Posted by D_Martin on November 2, 2005 at 12:00 AM CST
While not the most thought out assortment of figures, this wave does have some cool stuff that’ll keep fanboys happy for a bit.

The Battle Of Naboo


Uh, it’s called “The Battle Of Naboo” isn’t it? Odd that we get this meaty frog dealer instead of the wise Jedi Master Jinn. Is there another EU story I know nothing about where tubby here comes to Naboo to stir the poodoo? No matter what Hasbro was thinking, we’re getting a new sculpt of a character they’ve never offered, so it can’t be that bad.

Pod Racer Pilots

Wait a second. These clowns weren’t on Naboo either. What gives??? Don’t expect reissues here, as both figures in the two pack are new sculpts. Anyone’s guess who they’ll end up being though.

Gungan Bean

Despite what the other kids say, the Gungans are cool. People just need to look past Jar Jar to see how cool the rest of them are. Feel you can’t relate to them? Just remember they hated Jar Jar too! This new Gungan is 100% original, but there’s a good chance that the mould may at some time be reused for other dudes in the same costume.

Naboo Soldier

Ok, I know, these guys are pilots, but whatever, had guns and served the Queen of Naboo, so they are soldiers too! If the costume design wasn’t cool enough, this guy will sport the sweet trench coat. He knows that aesthetically a trench coat can make any character look bad a--. Expect a new sculpt and hopefully a head swap.

Darth Maul

This hologram figure will be a retool, but hopefully we’ll see Hasbro using a good body instead of the stump holo figure they released years back. Remember Hasbro, 10 out of 10 Star Wars action figure collectors prefer articulation .

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Expect this retooled figure to sport a soft goods cloak. We’re hoping that Hasbro uses a lot of pieces from the superior ROTS Pilot Obi-Wan and a few odd pieces from the Jedi Vs. Sith Battle Pack, but at this point that’s just wishful thinking.

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