Posted by Curto on November 4, 2006 at 10:15 AM CST
There's still plenty of time to cast your vote in this week's Greatest Hits 2007 tournament. 32 of your favorite figures from the past are currently facing off against each other for inclusion in next year's line.

While we already have some clear-cut winners, there are a couple of showdowns that are very close! YOUR vote could make the difference!

2-1B Medic Droid Vs. Sandtrooper Squad Leader (Evolutions)
Can the medical droid who can replace lost limbs prevail against a soldier of the empire?

R2-Q5 Vs. Clone Trooper Captain (Troop Builder)
This Imperial astromech droid is currently holding its own against the clone...but will it last?

Biker Scout (VTSC) Vs. FX-7 Medical Droid
Two great figures want your votes! Which one is the best?

Clone Trooper Sergeant (Troop Builder) Vs. Zuckuss
Another clone faces off against a cool-looking bounty hunter...can the Gand Findsman pull out a victory?

Pote Snitkin Vs. Imperial Officers
A geat sculpt of a background alien is taking on a trio of Imperials (all 3 versions would be released as a running change), but can an obscure alien take the win?

Coleman Trebor Vs. Clone Trooper Commander (Troop Builder)
This alien already defeated a Clone Commander last week...will history repeat itself?

Bonus Pit Droids 2-Pack Vs. Paploo (Speeder Bike Thief)
All 6 versions (released as a running change) of the foreign-released droids are facing off against a hard-to-find Ewok. Too bad they both can't move on, since I don't have either!

Shocktrooper (Skirmish in the Senate) Vs. TC-14
Can the super-articulated clone from Revenge of the Sith defeat the protocol droid from The Phantom Menace? YOU decide!

Ephant Mon Vs. Ishi Tib
Both great-looking aliens from Return of the Jedi...and one is already a fan favorite figure. Will Ephant Mon do it again?

Sandtrooper Sergeant (Evolutions) Vs. Death Star Gunner
TWO Imperial troops face off in this match...which one is YOUR favorite?

R4-I9 (Imperial Forces) Vs. Sio Bibble
Another Imperial astromech droid is ahead of the Naboo advisor...will it last?

Battle Droids (Security) 2-Pack Vs. Boba Fett (VOTC)
The most popular Battle Droids taking on the most notorious bounty about a tough choice!!

Darktrooper (Dark Forces) Vs. R3-A2 (The Battle of Hoth)
Two droids of VERY different designs need your vote...which will YOU choose?

Durge (Clone Wars) Vs. Clone Trooper (Troop Builder)
This has been the most exciting showdown this week, as the winners change place several times per day. Would you rather have the exciting bounty hunter from the Clone Wars or the definitive Clone Trooper from Attack of the Clones?

Coruscant Clone Commander (Evolutions) Vs. Saleucami Clone Trooper
One is officially known as a "Coruscant Loading Platform Commander" and the other was a Target exclusive last year (and now apparently a European exclusive), but which clone is your favorite?

Luke Skywalker (Dark Empire) Vs. Graxol Kelvyyn (Watto's Box)
The only main character (although in an Expanded Universe outfit) to make it into the tournament is losing to a really big alien from The Phantom Menace...will your vote change that?

Which figures do you want to see brought back for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars? Make your votes heard! Head on over and place your vote today!
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