Posted by Curto on August 31, 2007 at 02:30 PM CST
From Hasbro: First, thank you for sending in your votes!

In total, we received top 10 lists from 20 different Star Wars fansites from around the web. We have weighted all of the submissions, and there were many great suggestions with a great deal of alignment on the most popular choices. The top 20 are below.

Also, here are some interesting statistics: There were 67 individual characters submitted. The six top characters were also the ones receiving the votes from the most sites. Of the actual top 20 vote-getters, only three were ruled ineligible because these figures were already planned to come out in their original form or will be updated in 2008.

Those figures are:
  • Durge
  • EU Spacetrooper
  • Amanin alien
    (Hmmm...let the speculation begin...)

    However, there has been a 1-week delay while we redo our Hasbro polling software to handle multiple votes. Currently, our polling software allows fans to vote for only one selection from any given list.

    Instead, we are redoing the software to allow fans to vote for up to 5 figures. As a result, we are hoping (it may not be exact) that the poll will start 1 week from today. We'll send out a notification when it does begin so you can let your viewers know. The poll will run for two weeks, so everyone will still have plenty of time to vote. Please let your fans know that we will go live next week.

    Here are the top 20:

    1. ARC Trooper (Clone Wars) red & gray
    2. Bespin Guard (black ethnicity)
    3. Chewbacca (Early Bird kit)
    4. Clone Trooper (Treachery on Saleucami)
    5. Clone Trooper Pilot w/ball turret
    6. Coleman Trebor
    7. Colonel Wulf Yalaren (Death Star Briefing Room)
    8. Commander Neyo (Treachery on Saleucami)
    9. Covert Ops Clone Trooper
    10. Ephant Mon
    11. Graxol Kelvyyn (Watto's Box)
    12. Gungan Warrior (Fambaa set exclusive)
    13. Han Solo (Vintage OTC)
    14. Pablo-Jill
    15. Shadow Stormtrooper
    16. Sio Bibble
    17. Stormtrooper (Vintage OTC)
    18. Utapau Shadow Trooper
    19. Zev Senesca (Snowspeeder Pilot)
    20. Zutton (Blue Snaggletooth)

    Stay tuned and thank you, as always, for your participation!

    -Hasbro Star Wars Team
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