Posted by D_Martin on November 3, 2005 at 06:46 PM CST
Though most collectors will argue until their death that they loved the Unleashed line since day one, the truth of the matter is the line almost failed. The first wave of figures included Darth Mauland Jango & Boba Fett and it sold pretty well. Wave two on the other hand saw two of the three figures warm pegs for a long time. While the Darth Vader sold like a Sith should, the Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala figure were dead in the water. Believe it or not, collectors didn?t like the Padme figure until the rumours it was recalled for being, um, cold started circulating. When that started event mentality took over. Of course, it was never actually recalled, but you tell that to people aiming to put their children through college through scalping.

From wave three on up the line kept increasing in popularity, and instead of just getting frustrated that they couldn?t find the pieces and quitting, collectors took their hard earned cash to eBay where they would pay up to three times the retail price for pieces they were missing. Even for figures rereleased on new cardbacks.

Then suddenly news broke that the line was changing to a smaller scale and being sold in multi-packs. Collectors freaked, and even though there was no official word that the change would be forever, the prices continued to skyrocket. Right up until now we still see some of the figures net up to $100 or more.

Despite what forum opinions would suggest, Hasbro isn?t completely run by a room full of poo throwing monkeys. the toymakers realized that there?s still money to be made with the full sized figures. First thing we?ll see is the three figures everyone thought was cancelled hitting shelves as soon early as March, and shortly after there will be two more full sized waves.

But wait, some of you liked the small scale too right? Well, actually since they aren?t readily available, there isn?t much of an practical opinion out there yet, but expect to at very least see the sets Hasbro has mentioned previously along with a couple of new sets. One of which will basased on the Hoth battle and is planned to include a Rebel Soldier, a Probe Droid, and ?get this?a Snowspeeder! Collectors should be happy.

In conclusion, it looks like we?ll see both scales coexisting, but keep in mind that Hasbro may be taking a risk bringing back the full scale line so if you want it to stick around treat it like your favourite child and not the redheaded stepchild. We?re going to take a break from these informative 411s for the next while so all y?all can enjoy discussions in the Rebelscum Saga Forums. you?ll want to get your fill before turning your attention to what?s coming up next week.
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