Posted by D_Martin on October 28, 2005 at 09:16 PM CST
The third wave in Hasbro?s new Star Wars line, The Saga Collection takes collectors back to the huge battle that made up the third act of Attack Of The Clones. As an added treat, Hasbro has thrown in a figure based on a popular video game; the first of many Expanded Universe characters to pepper the line. Here?s a look at who and what we'll get:

Battle Of Geonosis

Sora Bulq

This dude managed to get through Attack Of The Clones with all his limbs, but you can bet he?d be kicking himself for saving that no good Anakin Skywalker? If Anakin didn?t hand him his assets off screen in Revenge Of The Sith (or so you can assume). This figure will be the first new Weequay sculpt since 1998. Sure he?s another dead guy, but that?s usually what has to happen to a Weequay before anyone will immortalize him in plastic. looking on the bright side, at least this Weequay got a name.

Correction: Enough EU fans have written in expressing that this guy was actually thought to be a Sith and was killed by fellow Jedi Quinlan Vos. Silly Expanded Universe can?t tell the good guys from the bad*

Sun Fac

Who? Oh yeah, that guy in AOTC that hung out with the badguys and kinda kept quiet. Well, the new figures don?t come with Commtech chips, so this newly sculpted figure will be able to do everything the real Sun Fac did. That said, there has been some talk about the Commtechs coming back. More on this in early April?

Commander Scorch

Ah, those lil? gamer kids are going to crap themselves, right? You betcha! Not only is this a figure based on a Clone (the dude on the right side in the image above to be specific), it?s a brand new sculpt based a Clone in the Republic Commando game. No brainer. Big winner? If you prefer new sculpts over crappy repacks that is. Speaking of repacks?

Jango Fett

Well R2-D2 tells us the odds of this being the Super Articulated definitive Jango Fett we?re all hoping for is 4, 815, 162, 342 to 1? but he has been known to make mistakes? From time to time. Let?s hope he does since the only Geonosis Jango Fett they made sucked most heinously and none of us want to see it on any card ever again. Hear that Hasbro? Nah, probably not. They don?t listen to their customers.


ARGHHH!!!! A repack? Can?t we get a good Yoda first? Fans holding their breath for a decent AOTC Yoda better take a deep one, ?coz we?re still in repack land.


Remember that cool scene in AOTC when C-3PO got his head swapped with a Battle Droid? Wasn?t that zany fun? Thanks to this repaint, Hasbro will insure that we?ll never forget.

Poggle The Lesser

He?s got one of the coolest names in all of the prequels. He?s also one of the coolest looking aliens to come out of the CGI world of AOTC. Thankfully, Hasbro also did a great job on the sculpt the first time around, because this bad boy is nothing more than a repack.

*Speaking of which, wasn?t Quinlan Vos supposed to be in Mos Espa when Qui-Gon and the gang were stranded? If so, why didn?t he help? (ugh, the EU gives me a headache) So, for the sake of arguement, from this point forward the rules of the EU do not always work with the logic of The 411 write ups.
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