Basic Figures
Wave 1 - The Empire Strikes Back
__ VC01: Dengar
__ VC02: Leia (Hoth Outfit)
__ VC03: Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)
__ VC04: Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)
__ VC05: AT-AT Commander
__ VC06: See-Threepio (C-3PO)
__ VC07: Dack Ralter
__ VC08: Darth Vader
__ VC09: Boba Fett
__ VC09: Boba Fett ("Revenge of the Jedi")
__ VC10: 4-LOM
__ VC11: (Twin-Pod) Cloud Car Pilot

Wave 2 - Revenge of the Sith
__ VC12: Darth Sidious
__ VC13: Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)
__ VC14: Sandtrooper
__ VC15: Clone Trooper
__ VC16: Obi-Wan Kenobi
__ VC17: General Grievous
__ VC18: MagnaGuard
__ VC19: Clone Commander Cody
__ VC20: Yoda

Wave 3 - Return of the Jedi
__ VC21: Gamorrean Guard
__ VC22: Admiral Ackbar
__ VC23: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit / Endor Captive)
__ VC24: Wooof (Klaatu)
__ VC25: R2-D2 (with Pop-Up Lightsaber)
__ VC26: Rebel Commando
__ VC26: Rebel Commando (Version II)
__ VC27: Wicket
__ VC28: Wedge Antilles

Wave 4 - Attack of the Clones
__ VC29: Kit Fisto
__ VC30: Zam Wesell
__ VC31: Obi-Wan Kenobi
__ VC32: Anakin Skywalker (Peasant Disguise)
__ VC33: Padmé Amidala (Peasant Disguise)
__ VC34: Jango Fett
__ VC35: Mace Windu
__ VC36: Senate Guard
__ VC37: Super Battle Droid

Wave 5 - Mixed Waves Begin
__ VC38: Clone Trooper (212th Battalion)
__ VC39: Luke Skywalker (Death Star Escape)
__ VC40: R5-D4
__ VC41: Stormtrooper
__ VC42: Han Solo (Yavin Ceremony)
__ VC43: Commander Gree (Greatest Hits)

Wave 6
__ VC44: Luke Skywalker (Dagobah Landing)
__ VC45: Clone Trooper (Phase I)
__ VC46: AT-RT Driver
__ VC47: General Lando Calrissian
__ VC48: Weequay (Skiff Master)
__ VC49: Fi-Ek Sirch (Jedi Knight)

Wave 7
__ VC50: Han Solo (Bespin Outfit)
__ VC51: Barriss Offee (Jedi Padawan)
__ VC52: Rebel Fleet Trooper
__ VC53: Bom Vimdin (Cantina Patron)
__ VC54: ARC Trooper Commander (Captain Fordo)
__ VC55: Logray (Ewok Medicine Man)

Wave 15 - Delayed until 2012
__ VC56: Kithaba (Skiff Guard)
__ VC57: Dr. Cornelius Evazan
__ VC58: Aayla Secura
__ VC59: Nom Anor
__ VC60: Clone Trooper (501st Legion)

Wave 8: includes "Revenge of the Jedi" Chase Figures
__ VC61: Prototype Armour Boba Fett (2011 Mailaway)
__ VC62: Han Solo (In Trench Coat)
__ VC63: B-Wing Pilot (Keyan Farlander)
__ VC64: Princess Leia (Slave Outfit)
__ VC65: TIE Fighter Pilot
__ VC66: Salacious Crumb (SDCC 2011 exclusive)
__ VC67: Mouse Droid (SDCC 2011 exclusive)

Wave 9
__ VC68: Rebel Soldier (Echo Base Battle Gear)
__ VC69: Bastila Shan
__ VC70: Ponda Baba (Walrus Man)

Wave 14 - The Phantom Menace (carry-forwards from "Discover the Force" released in November 2012)
__ VC71: Mawhonic
__ VC72: Naboo Pilot
__ VC73: Aurra Sing
__ VC74: Gungan Warrior

Wave 10 - The Phantom Menace (New cardback debuts)
__ VC75: Qui-Gon Jinn
__ VC76: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi Padawan)
__ VC77: Ratts Tyerell & Pit Droid
__ VC78: Battle Droid
__ VC79: Darth Sidious
__ VC80: Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Padawan)
__ VC81: Ben Quadinaros & Pit Droid
__ VC82: Daultay Dofine
__ VC83: Naboo Royal Guard
__ VC84: Queen Amidala (Post-Senate)
__ VC85: Quinlan Vos (Mos Espa)
__ VC86: Darth Maul

Wave 11 - Return of the Jedi (Deleted Scenes)
__ VC87: Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction)
__ VC88: Princess Leia (Sandstorm Outfit)
__ VC89: Lando Calrissian (Sandstorm Outfit)
__ VC90: Colonel Cracken (Millennium Falcon Crew)
__ VC91: Rebel Pilot (Mon Calamari)

