Posted by D_Martin on October 30, 2005 at 06:52 AM CST
Nothing can better illustrate the flaw in naming waves after battles than The Battle Of Tatooine. Considering the closest thing to a battle the planet saw was more of a skirmish than anything else the title is plain silly. Then again, there was the battle above the planet at the beginning of A New Hope, and if this line had a wicked ANH Vader (with dull black armour and the tunic coming over his chest armour), and a new SA Rebel Soldier along with repacks of the EB Leia, Captain Antilles, R4-M9, C-3PO, and R2-D2 the title would have worked. Instead we get a redheaded stepchild. Granted, it’s a redheaded stepchild with some great Star Wars toys.

The Battle Of Tatooine

Dem Hazon

Yeah, I can hear it now. “Don’t you mean Hem Dazon?” Nope. Hem is the strange creature with the triangular head that introduced us all to the hive of scum and villainy known as the Creature Cantina. After a looooooong search, it turns out Dem is an actual character too. He’s the strange creature with the triangular head that introduced us all to the hive of scum and villainy known as the Holiday Special. This figure, which is a totally new sculpt, marks the second character from the dreaded TV special to be immortalized in plastic. The first being Zutton from the POTJ line.


Not very popular in school because he couldn’t keep a secret, this foul creature worked his skills into a great freelance career working closely with the local magistrates. This time out, Hasbro will grace us with a completely new sculpt.


It’s interesting that Hasbro would choose to go with this character’s classic name instead of the silly Expanded Universe name used on previous releases. With that in mind, maybe we can all forget the outlandish notion that he was a rebel with a green thumb. Considering he’s going to be completely resculpted, he deserves to be remembered as the villain he was always meant to be.


Honestly, you thought Hasbro would actually rerelease that atrocity known as the Rocket Firing R5-D4? I know we as a community like to take the poodoo out of Hasbro, but they’d have to have a motivator worse than our little slacker friend to think we would buy that garbage again. Rest assured, this guy is a totally new sculpt and features 100% less rocket firing action. Good thing too, since he’d be too lazy to use it if he had it.

The Retooled

Considering how many much-deserved resculpts there are in this wave, one really can’t complain. Especially since there has never, ever been a peg warming Farmboy Luke, ANH Han, or Sandtrooper in the history of the modern Star Wars line. You may not like ‘em, but the kids dig ‘em, and in case you forgot, toys are made for kids.

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