Posted by D. Martin on June 24, 2006 at 04:15 AM CST
While there is little argument that companies like Sideshow Collectibles, Master Replicas, Code 3, and Gentle Giant are making fantastic high end Star Wars collectibles available to us through internet and specialty shops, it is still fun for many of us to go old school and buy our Star Wars stuff at the local big box store. As ghetto as that might sound, most of us are guilty of it, and that's A-OK, because Hasbro is still moving forward with their plans of pleasing both kids and collectors as they move Star Wars into it's 12th consecutive year on the shelves. Here's what we can expect over the next 6 months:

2" Unleashed Battle Packs:

These semi-controversial packs are coming back with new assortments for the 30th anniversary. Arguably, the small-scale Unleashed figures are one of Hasbro's most popular new lines of 2006, and since it's foolish to fix what's not broken, we can expect the following new sets:

ANH: Commanders
ANH: Rebel Blockade Troopers
ANH: Imperial Stormtroopers
ANH: Luke Skywalker & The Droids
ANH: Cantina Encounter
ANH: Imperial Sandtroopers
ANH: Tusken Raiders
ANH: Jawas & Droids

30th Anniversary Battle Packs:

Not unlike the previous Battle Packs, the 2007 assortments will feature four figures and a few small related accessories, and will utilize retools, repaints, and maybe even a new sculpt or two. Of the ten new sets scheduled, you can expect to see the following in 2007:

TPM: The Battle Of Theed
AOTC: The Battle of Geonosis
TCW: Ambush On Ilum
ROTS: The Attempted Arrest Of Chancellor Palpatine
ANH: The Capture of Tantive IV
TESB: Jedi Training On Dagobah
ROTJ: Battle At The Pit Of Carkoon

30th Anniversary Showcase Poster Packs:

These action figure four packs will feature 8 x 11" movie poster replicas, and will include a special base to showcase the figures and posters. Currently we can expect six of these poster packs in 2007, but if the line is successful, we will likely see more. Don 't hold your breath for new sculpts though…

3 3/4" Basic Figures:

Saving the most exciting for last, let us look at what Hasbro plans on releasing for everyone's meat and potatoes Star Wars collectibles. Again we can expect figures to be package on a fresh card design, and now with pack in coins. Hopefully the addition of the coins will prove more successful than they were for Kenner back in the old days, when the line was petering out. While there are some exciting new characters, we can expect some rehashed and retooled figures to spruce the line a bit, which is great for new collectors.

Wave 1: ROTS
Galactic Marine
Mustafarian Lava Miner
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Mace Windu
Clone Trooper
Super Battle Droid

Wave 2: ANH
M'iiyoom Onith (Cantina Alien)
Elis Helrot (Cantina Alien)
Darth Vader
Biggs Darklighter in Academy Outfit
Luke Skywalker
Jawa/Droid 2-Pack
EU Chewbacca (McQuarrie Design)
EU Stormtrooper (McQuarrie design)
EU Boba Fett (Johnston Design)

Wave 3: ROTJ
Hermie Odle
Oola w/Chain
Umpass-Stay w/Gong
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
A-Wing Pilot
EUHoliday Special Boba Fett

Wave 4: AOTC
Mace Windu
Anakin Skywalker
Clone Trooper
General Grievous (possible EU)
EU Yuuzhan Vong

3 3/4" Limited Edition Vintage Assortment:

For the third wave of VOTC figures, we can expect much of the same, but as mentioned above, there is no point fixing what isn't broken. The new wave includes:


Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
Imperial Stormtrooper (Hoth Battle Gear)
Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)

Princess Leia Organa (Endor Battle Gear)

3 3/4" expanded Universe 2-Packs:

Finally the EU collecotr's time has come. Hasbro plans on releasing no less than 12 Expanded Universe two packs. Each collectible set will include figures based on both Marvel and Dark Horse Star Wars characters. While there's no word on whether we'll be getting the green bunny dude or Hoojibs (Note to Hasbro: Dudes, come on. Hook us up!), we are finally getting a Quinlan Vos figure. The sets include the following:

Darth Vader & Rebel Fleet Trooper
Stormtrooper & Tarkin
Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise & Chewbacca
Luke Stormtrooper Disguise & R2-D2

Dark Horse
Republic #55 (Clone Wars) - Obi-Wan & Alpha Arc Trooper
SW Tales: Twilight #1 - Quinlan Vos VS. Vilmarh Grahrk

So, while we all love the high end stuff, let's read over this list again and come to terms with the fact that Hasbro wants to do right by us… And there isn't anything wrong with that!
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