Posted by D. Martin on April 14, 2017 at 09:00 AM CST
Friday, April 14

Star Wars Display and Advertising Collecting
Will Grief, Ron Salvatore, Todd Chamberlain, Gus Lopez
Star Wars advertising and merchandising dates back to the very beginning of Star
Wars. Point of purchase ('POP') displays showed up in stores even before the actual merchandise was available. Movie advertising helped lure us all into the theater and create the phenomenon that is Star Wars. Often these big and bulky displays were thrown away by retailers eager to make room for the next item in line. Few fans saved these items, making Star Wars Display collecting one of the most challenging of all Star Wars collecting niches. Come join Todd Chamberlain, Ron Salvatore and Will Grief as we stroll through store aisles and catalogs of yore, spanning the Original Trilogy all the way through Rogue One.

The Art and Packaging of Vintage Star Wars Toys
Learn about Kenner’s now-iconic design for the Star Wars action figure line and how important that design was for the success of the line. Mattias Rendahl, author of A New Proof - Kenner Star Wars Packaging Design 1977-1979 and pre-production collector, will talk about the basics of the Star Wars packaging design process, show original sketches, artwork and proof cards from all the vintage lines, tell stories from ex Kenner employees that did the original design. See rare Revenge of the Jedi proof cards, the gateway to 2D pre-production collecting. Questions welcome on anything from rarity to current values.

Displaying Your Star Wars Collection
How to display your collection from the cheap, to the creative, to the costly! There is information for everyone, from entry level collector to those who have hoarded 40 years of gems up to the ceiling! We take a peek into how collectors from across the world display and curate a vast variety of Star Wars collectibles. We'll cover important concepts, view images of amazing collections, and provide information on specific ideas that you can tackle at home. Attendees will receive a special bonus for their collection. Presented by Peter Fitzke, Jeff Jacobs, Brian Angel, Ross Cuddie and Elling Haug.

The Star Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl Explosion
The incredible popularity of Star Wars Funko Pop! vinyl seems to have grown over night, but actually there have been vinyl Star Wars toys since the first Jawa figure’s cape, and Funko has been making Star Wars collectibles for over a decade. We’ll take a brief look at the international history of vinyl toys, the art vinyl toy movement and the growth of Star Wars vinyl toys & collectibles. See the variety and history of Funko Star Wars toys
and evolution of the Pop!, leading to the growing army of Star Wars Pop! vinyls. We’ll see the key to Funko’s success is that their artists and staff are all passionate collectors empowered to make cool toys, and we’ll share insights and stories from their headquarters. We will discuss some strategies for collecting and displaying as well as Pop! “FUN”ko Facts from a few crazy collectors. Q&A from the audience, too. Presented by Earl Bergquist, Pam Green, Mark Robben.

Star Wars Original Props and Costumes
An exploration of the wonderful world of collecting original props used in the making of the Star Wars movies. Come along and get hints and tips on all aspects of collecting the greatest collectible of all, an actual piece of the movies we hold so dear. This panel will focus on how to get started and learn the how-to of collecting props and costumes from the Star Wars films. Presented by Tom Spina, Brandon Alinger, Stephen Lane, Gus Lopez, David Mandel and Andy Goulding with CJ Fawcett moderating.
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