Heroes of the Rebellion
__ Han Solo -ANH (Smuggler: Tatooine)
__ Han Solo -TESB (Rebel Captain: Bespin)
__ Han Solo -TESB (Rebel Captain: Bespin Exclusive)
__ Han Solo & Luke Skywalker -ANH (Stormtrooper Disguise 2009 SDCC)
__ Lando Calrissian -TESB (Bespin Administrator)
__ Luke Skywalker -ANH (Moisture Farmer: Tatooine)
__ Luke Skywalker -ANH (Rebel Hero: Yavin IV CIV Exclusive )
__ Luke Skywalker -TESB (Rebel Commander: Bespin)
__ Leia Organa -ANH (Imperial Senator: Alderaan)
__ Princess Leia -ROTJ (As Boussh)
__ Padmé Amidala -CW (Ilum Mission)

Lords of the Sith
__ Asajj Ventress -CW (Dark Side Apprentice)
__ Chancellor Palpatine / Darth Sidious -ROTS (Two Pack)
__ Darth Maul -TPM (Sith Lord)
__ Holographic Darth Sidious with Mechno-Chair -TPM (2007 SDCC Exclusive Edition)
__ Darth Vader -ROTS (Sith Apprentice 2006 SDCC)
__ Darth Vader -ANH (Sith Lord)
__ Emperor Palpatine -ROTJ
__ Imperial Throne -ROTS
__ Sith Probe Droids Expansion Pack -TPM

Militaries of Star Wars
__ 212th Attack Battalion -ROTS (Utapau Clone Trooper)
__ 41st Elite Corps -ROTS (Coruscant Clone Trooper)
__ 501st Legion -ROTS (Vader's Fist Clone Trooper)
__ Admiral Piett _TESB/ROTJ
__ Battle Droids -TPM (Standard Droids)
__ Battle Droids -TPM (OOM-9)
__ Battle Droids -TPM (Pilot Droids)
__ Battle Droids -TPM (Security Droids)
__ Battle Droids -AOTC (Geonosis Droids)
__ Blackhole Stormtrooper -EU (Retailer Exclusive Program)
__ Captain Antilles -ANH
__ Captain Rex -TCW
__ Clone Trooper -AOTC (Commander 2011 SDCC)
__ Clone Trooper -AOTC (Phase I)
__ Clone Trooper -AOTC (Lieutenant 2010 SDCC)
__ Clone Trooper -AOTC (Sergeant)
__ Commander Cody -TCW & ROTS (212th Attack Battalion )
__ Commander Praji -ANH
__ Grand Admiral Thrawn -EU
__ Imperial Shock Trooper -ROTS
__ Rebel Commando -ROTJ (Infantryman: Endor)
__ Rebel Commando -ROTJ (Pathfinder: Endor)
__ Rebel Commando -ROTJ (Sergeant: Endor)
__ Rebel Fleet Trooper -ANH
__ Sandtrooper -ANH (Corporal)
__ Sandtrooper -ANH (Sergeant)
__ Sandtrooper -ANH (Squad Leader)
__ Stormtrooper -ANH
__ Stormtrooper Commander -EU

Order of the Jedi
__ Aayla Secura -AOTC/ROTS (Jedi Master 2008 SDCC )
__ Anakin Skywalker -TCW
__ Anakin Skywalker -ROTS (Jedi Knight)
__ Anakin Skywalker -ROTS (Jedi Knight Exclusive)
__ Kit Fisto -ROTS (Jedi Master with Creator Interview)
__ Kit Fisto -ROTS (Jedi Master Exclusive Edition)
__ Luke Skywalker -ROTJ (Jedi Knight)
__ Luke Skywalker -ROTJ (Jedi Knight Exclusive)
__ Mace Windu -TPM/AOTC/ROTS (Jedi Master)
__ Mace Windu-TPM/AOTC/ROTS (Jedi Master Exclusive)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -CW (Jedi Master: General)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -AOTC (Jedi Knight)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -ROTS (Jedi Master)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -ROTS (Jedi Master Exclusive)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -ANH (Jedi Master)
__ Plo Koon -TPM/AOTC/ROTS (Jedi Master)
__ Qui-Gon Jinn -TPM (Jedi Master)
__ Qui-Gon Jinn -TPM (Jedi Master Exclusive)
__ Yoda -TESB (Jedi Mentor)

