Posted by D_Martin on October 29, 2005 at 01:21 PM CST
Seems like this wave should have been called ?Characters That At One Point Or Another Were On Coruscant?. While we get a lot of key players in the opening battle, we also get a few characters that had nothing to do with that battle? At least not on screen. As an added bonus to the Expanded Universe fans, we also get another character from The Clone Wars.

The Battle Of Coruscant

Commander Cody

All right, hands up for everyone frothing from the mouth for this Clone commander. One, two, three? uh, yup. That?s everyone in the room. OK, it?s official, this dude is the text book example of ?sought after?. Collectors will be especially pleased to know that this figure is a new sculpt.

Foul Moudama

This guy's huge and kind of out of left field, so collectors should not be surprised that this figure is little more than a retool. You can expect Hasbro to revisit the Muftak mould, but they may surprise us with a kit bash that is based on the Tanus Spijek figure from 2004. Either way you can count on this being a ?movie style? non-animated Clone Wars figure.

Coruscant Firespeeder Pilot

Finally we?ll see what the other 80% of this character?s body looks like. Thanks greatly to the totally original sculpt this heroic action figure will get.

Lushros Dofine

What? Who?s that??? Oh, it?s another Neimoidian. This dude is the captain of The Invisible Hand, the Separatist?s ship that General Grievous turned into a giant meteor in the opening battle of ROTS. It?ll be curious to see if this figure?s totally original sculpt will be enough to make collectors look past the fact that he?s Neimoidian. After all, most humans think they all look alike and generally don?t like them. What with all the bigoted remarks about their ?phoney accents? and ?poor lip-synching? it?s no surprise they all want to kill humans.


This version of the huge-headed Jedi Master will use existing parts to create his Holographic likeness. Considering what we?ve seen with Plo Koon hologram figure, we can count on Hasbro grabbing the most accurate sculpt they can find. Sadly, chances are not good that it?ll be based on the ROTS version since Hasbro hasn?t found a way to create transparent soft goods. That said, let?s give them the benefit of the doubt until we see what they make of it.

General Grievous

We all want a definitive version of this creepy dude, don?t we? Well, this one isn?t it. Expect to see a retooling of an existing Grievous figure. Hopefully that won?t keep Hasbro from offering up a soft goods cape.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The galaxy?s most famous negotiator seems to have been unable to convince the top brass at Hasbro to create an entirely new sculpt of him for this wave, but if the Big H plays this one right, the retooled figure will be Pilot Obi-Wan with soft goods?

Anakin Skywalker

Just like this wave?s version of this charismatic Jedi Knight?s former master, the BOC Anakin Skywalker will be a retooling of an existing figure. If we?re lucky, it?ll be the Evolutions ROTS Ani with an all-new, all-different soft goods cloak that doesn?t suck? and really, would ball jointed elbows kill Hasbro?

Clone trooper

If 2005 has taught us anything about Clones, we all know not to underestimate Hasbro?s open-mindedness to repaint an existing mould to make more army builders. That isn?t a complaint of course. Keeping with that tradition, it is impossible to say what this member of the Republic?s Grand Army will look like, but you can count on it being an existing mould.
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