Posted by Chris on August 2, 2010 at 08:00 AM CST
Top 10 Excuses for NOT Attending Celebration V

10. It's too hot in Florida in August!
Let's face it, you'll be spending 95% of your time indoors, in an air-conditioned building. It will be perfectly pleasant.

9. I can't get time off work.
That can be a hard sell, but what will your boss say when they catch you reading & convention coverage in your cubicle? Call in a couple sick days and head on down!

8. It's too expensive.
It can cost quite a bit of money. But if you follow some handy tips (like driving, and sharing a room) and make sure to budget your purchases in advance, it will be cheaper than getting your Convention Swag after the fact.

7. Too far away.
Florida is surprisingly easy to get to. It's a major airport hub, and can be driven to from the majority of the continental United States within a day.

6. Have no friends to go with.
No friends? You'll be going to the largest Star Wars party of the year, with thousands of people that share your interests. What do you mean you have no friends?

5. Ack! Gators!
We suggest you stay out of the swamps, and on the paths. Go in groups and whatever you do, try not to sound like a turtle!

4. Isn't it sold out?
The pre-orders to have a pass shipped to you may be complete, but there are still plenty of one and four-day passes to be had. No one says you have to attend all four days!

3. Nothing fun to do.
There are 1,001 things to do at one of these shows. No one will ever complain about being bored! Between the autograph guests and exclusives, panels and interviews, film screenings and parties, giveaways and exhibitors -- you will have trouble feeling like there is too much to do!

2. I'm too old/young.
There are great things to do for all ages. Younger fans can enjoy the Star Wars Family Room or the paper crafts panels. Older fans will appreciate the thoughtful interview panels, this year focusing on the stars and creators behind The Empire Strikes Back.

1. It's too late.
It's never too late. We've given some great tips above, we've got a great on-line guide to help you plan, and all it takes now is YOU!!

Hopefully we've addressed all your questions and the only one we have is "when are you arriving?" See you in 10 days at Star Wars Celebration V!!!
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