Posted by D_Martin on October 27, 2005 at 12:50 PM CST
The Battle Of Yavin/ Death Star Wave:

As the wave name would indicate, this set of figures will feature characters we?ve all been wanting forever. Thankfully, the line will have next to no rehashes. Here?s the scoop:

Han Solo
This version of the rogue will utilize interchangeable parts not unlike the Dagobah Luke Skywalker figure from the OTC line. He?ll be packed with a headset (so he can tell his farmboy friend to blow that thing so they can go home?), interchangeable hands so the figure can have gloves or bare hands, and a medal (!!!). No word if this figure?s shirt will be buttoned up or opened, but it is a new sculpt.

Luke Skywalker
He?s just blown up the Death Star and about to live all his dreams. The future is looking bright for Luke, so he throws on his stylish yellow jacket (no doubt to impress that hot brunette he just rescued), and goes to get himself a medal of honour. This version of Ceremony Luke will be a complete resculpt. Wondering why they made this instead of an X-Wing Luke? Well quit it! You?ll have that one soon enough (my lips are sealed).

Rebel Sentry
Remember that Rebel Soldier on sentry duty? You know, the dude in the crows nest scanning the Falcon as it approaches the Rebel Base? We?ll here he is, and if a totally new sculpt isn?t enough for this army builder, he comes complete with his with his little fort in the sky.

X-Wing Pilot
This figure will be built upon the wicked Dutch Vander body, but with a repainted helmet and a totally new head sculpt. Fear not, this one couldn?t suck as much as you fear it will. If there?s one thing I can tell you, Hasbro knows how to make great X-Wing pilots now, and they want to hook you up. No word on who this pilot will actually be.

Death Star Trooper
This figure is going to be slightly retooled, but who can say if that?s going to be just a new head sculpt , a repaint, or a total kit bash. Let?s hope for the latter since the POTF2 version of this figure was 100% crappy.
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