It was a celebration of galactic proportions in downtown Los Angeles from May 24th through May 28th. Almost the entire Rebelscum team was on hand to provide the best possible coverage you'll find anywhere - from exclusive collectibles to collector panels, it was a blast!

The big show has ended and the team has found their way back to their respective homes, but the celebration continues! Be sure to check out all the photo galleries, special reports, videos, photo archive updates, and so much more! Check out the photo galleries below and be sure to scope the video of the Rebelscum 10th Anniversary contest winner getting his head scanned by Gentle Giant!

Tuesday the 22nd:
Celebration Setup

Wednesday the 23rd:
More Setup Photos
Hallway Displays
The Art of Ralph McQuarrie
Fan Clubs
Hallmark booth
Homemade Landspeeder
Fan Fair Hall
The Final Set-Up

Thursday the 24th:
Hasbro - Basic Figures
Hasbro - Battle Packs
Hasbro - Comic Packs
Hasbro - Exclusives
Hasbro - Saga Legends
Hasbro - Vintage Figures
Hasbro - Vehicles
Gentle Giant Studios - First pass
Gentle Giant Studios - Statues
Gentle Giant Studios - Mini-Busts
Gentle Giant Studios - Star Wars Classics
Gentle Giant Studios - Star Wars Animated
Gentle Giant Studios - Miscellaneous
Sideshow Collectibles - 12" Figures
Sideshow Collectibles - Busts
Sideshow Collectibles - Statues
Sideshow Collectibles - Miscellaneous
ACME Archives
Nikko Electronics
Wizards of the Coast
Dark Horse Comics
More from LEGO
Hasbro - Galactic Heroes
Hasbro - Titanium Series
Hasbro - Star Wars Transformers
Hasbro - Unleashed Battle Packs
Hasbro - Attacktix

Friday the 25th:
Hasbro - More from the booth
Mello Smello
DK Publishing
R2 Builders
What's New With Hasbro?

Saturday the 26th:
Friday Morning Fan Club Breakfast
Gentle Giant Studios - Second pass
Sideshow Collectibles - Holographic Emperor
Lucas Archives
Hasbro's 2007 Fall Preview Presentation
Wizards Of The Coast Panel

Sunday the 27th:
The Vader Project

Wednesday the 30th:
Costumed Fans
Mimobot USB Flash Drives
Topps & WizKids

Sunday the 3rd:
Wizards of the Coast Diorama
Hasbro Booth - One Final Look
More Fan Costumes
Kotobukiya Close-Up
Galactic Heroes Cantina Sets
Fan Fair Hall - Ultimate Group Project
Gentle Giant Studios - Jabba the Hutt
That's a Wrap!

Thursday the 7th:
More Costumed Fans
More Fan Fair Hall Photos
Celebration Europe Program Cover Unveiled
Even More Costumed Fans

Wednesday the 23rd:
Sneak Preview: Hasbro: Action Figures
Sneak Preview: Hasbro: Other Toy Lines

Thursday the 24th:
Hasbro: Exclusive Coin

Friday the 25th:
Y-Wing Fighter Exclusive Update
Willrow Hood At Last?
Star Wars: Legacy Figures?

Saturday the 26th:
Legacy Of The Force Title Revealed
Action Figure Base Pack Details

Sunday the 27th:
The Clone Wars Is Live At Celebration IV

Monday the 28th:
Hasbro's Hermi Odle Uncovered
Hasbro Broke Grievous!

Thursday the 31th:
Hasbro Celebration Coins
Hasbro Cardback Gallery

Wednesday the 6th:
An Hour With Anthony Daniels

Monday the 11th:
Collecting Panel: Collector's Medallions
Collecting Panel: Disney Parks/Star Wars Toy Exclusives

Monday the 18th:
Collecting Panel: Recycled Toys
Collecting Panel: Unproduced Toys

Tuesday the 19th:
C4 Rumors: Hasbro Spy Report, Part 1

Friday the 25th:
Force-Cast TV: The Vader Project
Force-Cast TV: Luasfilm Archives
C4 Video: Congratulations Jad Bean

Saturday the 26th:
C4 Video: Fanboys Clip At C4 Grand Opening
C4 Video: Fan Interviews
C4 Video: Opening Day
C4 Video: Star Wars Stamp Unveiled
C4 Video: Attack Of The Show - Behind The Scenes
C4 Video: Jay Laga'aia Sings Again!
C4 Video: One For The Boys

Sunday the 27th:
C4 Video: Sunday Morning Fan Club Breakfast

Monday the 28th:
C4 Video: The Two Jays Sing At Star Wars Celebrity
C4 Video: Force-Cast TV - Live Show

Wednesday the 30th:
Force-Cast TV: Celebration Europe Program Cover Unveiling

Thursday the 31th:
C4 Video: The Force Among Us
C4 Video: Star Wars Celebrities

Saturday the 2nd:
Force-Cast TV: Hasbro Special Announcements
Force-Cast TV: Hasbro Booth
C4 Video: R2 Builders Parade

Sunday the 3rd:
C4 Video: Force-Cast TV - Live Show
C4 Video: Star Wars Celebrity

Thursday the 14th:
C4 Video: R2 Builders Room

Monday the 21st:
Special Report: Celebration IV Megacast

Sunday the 27th:
Special Report: Jad Bean & Jovial Jay

Monday the 28th:
Special Report: LIVE at the Fan Club Lounge

Friday the 1st:
Special Report: Billy Dee Williams!

Tuesday the 5th:
Special Report: The Kessel Run

Wednesday the 6th:
Special Report: The Celebrities of C4

Friday the 8th:
Special Report: The Wrap-Up