Posted by Adam on April 24, 2017 at 11:27 PM CST
Star Wars at the Movies: Vintage Theatrical Advertising And Collectible Ephemera was meant to be presented by a panel that comprised Stephen Danley, Ron Salvatore, Todd Chamberlain and Skye Paine, though the latter was noticeable by his absence. Read on to learn more about what was shown during the presentation.

The panel was concerned with covering stuff beyond the usual movie posters, focusing on buttons, campaign books and studio promotional items.

One of the first items shown was also one of the very first collectibles, 20th Century Fox's campaign book "26 in 76", which featured Ralph McQuarrie's concept art of the TIE Pilot, while the 1977 version of the book included a movie still.

Among the other items shown were:
  • Press sheets and print advertising, such as press books that contained publicity material with blurbs and bios, marketing strategies and graphics such as advertising slicks in different sizes and configurations.
  • Press kits featuring Star Wars and the ewoks
  • Magazine Ads promoting the final weekend to see Star Wars in theaters
  • Trade magazine advertising supplements
  • Screening tickets and invites
  • A screening credit sheet
  • Three styles of 7" x 10" flyers known as heralds
  • Handbills and flyers showing local promotions and cinema listings
  • International handbills
  • Mini versions of posters known as Japanese Chirashi, including double-sided styles
  • Buttons and stickers
  • Souvenir programs and official collectors editions
  • International programs and film magazines
  • Standard and mini versions of movie theater lobby cards
  • Theater displays
  • Kenner Toy Promotions, including:
    • The Birthday Cake Display
    • Kenner Action Figure Shipping Box
    • Newspaper ads
    • Cash refund booklets
    • Mailaway promotions
    • Shelf-talkers
    • Rebate coupons
    • Point-of-sale pieces
    • Sweepstakes commercial
    • Coke cup tie-in promotion featuring line-art of the Imperial Dignitary and Romba
    • A Kenner brochure
    • Rebate flyers
    • A Kenner internal memo

Adding to the excitement of the panel was Jasper Nixon, a time-traveler from the 1980s who just so happened to have in his possession a number of the items shown, and he was also able to share incredible insight into his experiences of that time more than 30 years ago!

A bumper sticker was given to attendees along with the Star Tot given out at this panel was the B-Wing Pilot, sponsored by Stephen B. Danley.
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