Scum & Villainy
__ Bib Fortuna -ROTJ (Jabba's Major Domo)
__ Buboicullaar Creature Pack -ROTJ
__ Gamorrean Guard
__ Gamorrean Guard (Gartogg)
__ Greedo -ANH (Bounty Hunter)
__ Jabba the Hutt -ROTJ
__ Jabba's Throne Environment -ROTJ
__ Momaw Nadon -ANH (Hammerhead)
__ Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack -ROTJ

Expansion Sets
__ Dejarik Holochess Set -ANH
__ Han Solo in Carbonite -ROTJ
__ Mos Eisley Cantina -ANH (Greedo Vs. Han Solo)
__ Mos Eisley Cantina -ANH (Nadon's Nook)
__ Yoda's Hut (Dagobah)

__ Aurra Sing -TPM
__ Anakin Skywalker -ROTS
__ Asajj Ventress -CW
__ Boba Fett -ROTJ
__ Clone Trooper
__ Count Dooku
__ Darth Maul -TPM
__ Darth Talon -EU
__ Darth Vader -ANH
__ General Grievous -ROTS
__ Han Solo -ANH
__ Han Solo -ANH (Rebel Hero Exclusive Edition)
__ Luke Skywalker -ANH
__ Luke Skywalker -ANH (2005 SDCC)
__ Luke Skywalker & Yoda -TESB
__ Luke Skywalker -ROTJ
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -ANH
__ Princess Leia Organa -ANH
__ Princess Leia Organa -ANH (Exclusive)
__ Slave Leia -ROTJ
__ Scout Trooper -ROTJ
__ Speeder Bike & Scout Trooper -ROTJ
__ Tusken Raider -ANH
__ Yoda & Clone Trooper -ROTS

__ 501st Clone Trooper -ROTS
__ Admiral Ackbar -ROTJ
__ Asajj Ventress -TCW
__ Boba Fett -TESB
__ Bossk -TESB
__ Darth Maul -TPM
__ Darth Vader -ROTJ
__ Figrin D'an -ANH
__ Gamorrean Guard -ROTJ
__ General Grievous -ROTS
__ Greedo -ANH
__ Palpatine -ROTJ
__ Yoda -TESB

__ Commander Cody -ROTS
__ Darth Sidious -ROTS
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi -ANH

__ Ambush On Hoth -Luke Vs. Wampa -TESB
__ Ambush On Hoth -Luke Vs. Wampa -TESB (Faux Bronze Finish)
__ Anakin Vs. Asajj -TCW
__ Diplomatic Mission -Darth Vader Vs. Captain Antilles -ANH
__ Diplomatic Mission -Darth Vader Vs. Captain Antilles -ANHv(Faux Bronze Finish)
__ Duel Of The Fates -Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Maul -TPM
__ Duel Of The Fates -Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Maul -TPM (Faux Bronze Finish)
__ Duel With Dooku Yoda Vs. -Count Dooku -AOTC
__ Duel With Dooku -Count Dooku -AOTC (Faux Bronze Finish)
__ Geonosis Arena - Padmé Vs. Nexu -AOTC
__ Geonosis Arena - Padmé Vs. Nexu -AOTC (Faux Bronze Finish)
__ Look Sir, Droids -ANH
__ Obi-Wan Vs. Anakin -ROTS
__ Sabotage -Obi-Wan Kenobi -ANH
__ The Circle Is Now Complete -Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Vader -ANH
__ There Will Be No Bargain -Luke Vs. Rancor -ROTJ
__ This is no Cave -TESB (Celebration IV Exclusive)
__ You're Going to Regret This -Princess Leia vs Jabba the Hutt -ROTJ

Medicom VCDs
__ Darth Vader
__ Stormtrooper

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