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Moroff was a male Gigoran mercenary who sought out combat zones to sell his brawn and firepower to anyone who required it. Hired by Saw Gerrera, he participated in the Jedha insurgency and was part of the patrol that brought Bodhi Rook to Gerrera for questioning. While some pre-release footage from Rogue One shows Moroff participating in the Battle of Scarif, he is not seen in any Scarif scenes in the final movie. This likely explains why both action figure releases were packaged with other characters relating to that battle. He was portrayed by Welsh actor, stuntman, and former professional basketball player, Ian Whyte.

The figure shown here was released in 2016 as part of the Rogue One assortment. He was first offered in a two-pack alongside the Scarif Stormtrooper Squad leader. He was also available as part of the Kolh's exclusive 4-pack. His accessories include a large backpack with twin-cannons on each side, two firing projectiles, and a blaster rifle. Moroff has the standard 5 points of articulation for this assortment. The paint apps are simple, but there are nice silver highlights on the belt and a bit of dirt on the face and feet.

Equal parts Wampa, Bane, Immortan Joe, mirror-universe Chewbacca, and Lhasa Apso, this silken-haired...thing...looks imposing while also giving off the impression that he spends his mornings space-brushing his hair in the space-mirror. We hope Hasbro gives us more eccentric background characters like this in the future. Click here to see our photo archive entry.
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