being reissued elsewhere, and therefore not available for this line. When you think about it, this is actually a good thing, because now the path is clear for even more of your favorite figures to come back. I'll explain in more detail with each section.

Round 1 Results
So, without further delay, here are the top 8 figures from each category:

Power of the Force 2
1) Death Star Droid
2) Pote Snitkin
3) Oola and Salacious Crumb
4) Zuckuss
5) Ree-Yees
6) 2-1B Medic Droid
7) Ishi Tib
8) Aunt Beru Lars

Both Droopy McCool and Max Rebo were originally high on the POTF2 list, but the Max Rebo band is on hold for an exclusive in 2008, so they were pulled from the list and replaced with Admiral Motti and Ishi Tib. However, since Admiral Motti is part of the upcoming Death Star Briefing Set, he also had to be removed. This bumped up the Y-Wing Pilot. Once again, since the Y-Wing will be coming back as an exclusive in 2007, the pilot needed to be the final slot went to Aunt Beru.

Episode I
1) Bonus Pit Droids 3-pack (3 colors/2 poses)
2) Battle Droid 2-pack (4 versions)
3) TC-14
4) R2-B1
5) Sio Bibble
6) R2-R9 (Naboo Royal Starship)
7) Graxol Kelvyyn (Watto's Box)
8) Darth Sidious (Holograph)

Rather than pit the various Battle Droids against themselves, we've combined them into a 2-pack set, and should they do well in Round 2, there will be a running change to incorporate the 4 different versions. Likewise, the Bonus Pit Droids (previously only available overseas) will be combined into a 2-pack with one of their accessories. Should they advance, look for a running change of all 3 color schemes (and changing accessory) on these as well.

Power of the Jedi
1) R2-Q5
2) Dak Ralter (Snowspeeder Pilot)
3) Paploo (Speeder Bike Thief)
4) Battle Droid (Security) 2-Pack
5) Imperial Officers (3 versions)
6) FX-7 Medical Droid
7) R4-M9
8) Amanaman

Not a lot of changes were needed here, but there are a few things to announce. Should they go far in the tournament, look for a Battle Droid Security 2-pack and all three variants of the Imperial Officer would be made as a running change.

Star Wars Saga
1) Ephant Mon
2) Clone Trooper (Republic Gunship Pilot)
3) R4-I9 (Imperial Forces)
4) R3-A2 (The Battle of Hoth)
5) Battle Droid (Arena Battle) (2 versions)
6) Coleman Trebor
7) Sandtrooper Troop Builder (4 versions)
8) AT-ST Driver (Imperial Forces)

Look for more running changes for potential winners in this category, with a 2-pack of the Battle Droids and all 4 versions of the Sandtrooper Troop Builder set. Commander Jorg Sacul was also removed from consideration at Lucasfilm's request (some exclusives need to remain exclusive).

The Original Trilogy Collection
1) Boba Fett (VOTC)
2) Clone Trooper (Troop Builder)
3) Clone Trooper Lieutenant (Troop Builder)
4) RA-7 (Sandcrawler Droid)
5) Clone Trooper Commander (Troop Builder)
6) Clone Trooper Captain (Troop Builder)
7) Clone Trooper Sergeant (Troop Builder)
8) Wedge Antilles

As revealed in today's Force-Cast, the VOTC Stormtrooper ran away with the lead votes, earning more votes than ANY OTHER FIGURE. However, he had to be removed from consideration from this line. The reason? That figure is being released in The 30th Anniversary Collection. Oh, but he's not just being, this time out, he's coming with a removable helmet in TAC wave 3. So, you'll be seeing the same VOTC body you want, only now with more Jango...and an easy way to make Stormtrooper disguise figures!

Revenge of the Sith
1) Coruscant Clone Commander (Evolutions)
2) Clone Trooper Commander (Evolutions - AOTC)
3) Sandtroopers Sergeant (Evolutions)
4) Sandtroopers Squad Leader (Evolutions)
5) Clone Trooper (Evolutions - AOTC)
6) Covert Ops Clone Trooper
7) Saleucami Clone Trooper
8) Utapau Shadow Trooper

Once again, several top figures needed to be removed from consideration. Both Comander Bly and the 327th Star Corps Trooper (from the Evolutions) needed to be removed. This is because BOTH figures will be included in the upcoming Battle of Felucia battle pack. Likewise, since Anakin Skywalker (Evolutions - ROTS version) is available in the Commemorative Tin set, he needed to come off the list as well. But since their replacements are the Covert Ops, Saleucami, and Utapau Shadow Clone Troopers, that not really a bad thing.

The Saga Collection
1) Biker Scout (VTSC)
2) Captain Fordo (The Hunt For Grievous)
3) Heavy Gunner Clone Trooper (The Hunt For Grievous)
4) Clone Trooper 442nd Siege Battalion
5) Shocktrooper (Skirmish in the Senate)
6) Clone Trooper Fifth Fleet Security
7) Sandtrooper Corporal (Escape from Mos Eisley)
8) Death Star Gunner

Although this line is currently shipping, it's the troopers that fans want to see come back...and some haven't even been released yet! The only change that needed to be made was the removal of Scorch, since he's included in the upcoming Republic Commando setand he was replaced with the Death Star Gunner.

Expanded Universe - Shadows of the Empire, Clone Wars, Star Tours, & more
1) Darktrooper (Dark Forces)
2) Spacetrooper (Heir to the Empire)
3) ARC Trooper (Clone Wars) (2 versions)
4) Durge (Clone Wars)
5) Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars)
6) Luke Skywalker (Dark Empire)
7) Imperial Sentinel (Dark Empire)
8) Kyle Katarn (Dark Forces)

This category included figures from the Expanded Universe, Clone Wars, Star Tours, and Shadows of the Empire lines, as well as a few others. As with other troopers, both versions of the ARC Trooper would be released as running changes. In addition, both Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn were high in the rankings, but both had to be pulled from consideration. That's because Mara Jade is slated for the upcoming Comic Book 2-packs and plans are underway for Grand Admiral Thrawn to be included in the 2008 line.

Round 2 Voting
Starting tomorrow, all 64 figures above will be facing off against each other in a showdown in which YOU will determine who will be included in the Greatest Hits assortment. The voting will begin tomorrow with 32 figures paired off against each other and continue on a daily basis with fewer and fewer figures until an overall winner is declared at the end of the month.

Come back tomorrow for the official launch of the Greatest Hits 2007 Showdown.
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