Posted by Jeremy on December 7, 2017 at 01:46 PM CST
Less than a week away from the promotion that would have seen LEGO Star Wars shoppers who spent of $60/55 get one of these play/display pods, there are concerns and the promotion has been pulled:
"We have to inform that as part of our internal quality screening process, we have found that the Star Wars Metalized Pod 5005376 does not meet our strict standards. As you know, we take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously, and so out of an abundance of caution we have decided not to launch the Star Wars Pod"
Given that the promotion was imminent it is very likely that these sets have already been made and reached their distribution nodes. Fingers crossed that they get recalled and the offending part/material gets replaced rather than all of them getting destroyed. With LEGO's commitment to recycling it would be a shame to see tens of thousands of these treated like am ET video game cartridge.

This story was first reported by The Brick Fan.
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