Star Wars: Prelude to Rebellion #0
December 1998
"Prelude to Rebellion", $0.00

Writer: Peet Janes



training droids

training remote

This issue of "Prelude to Rebellion" was release online at as a animated Shockwave comic. It was the third in a series, that began with Mara Jade #0 and continued with Crimson Empire #0. It was quickly followed by The Phantom Menace online comic.

Unfortunately for many fans, this issue is no longer available as an online comic. You can find images of the issue by clicking through into our Dark Horse Star Wars comic section.
The day before Republic Representative Silais' visit, Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi is practicing his lightsaber skills with a training remote. He is concerned with what the Republic observers will think about his peoples and manages to lose concentration and get zapped by the lower powered beam from his remote. He remembers another time that he lost his concentration in training scenario...

Some years earlier, while sparring with a training droid, Yoda counsels Ki on the differences between the Jedi and his enemy. While he is distracted by his masters words, another training droid trips him up.

Yoda tells him of Vuras, a Jedi that sought revenge and used the tactics of his enemies, but destroyed himself in the process. Suddenly the training droids begin attacking him simultaneously. Ki manages to defeat them but complains to his master that they exceed their programming, and the exercise was unfair. Yoda informs Ki that his enemies will not care about fair; that he must prepare for cowardice and unfairness.

Back at the present, Ki muses that there are many things about his planets encounters with the Republic that are not fair, but he vows to be ready for them none-the-less.

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