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Tom Hodges has been drawing Star Wars since the ripe old age of five -- way back in 1977. He's done it professionally since 2004 -- but he's not billing for the years in-between. Tom has been the lead artist on's Star Wars: The Clone Wars web-comic since its launch, and he is currently gearing up for the show's third season. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA with his wife Terri, their cats and a dog named Harley Quinn. To see more of Tom's work head to and

I recently asked Tom some questions regarding his amazing Celebration V print along with the free mini posters he'll be giving away each day of the show. This is what he had to say:

Question: What gave you the idea for a theme park layout for your print?

Answer: I have had this idea since around the release of Ep1. Minus Ep2 & 3 concepts. It was around my first trip to Disneyland and my first ride on Star Tours for me to ask "Why isn't there an entire park devoted to the Star Wars Universe.

Over the years. I've tinkered with the idea but until now never committed it to anything, especially like this.

Question: How long did it take you to complete the project?

Answer: I had the rough concept down last summer. I was assuming with the 30th Anniversary of Empire coming up that a Celebration was in the works. My wife Terri, Stan Stice (Ralph McQuarrie/Dreams & Visions Press) and Steve Sansweet urged me to make this my C5 piece. Once I was invited, I submitted the concept I did the previous summer and hoped for the best.

Once it was approved, the piece took over 100 hours to complete. Honestly, it was a lot of work and that's just the map. The Attraction Posters are a whole other animal.

Question: I understand there are some hidden characters in your piece. How many in total are featured?

Answer: No comment. Why ruin the fun of finding what's there.

Question: What was more fun for you to create, the print or the mini-posters?

Answer: Eh, fun should be used loosely. LOL there were times I wanted to cut my hand off working on this entire project. When I was working on it, some days were easier then others... But the end result is what I'm happy with. I couldn't be happier with everything I did on this.

Question: Do you think we'll ever see a Star Wars theme park (perhaps based on your print) and if so, where should it be located?

Answer: Yes, I do. It has too many possibilities not to happen. B. Wouldn't that be crazy?!? C. Central California. Good weather, lots of Space. Get Disney to build it and watch the magic happen!

Tom Hodges

Title: The Star Wars Universe Dream Park
Size: 26" x 39"
Paper used: 80# Finch Fine Bright White Ultra Smooth
Edition size: 250
Price: $60
Remarque: $20 (pencil only)/$40 (ink/grays)

Attraction Posters (5 total)
Size: 11" x 17"
Edition Size: 250 of the daily posters to be handed out at 2pm each day of the show in an orderly fashion. The Hoth Poster is at half edition size and will be given out at random throughout the show.

Tom will also have two prints featuring art from the book Star Wars: Tales from the Clone Wars. Limited to 750 pieces each they will be available at the book signing, to be announced at the show.


1. Nathan Hamill will be appearing at Tom's booth off and on during C5. He will have APs of his TESB 30 print and possibly other goodies. A schedule will be posted soon.

2. On Friday, August 6 at 6pm PT, Tom be going LIVE on USTREAM to answer all things C5 concerning his print, his attraction posters, sketches... etc!
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