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Welcome back, Rebelscum fans! This week on the site we’re taking a look at The Force Unleashed II, and how it continued the beloved storyline established by the first installment. Make sure to read about the project’s production and importance in our “Expand Your Mind” article first, but stay tuned throughout the week for more articles, insights, videos, and information on the best merchandising content that you’ll want to look out for.

Like its predecessor, The Force Unleashed II told its story in a game, book, merchandising line, and tie-in material, but the comic book adaptation took a slightly different direction. The comic wasn’t a straight retelling of the adventures of Starkiller’s clone, and instead showed the aftermath of some of the most important levels from the perspective of Boba Fett as he tracks down his new target. It was an interesting take on the story that fleshed out the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Boba Fett is more popular than ever right now. After his appearance in the second season of The Mandalorian, the spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett showed how he escaped the Sarlacc Pit, built a new criminal empire by taking over Jabba’s palace, and brought honor back to Tatooine. Fett is surely going on more adventures soon, and fans eager for more will definitely want to read The Force Unleashed II to hear about some of his previous missions. In addition, here are some other Boba Fett comics that you’ll definitely want to check out.

  • Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire (1999) - Fett wasn’t always Vader’s favorite bounty hunter in the galaxy, as his flexible moral code saw him working for various galactic employers. Fett and Vader trade blows in this installment in the Boba Fett anthology comic series.

  • Shadows of the Empire (1996) - Before The Force Unleashed, the other major “movie without a movie” project Shadows of the Empire prominently featured Fett. It’s a critical bit of backstory, and shows how Fett transported his new carbonite frozen captive Han Solo from Bespin to Tatooine in between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Not only must he elude the Rebels, but Fett wards off other bounty hunters looking to steal his prize.

  • Blood Ties (2010) - One of the more emotional comic storylines to feature Fett, Blood Ties gives insights on the interesting relationship with his father Jango. Shortly prior to Attack of the Clones, Jango is hired to track down a rogue clone who escaped Kamino and started a family. Jango kills him, but leaves the escaped clone’s son alive. Years later after Boba Fett has become established, he discovers that the clone’s son has stolen his identity. Both men share a face, and they must confront the death of their fathers together when they’re forced to team up.

  • Dark Empire (1991) - The first Star Wars Dark Horse comic revealed that Emperor Palpatine had returned after the end of Return of the Jedi in a cloned body, and is attempting to bring Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side as his new apprentice. Palpatine isn’t the only villain to return; this was the story that revealed that Fett was still alive and had escaped the Sarlacc Pit.

  • Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika (2000-2001) - This epic heist story combines all of the galaxy’s greatest scum and villainy in an exciting hunt for a prized treasure that the Hutt clan wants their hands on. Searching for the prize is Fett, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Greedo, IG-88, Bossk, Dengar, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and more!
What do you think, Rebelscum fans? What are some of your favorite Boba Fett adventures in the comics? Do you prefer the Legends or new canon stories? Let us know in the forums, and as always, may the Force be with you!

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