Star Wars #2
January 1999
"Prelude to Rebellion" part 2, 22ppg, $2.50

Writer: Jan Strnad
Penciler: Anthony Winn
Inker: Robert Jones
Letterer: Michael Taylor
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Color Separation: Guy Major
Cover Artist: Ken Kelly
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Book Design: Kristen Burda
Editor: Peet Janes
Assistant Editor: Mike Hansen


Nar-Somo-Dali (unnamed, Cerean elder), Ydde (dies), Mawin, Sylvn, Kordren (Overweight male member of Swoop Gang), Skeel (Male member of Swoop gang), Twin (unnamed, Female member of Swoop gang), Maj-Odo-Nomor, Shea

Yoda (in flashback)

Representative Bron, Ephant Mon, Representative Silais

Dock worker, Ydde's wife, Ydde's children, Outsider Gang (Devaronian, Rodian, Noghri, 3 humanoids)


CereaOutsider Citadel

Citadel Security, Cerean guards


Swoop bike

Having been charged with murder of the young boy at the protech rally, Ki makes an appearance at the Elder council for a second day in a row. The elder informs Ki that Representative Silais has provided the technology to exonerate him from the murder. Surveillance video shows that Maj was the actual culprit and Ki is instructed to bring him to justice, along with his accomplices. The elders refuse to return his lightsaber and Silais gloats over Ki's acceptance of technology. Ki dismisses Silais by describing the difference between use and enslavement by the technology.

Ki rides home knowing that one of Maj's accomplices is his own daughter, Sylvn, On arrival he finds Mawin at laying on the floor and four youth stealing groceries. They ride on two swoop bikes and are painted up like clowns. Ki recognizes his daughter as one of the gang and believes they were stealing for someone else.

Hiding in an outsider citadel, Maj accepts protection and food from Ephant Mon. Back in Tecave City, Skeel and Kordren flaunt their swoops for the Cereans and then head back to their hideout.

Ki, not needing to follow them to know where they are headed, approaches the outsider citadel and makes for his informant at the docks, Ydde. Not finding him, he heads for Ydde's home. His wife hasn't seen him, but tells Ki that Ydde overheard talk about a shipment that spooked him. Ki give's Ydde's wife some credits for the children.

Entering a local bar, Ki finds Ydde and tries to get information from him by giving him credits. Ydde throws the note back at Ki and leaves, scared. Ki catches up to Ydde in an alley, but he still won't talk believing many eyes are on him. Watching Ydde leave, Ki is confronted by a gang of six offworlders headed by a nasty Devaronian that had one of his horns cut off by Ki two years ago. Ki defends himself, but when the offworlders won't stay down, Ki summons his aryx for assistance. The aryx makes quick work of the gang and Ki knocks out the Devaronian as the local security arrives. On his way out, Ki finds Ydde shot dead from a skilled assassin.

At the swoop gangs hideout, the group decides to go out for the evening, except Maj and Sylvn. Bron applauds Sylvn standing by Maj in this difficult time and lets Maj know that the movement needs individuals like him that aren't afraid to seize the moment. Bron then gives Ephant Mon instructions to protect Maj ... and not dispose of him till until Bron gives the order.

Ki returns home from a bad day, exhausted and recalls a training moment in which Yoda teaches him that everything is in motion and that a Jedi needs to watch for the moment when bad becomes good and the truth is revealed. Shea tries to pull Ki out of his mood and then asks him for some groceries. Upon pulling the credits out of his pocket, he realizes the note Ydde threw back has a name written on it, Ephant Mon. Ki silently thanks Ydde.

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