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Ken Phipps


I was born in Texas City, TX and spent most of my childhood playing football, swimming in lakes, absorbing television, going to movies, and playing video games. I am the son of an Art History mother and Chemical Engineer father, which accounts for my love of art and computers. After graduating high school, I attended Louisiana State University where I earned a BFA in Graphic Design and played lacrosse for the LSU team. The first few years of my professional life were spent working on large main-frame computers, mostly slugging tape, for banks in New Orleans. I went back to grad school at CalArts in the Los Angeles area, and took a job at a furniture design studio, and began learning interactive design. Back then, most companies were just learning what could be done with computers, and I became a freelance consultant to motion picture advertising agencies in Hollywood. My love for movies, television and interactive work lead me to working with great clients. I freelanced in video, motion graphics and special effects all before the internet boom happened. Once the internet began to take off, so did I. I packed up and moved north to San Francisco, and took a full-time position at a startup called "C|net" where I continued to create video for their four television shows, and was Senior Designer for Eventually, the desire to lead my own company pushed me back into the freelance world where I got to do great "flash" and video projects for tech companies like HP, Apple, Sun Microsystems. I also got work for Lucasfilm on Episode I, II and III as a style-guide artist. I continued to make great contacts in the bay area and joined a NYC based ad agency just opening their west coast office. I developed rich media advertising and microsites for their largest clients Disney and ABC. Eventually, I moved away from Northern California, and have continued to work remotely from North Carolina for clients on both coasts (and everywhere in-between).

Ken Phipps

Size: Approx: 12"x24", signed and hand numbered. Unique hand printed by the artist - 3 color serigraph on 100lb Cougar White Cover.
Price: $16
Edition Size: 125
Celebration V Exclusive

Malcolm Tween writes:

Malcolm Tween is the co-founder of Digital Progression, one of the UK's leading illustration studios. Digital Progression's clients include some of the world's best known names in advertising, design and video games. In addition, he has worked with Lucasfilm on campaigns for Revenge of the Sith, the original Star Wars Trilogy and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Beyond his association with Lucasfilm, Malcolm has worked with numerous game publishers including Sony, Microsoft, EA, Activision, Square Enix, Capcom and Sega. Malcolm has previously exhibited at Celebration IV and Celebration Japan and lives and works in sunny Bournemouth on the south coast of England. See more at

Malcolm Tween

Size: 19"x13"
Price: $35
Edition Size: 250
Celebration V Exclusive

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