Wave 12 - New mixed waves resume
__ VC92: Anakin Skywalker (The Clone Wars)
__ VC93: Darth Vader (A New Hope)
__ VC94: Imperial Navy Commander
__ VC95: Luke Skywalker (Hoth Outfit)
__ VC96: Darth Malgus (The Old Republic)

Wave 13
__ VC97: Clone Pilot Davijaan (Oddball)
__ VC98: Grand Moff Tarkin
__ VC99: Nikto (Vintage)
__ VC100: Galen Marek (The Force Unleashed II)
__ VC101: Shae Vizsla

Wave 16
__ VC102: Ahsoka Tano (The Clone Wars)
__ VC103: Obi-Wan Kenobi (The Clone Wars)
__ VC104: Lumat
__ VC105: Emperor's Royal Guard
__ VC106: Nien Nunb
__ VC107: Weequay (Hunter)

Wave 17: includes "Carbon Freeze Chamber" Chase Figures
__ VC108: Jar Jar Binks
__ VC108: Jar Jar Binks [Lost Line]
__ VC109: Clone Trooper Lieutenant
__ VC109: Clone Trooper Lieutenant [Lost Line]
__ VC110: Shock Trooper
__ VC110: Shock Trooper [Lost Line]
__ VC111: Leia Organa (Bespin)
__ VC111: Leia Organa (Bespin) [Lost Line]
__ VC112: Sandtrooper (with Patrol Droid)
__ VC112: Sandtrooper (with Patrol Droid) [Lost Line]

Wave 18
__ VC113: Republic Trooper
__ VC114: Orrimarko
__ VC115: Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)
__ VC115: Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath) [Lost Line]

__ VCP01/02: "4-LOM" / "Zuckuss" (TVC Convention 2-Pack)
__ VCP03: Boba Fett (Rocket-Firing Mailaway)
__ VC61: Prototype Armour Boba Fett (2011 Mailaway)
__ Jocasta Nu (Brian's Toys)

__ Death Star Scanning Crew (Kmart)
__ Endor AT-ST Crew 2-Pack: Special Action Figure Set (Kmart)
__ Ewok Assault Catapult (Kmart)
__ Ewok Scouts 2-Pack: Special Action Figure Set (Kmart)
__ Imperial Scanning Crew (Kmart)
__ "Lost Line" Carbon Freeze Chamber 7-Figure Set (SDCC 2012)
__ "Revenge of the Jedi" 14-Figure Death Star Set (SDCC 2011)
__ Special Action Figure Set (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Android Set): C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Droid Set): R5-D4, Death Star Droid, Power Droid (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Hero Set): Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, Han Solo (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Imperial Forces): Bossk, IG-88, Snowtrooper (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Imperial Set): Imperial Commander, Dengar, AT-AT Driver (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Rebel Set): 2-1B, Leia (Hoth), Rebel Commander (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Villain Set): Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Death Star Trooper (Target)
__ Vintage 3-Pack (Villain Set - 2012): Sand People, Boba Fett, Snaggletooth (Target)

__ Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun (Target)

__ AT-AP
__ B-Wing Starfighter (K-Mart)
__ Biggs' Red 3 X-Wing Fighter (A New Hope - Toys "R" Us)
__ Imperial AT-AT (The Empire Strikes Back - Toys "R" Us)
__ Imperial AT-AT (Return of the Jedi - Toys "R" Us)
__ Imperial TIE Fighter (Target)
__ Landspeeder (Target)
__ Millennium Falcon (Star Wars - Toys "R" Us)
__ Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter (Episode III)
__ Rebel Armored Snowspeeder (Target)
__ Republic Gunship (Attack of the Clones - Toys "R" Us)
__ Scout Walker AT-ST (Return of the Jedi - Kmart)
__ Slave I (The Empire Strikes Back - Amazon)
__ TIE Interceptor (Return of the Jedi - Amazon)
__ V-19 Torrent Starfighter
__ Y-Wing Starfighter (Toys "R" Us)

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Back before the world wide web and social media ruled our shopping habits there was a long-established practice of driving around all the nearby toy stores to hunt down the latest releases. Obviously times have changed and online retail is far more important than it was twenty-five years ago - but has it killed the toy run? What was your shopping experience over the Triple Force Friday product launch weekend?
I managed to find everything I wanted in stores!
I found some but had to resort to big box websites to complete my haul.
I didn't bother stepping outside and ordered everything online.
I haven't bought any of the TFF product yet. Roll on clearance sales.
I'm waiting for the TV series/movie release before I commit.
I've so over it, no more Star Wars collecting for me.
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