Star Wars #1
December 1998
"Prelude to Rebellion" part 1, 22ppg, $2.50

Writer: Jan Strnad
Penciler: Anthony Winn
Inker: Robert Jones
Letterer: Michael Taylor
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Color Separation: Guy Major
Cover Artist: Ken Kelly
Editor: Peet Janes
Assistant Editor: Mike Hansen
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Book Design: Kristen Burda
Penciler: Anthony Winn

Ki-Adi-Mundi (Cerean, Jedi Knight)

Maj-Odo-Nomor, Shea (Ki's bond-wife), Mawin (Ki's honor-wife), Sylvn (Ki's daughter)

Representative Silais (Republic representative), Ephant Mon, Representative Bron

Cerean Elders (Speaker is most likely Nar-Somo-Dali), Cerean boy (dies)

aryx (Two legged avian riding mount)

Cerea (Home planet of Ki-Adi-Mundi, and home of the Cereans)Outsider Citadel, Tecave City (Capital of Cerea)


This series represents the first new ongoing series, titled simply Star Wars, in 12 years.

Representative Silais is a Twi'lek, as mentioned in Prelude to Rebellion #0.
On the isolated planet of Cerea, Republic Representative Silais offers membership in the Republic to a council of Cerean Elders tempting them science and technology in exchange for the benefit of the planet's natural resources. The Elders are skeptical and ask for comments from the gallery. Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi steps forth and urges the council to reject Silais' proposal, offering his view of the planet and its beauty and condemning the Outsider Citadels. The council rejects Silais without a vote. Silais makes his displeasure known to Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Afterwards, Ki is relating the story to his bond-wife Shea. She lets him know that his honor-wife, Mawin, is having a problem with his daughter, Sylvn. Ki calms Mawin and promises to go out looking for Sylvn. Shea becomes upset with Ki for a thick headed remark and storms off, slamming the door in his face.

Ki mounts his avian-like mount, an aryx, and rides off to look for Sylvn. Thinking about his honor-wives and children, he is angry at himself for disappointing Shea and not being able to produce a son. He rides to a gathering of young Cereans having a protech rally, where his daughter and her boyfriend Maj-Odo-Nomor are listening to the speaker.

Meanwhile, in a field, Ephant Mon analyzes the air for Malium, a substance that feeds Tecave. Tecave is plant that is used to make Guilea, a drink that has a mild euphoric effect and, like Malium, is illegal to export from Cerea. Ephant Mon returns to an outsider citadel and descends into a storage area. He manages to smuggle Malium offworld to those that would synthesize their own Tecave, and receives technology, which is illegal to import, in return. Today, he opens a crate that contains a swoop bike.

Back at the rally, the crowd has been worked into a frenzy by speakers pushing for advancement and progress. An offworld diplomat, Bron, takes the stand and makes a vehement speech to the crowd, provoking them to action by relating stories of other worlds laughing at them for their antiquated ways. Angrily, Ki steps forward to confront Bron. Bron takes the upper hand by letting Ki speak to the crowd. Believing he has a gift for speech, Ki implores the youth to ignore the words of this offworlder and enjoy what they have. The crowd becomes angered and starts shouting him down. Maj takes the stand and pulls Ki off to be drug away by a group of angry youths. Sylvn begs with Maj to stop the crowd, but he refuses to listen. Maj gets his hands on Ki's lightsaber and accidentally kills a boy, and then runs off scared. The crowd advances on Ki as he carries the injured boy away. Bron smiles and disappears.

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