Posted by Curto on October 10, 2006 at 09:43 AM CST
First, an announcement
Because of the continued demand for the basic figures from both consumers and retailers, Hasbro will make another line of "Greatest Hits" figures in 2007 to run alongside The 30th Anniversary Collection. This will be a series of straight repacks, similar to what we've seen this year with "Heroes & Villains" and "Greatest Battles," although this line will not be solely focused on Revenge of the Sith, but from across the entire modern Star Wars collection.

This line is expected to come out in mid-to-late spring 2007, and be packaged similar to The 30th Anniversary Collection. Look for 20-24 figures, complete with collector coins. These coins, however, will be somewhat different. They will not be numbered, but will be a series of six different "movie logo" coins, one for each movie. The coins will not be dedicated to a particular figure and will not have a character likeness on them. Therefore, multiple characters will share the same movie-logo coin.

Fans get to choose
Hasbro and Rebelscum have joined forces to find out which figures collectors want brought back to make up this line. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, ANY 3¾" figure in the modern line is eligible...from the very first POTF2 wave up to the last TSC wave. That's over 1000 figures to choose from! (Note: I think everyone agrees that the Vintage line should be left as is.)

So which figures would you like to see brought back in this line: Pilot Obi-Wan? Episode II SA Clone Trooper? 500th Vader? 501st Legion Clone Trooper? Sio Bibble? TC-14? Ugnaughts? Shock Troopers? Dexter Jettster? Lobot? "Monkey-faced" Princess Leia? You can vote for your favorites!

The voting process
So how can you voice your opinion? Here's how this will work. Rebelscum will run a series of week-long polls in our forums listing ALL the action figures in the modern line. In today's poll, you can choose from over 50 Original Trilogy Collection figures to determine your favorite figures you'd like to see brought back in 2007. At the end of the polling period, the top 8 figures will move on to the second round and face off against the top 8 from other figure lines in a head-to-head tournament! So be sure to vote, because the higher the votes, the higher the ranking in the bracket.

The overall winners will be incorporated into Hasbro’s "Greatest Hits 2007" assortment.* But just for fun, we're going to find out which figure is your #1 favorite figure in the modern line that you want brought back. Head on into our forums and place your votes now!

*Inclusion of actual figures in Hasbro's Greatest Hits 2007 assortment shall be subject to determination by Hasbro.

Repacks, Repaints, and Retools - You may notice a number of figure missing from the choices. Some are becase they are repacks of previously-released figures (Ex. Han Solo), and you can still vote for them in their original appearance in one of the previous polls.

As for repaints...if the figure is a repaint of the same exact character (Ex. Bib Fortuna), it is disqualified. But if the figure is a repaint of a different character or from a different scene (Ex. Clone Troopers), then is is included.

Also, if the figure has been retooled with a new part to it (Ex. Ki-Adi-Mundi), then both are listed individually.

Original Trilogy Collection figures
Can't remember all those action figures from 2004-2005? Fear not, we've got you covered. Just check out the all-new group shots in our Original Trilogy Collection Photo Archive.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

2004 Figures - With the DVD release of the 'Original Trilogy' on the horizon for the fall of 2004, Hasbro released a line of toys based on characters from the 3 films. Some of these figures were once slated for the SAGA line, but the majority were repacks or repaints from previous releases. Fans were given the opportunity to choose the final figure.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

2005 Figures - Known as the 'Post-OTC' (POTC) assortment, the first half of this transitional line featured figures that were delayed from previous lines, while the second half was all repacks.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

'Vintage' Figures - With a nod to the Vintage line from the 1970's, this series - often referred to as 'Vintage-OTC' (VOTC) - of special edition figures featured reproductions of the original cards, protective cases, and multiple points of articulation, great sculpting, and "soft goods."

Original Trilogy Collection figures

Exclusive Figures - While the majority of these figures are repaints, there are a few unique versions that stand out on their own.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

Screen Scenes Figures - Continuing the assortment from the SAGA line, these sets were designed to include multiple figures with a part of a specific scene. After collecting them all, the pieces would form a mini-diorama inspired from the film.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

Multipack Figures - Made up of troop builders, DVD sets, and other figure sets, these multipacks were made up of mostly repacks and repaints.

Original Trilogy Collection figures

Everything Else - As in past years, there were still plenty of extra toys that included pack-in figures. Included here are the following assortments: Carry Cases and Vehicle pack-ins.

So what are you waiting for? Head on into our forums and place your votes now!
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