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As you may be able to guess, Star Wars was an early influence in my life. As a kid I spent many an afternoon playing the intergalactic hero either with a toy laser gun or on a smaller scale with my action figures. Did you know a plastic Chewbacca will turn green after spending a winter lost in the Michigan snow?

I took my first official Star Wars job in 1995 working on the roleplaying game with West End Games. A year later, I graduated with honors from the illustration department of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and went freelance full-time. My involvement in that galaxy far, far away grew as I became the primary artist for Star Wars Kids magazine and illustrated Star Wars children's books for Golden Books and Randomhouse Publishing. To date I've worked with nearly all of the big Star Wars licensees on a variety of projects. I've even become a bit of a writer with a regular article in the Star Wars Insider magazine.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be living that childhood dream today making my own mark in the Star Wars universe.

Chris Trevas

Title: "The Hunter and His Prey"
Below the title is the movie quote which was the inspiration "I had no choice. They arrived right before you did. - Lando Calrissian"
Size: 18"x24"
Price: $55
Edition Size: 250
Celebration V Exclusive

With only 250 pieces available, this one is sure to go quick. Interested in sharing your own opinion on this piece? Check out the Chris Trevas Art Thread in our online forums here. Chris would love to hear your thoughts and so would we!

Mr. Trevas wrote us with his extremely busy CV schedule to make it easier to keep track of where he'll be and when during the show along with some awesome exclusives you won't want to miss:

My schedule and exclusives:

I will be signing Star Wars Essential Guides and Encyclopedia at the Barnes & Noble booth #129 on Thursday (6-7pm) and Friday (6-7pm).

I will be signing Star Wars Blueprints: Rebel Edition with Chris Reiff at the DK booth on Friday (11am-12:30pm) and Saturday (2-3pm).

I am a part of the following panels:
Exploring the Star Wars Galaxy with the Essential Guides - Thursday 1:30-2:30pm, (Behind-The-Scenes Stage W414 ABCD)
The Jedi Path book overview - Thursday 3:30-4:30pm (Star Wars Classroom W300)
The Making of Star Wars Blueprints: The Rebel Edition - Thursday 5-6pm (Star Wars Classroom W300)
Star Wars Quiz Show - Friday 3-4pm, (Behind-The-Scenes Stage W414 ABCD)
Discover the Atlas: Inside the Star Wars Essential Atlas - Friday 6pm-7pm, (Behind-The-Scenes Stage W414 ABCD)

Chris Reiff and I will be talking to kids about the blueprints in the Family Room W311EFGH from 2 - 3pm on Sunday. We'll be handing out worksheets and letting kids come up with their own internal workings of an X-wing!

I designed a piece called Iggy's Eighty-Eight Espresso that will be available in the Celebration store as a coffee mug ($12) and an embossed retro tin sign ($20). It was created as a humorous nod to the fact that the part used to make IG-88's head was first used as a piece of set dressing behind the bar of the Mos Eisley Cantina.

I illustrated the characters for two of the collector's panels cereal boxes, Admiral Ackbar Cereal and Greedo's (available at the Star Wars Patches Panel and Star Wars Collectibles Authors Panel respectively).

Chris Reiff and I did the artwork for the Official Pix Celebration V character lapel pins (45 characters in total). Each silver toned character pin is free with purchase of a Metallix 8"x10" photo. There is also a gold toned set which is free with purchase of a complete autograph set of Official Pix guests.

Be sure to stop by the Official Pix Autograph Hall to catch artists Chris Trevas, Chris Reiff & Chris Holoka signing trading cards limited to just 200! These are the gentleman responsible for the design and artwork on the metal character pins that are free with each purchase of an 8x10 metallix photo while supplies last. Times to be posted by the pin display on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
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