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SL01 Stormtrooper
This is a figure you will want an army of! Five points of articulation, like the rest of the assortment. The sculpt is pretty accurate to the Rebels version of the Imperial Stormtroopers, but the paint design omits the torso details. That aside it is a very solid action figure. The blaster is a different sculpt than the one used on the previously released Saga Legends Stormtroopers.

SL02 Ezra Bridger
If you've already bought the Toys "R" Us Exclusive Mission Series Jedi Reveal Multipack you don't need this figure. It is exactly the same save the date stamp on the back of the SL01. That said, if you do have the three pack, this does give you the opportunity to display the figures with and without the helmet accessory.

SL03 The Inquisitor
This figure is awesome! The detail is dead on, the paint design is adequate, and the double-bladed Lightsaber is pretty cool too. If you've seen the latest episode of Rebels and seen this guy in action, you already know this figure is likely to sell out very fast. Like all the other figures in the wave, it is only one per case, so if you see it, you may want to grab it!

SL04 Kanan Jarrus
Just like the SL01 Ezra Bridger, the SL04 Kanan Jarrus would be identical to the figure in the Toys "R" Us Exclusive Mission Series Jedi Reveal Multipack if not for the date stamp on the back of the single carded figure's leg.

SL05 Agent Kallus
This figure looks amazing. The Blaster is incredibly cool looking, and the sculpt reminds you instantly of your classic Kenner Death Squad Commander and Imperial Officer action figures. One down side? The helmet ins't removable. Like SL03 The Inquisitor, this one is likely to move quickly, and right fully so. Of the new figures in this assortment, the SL05 Agent Kallus is the best!

SL06 C1-10P (Chopper)
This little guy is the right size for the line, but it doesn't do much. Three points of articulation and a simple paint design. This is a figure that could really use a couple more bells and whistles. If it had its third leg, er, wheel or articulated arms, it would be much better. Considering how much moxie the character has, this is also going to be a tough figure to findů at least at first.

SL07 Jango Fett
Though this is the figure's first single card release, it appears to be identical to the previously released Mission Series MS03 Geonosis figure.

SL08 Clone Trooper
If you've been buying everything released last year, you already have this figure.

SL09 Darth Vader
This figure is the same as the Mission Series MS01 Star Destroyer Darth Vader figure. That said, it is a single carded Darth Vader, so it has that going for it.

SL10 Luke Skywalker
Looks like collectors in the U.S. are about to be treated to one of the finest Luke Skywalker action figures ever released. Unlike the SL14 Luke Skywalker that was sold in Canada and Europe previously, the SL10 Luke Skywalker has a new paint design that gives the figure eyes that are actually in scale, making an already spectacular figure even better!

SL11 Obi-Wan Kenobi
A straight repack of the SL13 Obi-Wan Kenobi that was sold in Canada and Europe.

SL12 Snowtrooper
Another figure made available in Canada and Europe previous, the SL12 Snowtrooper is a straight repack of the SL16 Snowtrooper. This amazing figure is made even better simply by it being packaged on the Rebels card back.

Over All?
This assortment is not likely to quiet the loudest articulation junkies, but it is a great assortment of figures. The built up anticipation for these figures will make collectors appreciate them a bit more once they have them in hand. The SL03 The Inquisitor, SL05 Agent Kallus, and the repainted SL10 Luke Skywalker are the high points, but there isn't a dud in this wave.

These figures were purchased at the Disney Store in Surrey, British Columbia, so its official; The Star Wars: Rebels Saga Legends has officially made it to North America. Happy hunting!
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