Posted by D_Martin on January 16, 2006 at 09:56 PM CST
Well, now we've seen the cards, well actually, we've seen the Canadian Exclusive cards. That's right Canadian Exclusive VOTC cards. You see, the image that showed up on eBay is from Hasbro Canada, and basically what they are doing is altering the card to reflect the old Kenner Canada cards, which had "Pour 4 ans et plus" written below the traditional "Ages 4 and up" found on their American counterpart. Sadly, they also translated the character's name in the nameplate (unlike Kenner Canada), but what can you do?

What does that mean for everyone who isn't Canadian? Not much really, since Hasbro (US) will have the standard card with just English. Granted, keen collectors will realize that the Canadian market is much smaller than the US market, and therefore our toys are produced in roughly one tenth that of the American numbers. Translated, that means these things will be rare. Mind you, any one just realizing how rare modern Canadian figures are will be hard pressed to catch up with all but the OTC or later lines.

At any rate, what you're really here to read is what to expect. Well, unless things change here's what you can expect:


Soft good. Yup, you read that right true believers. Soft. Good. The Tusken Raider is utterly amazing. As far as a 3 3/4" figure can go, you simply cannot get more movie-accurate. Really, Hasbro pegged this bad boy. This figure, which comes complete with two bandoliers and a Gaffi stick, can mimic all the iconic press pics from ANH. Save now, you'll want five.

Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot

Forget the POTF2 version; throw out your POTJ version, this Luke has got it all. Based on his ANH costume, this figure has the loose fit gray leg belt thingies not unlike the Vandar and Wedge figures. Still not enough to make you puke? Well, this Luke's helmet is not only removable, it's scaled properly and has the chin strap!!!


Well, every wave has to have it's loser, and thankfully for us, the VOTC2's loser is Greedo. While the sculpt, complete with working holster, is spot on, it's over sized orange vest won't win him any "Best Dressed" awards at the Fan's Choice Awards this year.

Biker Scout

Give us an "S"! Give us an "U"! Give us an "P"! Give us an "E"! Give us an "R"! What's that spell???? SUPER!!! What's that for??? ARTICULATION!!!! Good luck finding this figure on the shelf. It is spectacular! Want to know what it's like to have your prayers answered? Well, this is it.

Han Solo In Trench Coat

It's a shame there's only one Han Solo in ROTJ because you will want to army build this magnificent figure. Expect an Endor version with all the bells and whistles of the ANH VOTC, complete with an incredible camouflage trench coat. Not overly bulking like the one in the Endor Accessory pack from the Saga line, this coat fits the figure to a T.
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