Star Wars #4
March 1999
"Prelude to Rebellion" part 4, 16ppg, $2.50

Writer: Jan Strnad
Penciler: Anthony Winn
Inker: Robert Jones
Colorist: Dave Nestelle
Color Separation: Guy Major
Cover Artist: Dan Brereton
Publisher: Mike Richardson
Book Design: Kristen Burda
Editor: Peet Janes
Assistant Editor: Mike Hansen


J1M (referred to here as GIM), B3NK, 2-ROB, FLTCH R-1 (merc droid from previous issue, reprogrammed)



Cerean freighter, Cerean starship (Ki's transport)

This issue begins a three part backup story called "Vow of Justice" that deals with an early adventure for Ki-Adi-Mundi.

The droid J1M is referred to here as GIM. Even though this is the droids first appearance, there are multiple references to J1M in issue #6, while only one reference to GIM in this issue, so the later issue will be the one that defines the proper name.
Sylvn, Maj, Twin and Ephant Mon have escaped on a freighter. Sylvn is locked out of the escape pod by Maj, left for something coming towards her, out of the shadows.

The elder Nar-Somo-Dali brings Ki up to speed on the status of the freighter. It has been quarantined around Tatooine due to the 2000 divvik pupae on it that are due to hatch. Divvik pupae are a delicacy to Hutts, but these have hatched, and they are nasty and nearly impossible to kill. Dali sends Ki out secretly to rescue Sylvn from the freighter. Meanwhile Bron is stirring a crowd of Cereans into a frenzy, letting them believe the Elders are persecuting Maj for his pro-tech beliefs.

As the divviks are just about to attack Sylvn, Twin yanks her into the escape pod. But then they realize that they are stuck, since the escape pod needs to be manually activated, from outside the door.

Silais has secured a ship and crew for Ki's rescue mission. The crew consists of three prototype droids; GIM, B3NK, and 2-ROB. The pilot comes as a surprise, as it is the reprogrammed merc-droid, redesignated FLTCH R-1. Ki and crew depart from Cerea for Tatooine, which should take about ten hours.

Ki finds the ship, and boards it guided by Ephant Mon slight force ability to the survivors. He ignites his lightsaber and enters the divvik infested ship.
"Vow of Justice" part 1, 6ppg, $2.50

Writer: Jan Strnad
Penciler: John Nadeau
Inker: Jordi Ensign
Letterer: Michael Taylor
Colorist: Dave Nestelle

Ki-Adi-Mundi (both as a Jedi and as a 4 year old)

An'ya Kuro (The Dark Woman) (unnamed), Ki's father (unnamed), Ki's mother (unnamed)


Droe (Ki's sister), Ki's sisters (unnamed)

aryx, cerean mounts (four legged reptoids), cerean livestock (four legged hircine creatures)

An'ya Kuro's starship

The enitire story, with the exception of the first and last panel, is told all a flashback.
Thirty-five years prior to the events in 'Prelude to Rebellion', Ki-Adi-Mundi returns home having been training with Master Yoda for the last 21 years. He recalls the day he was chosen to be a Jedi...

A blue spacecraft lands out side Ki-Adi-Mundi's family farm, bringing a female Jedi to see Ki. She discusses Jedi training with Ki's father, but he defiantly rejects her proposition to take Ki with her back to Coruscant for training.

Suddenly young Ki informs his father that the raiders, led by the half-handed Bin-Garda-Zon are coming for their harvest. Ki's father hides Ki under the floorboards with his sister, Droe, fearing the raiders will steal his only son. The Jedi reacts to defend the familt, but Ki's father restrains her, arguing that when she leaves, Bin-Garda will make an example of them.

Bin-Garda breaks in the door and attacks Ki's father, before leaving with the harvest. He embraces his son, and tells the Jedi to leave with him before he changes his mind. Sobbing Ki swears he will return to avenge his father; that he'll make them all sorry.

He has returned...

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